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This plugin will allow you to post geotagged photos to your blog and have them automatically linked to a google map.
This works by checking every image in your post and if its got geotag data it will add a icon in the top left of the photo which will open a map in a thick box when clicked. This plug in will also open any photos in a thick box also. The thick box is part of the plugin and does not need extra plugins to work.

Once installed make sure you add your google maps api key in the setting window.

For a example look here :


  1. Upload all files to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to settings and add your google api key and change any other setting you like.
  4. Add photos to your blog with geotag information. These images must be full size when posted as resized images will not work!


why does it not work.

.Make sure the photo has geotag information in it
.is the google api key correct?


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Registro de cambios


  • BugFix


  • Fixed wordpress installs in sub folders and trying to process other image types to jpg.


  • General tidy up and a couple fixes. Hopefully a little quicker too.


  • Fixed previous bug correctly. Alowed the use of thumbnails and smaller images. so now you do not need to post full size images on your blog. Simply post anyway you like and if thickbox is enabled it will show full size when clicked.


  • Fixed bug to allow geotags to work on single pages also. Thanks Rafe.


  • Fixed bug with some geotag positions being converted wrongly.


  • small bug fix to allow more themes to work.


  • fixed bug with sizing map over a certain size not working.


  • fixed error with icon position.


  • New map options to set type, zoom, controls and size.


  • New Option to set any image as the icon.


  • New Option to set which courner the icon is placed in.


  • New option to use thickbox on all images posted or just the tagged ones.


  • Added more error checking.


  • Now uses the WordPress built in thickbox.
  • Clickable links now dont move the page to the top.


  • Added checks to see if we can reach the image before trying to access data


  • First issue for public testing
  • Only allows full size images to work

Future Updates

  • Allow any image resized or not to be tagged
  • Add extra effect to the clickable icon.
  • Allow images to be selected as not tagged
  • Map options to come