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Fix Facebook Like


Facebook Like many times gives problems like wrong thumbnail (og:image), wrong title (og:site_name), wrong description (og:description), etc. This plugin fixes them, as it enforces WordPress post thumbnail for image if a post is liked, or your website’s logo if home page is liked, post title if post is liked or blog title if home page is liked, it also uses excerpts for description(optional) or blog tagline if home page is liked.
In addition to these, it also gives the option to add your website type and admins of your website.

Visit Fix Facebook Like Plugin Homepage for more information.

NOTE: This plugin doesn’t adds a Facebook Like button, but gives options/settings for it. There are many plugins to add Facebook Like buttons to your website, you can check them out.

It uses Open Graph protocol from Facebook for fixing these.

You can customize these in the Settings section:

  • Using post excerpt for description text
  • Type of website (og:type)
  • Website’s logo (og:image for Homepage)
  • Admin Facebook IDs (fb:admins)

New features added(since version 2.0.0)

New rules on how the go:image is picked, going from top to bottom, first match is used(credits go to Roland Schütz):

If its a post or page

  • Featured Thumbnail
  • First Image in the post
  • Default

If its a Front Page or Search Page

  • Default

Anything else

  • First image in the first post of the loop
  • Default

Internationalization supporting:

  • English


  • The Settings menu in the admin panel for customization.


  1. Download the latest version
  2. Extract it in the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  4. Customize the plugin in the Settings > Fix Facebook Like

Adding your Facebook ID to the Settings will allow you to manage your Fans faster and send them updates.

Visit Fix Facebook Like Plugin Homepage for more information.

Preguntas frecuentes

Do I need to provide my Facebook ID?

No, its optional, it will still work fine.

How to get my Facebook ID?

You need your numerical Facebook ID.

To get your profile ID, click on your Facebook profile and look at the URL,
it should resemble this:
where 123456789 is your Facebook user ID.

If you have a username, lookup your user ID with this

Visit Fix Facebook Like Plugin Homepage for more information.

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