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The Product Enquiry for WooCommerce plugin adds an enquiry button to every WooCommerce Product Page. Using this button, a potential customer can send you an enquiry or request a quote for a product he is unsure of purchasing. By addressing his enquiries or quote requests, you can convert an unsure customer, into a buyer!

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WooCommerce Product Enquiry easy to custom can be ask question with seller.

In WooCommerce Product Inquiry We provide two option for customer enquiry product enquiry form woocommerce.

  • Simple Enquiry Button with popup Woocommerce
  • Enquiry Add to Cart and go for bulk in cart inquiry of products

WOOCOMMERCE REQUEST A QUOTE allow you to single product page as well shop and category pages. WooCommerce Product Enquiry Form using with mobile fiendly layout to vistor make elegent layout.

Enquiry form will be added to product details page. Get emails about enquiries and very easy to customize.

In addition, one can also use this plugin to get product enquiries from buyers via enquiry add contact form to woocommerce product. Install it now and create your own catalog site over just a few clicks .

buyers have questions about your products, could be about the price or the purchase quantity or the color or anything in between product enquiry for woocommerce wordpress plugin.

Product enquiry for woocommerce shortcode for cart [gm_woo_enquiry_cart] in product enquiry for woocommerce plugin


Enquiry Button Settings
✅ Enable/Disable
✅ Product Enquiry Recipient’s Email, subject, Button Label
✅ Display Page : Shop Page and Single Product Page
✅ Single Product Button Location : After Add to Cart Button And Enquiry in Tab

Enquiry Cart Button Settings
✅ Enable/Disable
✅ Button Lable Customize Get Primum
✅ Enquiry Cart Recipient’s Email, subject, Button Label
✅ Display Page : Shop Page and Single Product Page
✅ Select Enquiry Cart Page (For Enquiry cart you need to select page)

Enquiry List
✅ Store All data of Enqiry Cart and Single Product Enquiry

General Settings
✅ Users Show : All Users, Only Logged in Users, Only Logged out Users
✅ Show Enquiry Button When Product is out of stock Get Primum
✅ Remove Price From Product Get Primum
✅ Hide Add to Cart Button Get Primum
✅ Enable/Disable in form Label / Placeholder
✅ Customize Button Background Color – Text Color
✅ Customize Button Hover Background Color – Text Color
✅ Redirect after Enquiry form Submission
✅ Disable Cart and Checkout Page?

✅ Include/Exclude Category

From Customizer
✅ Add Custom Field Get Primum
✅ Field Type : Text, Radio, Checkbox, Select, Textarea Get Primum
✅ Enable/Disable Field And Required
✅ Content Before Enquiry From
✅ Content After Enquiry From

Email Customizer
✅ Customize Recipient’s Email
✅ Customize Email Subject
✅ Send Enquiry Email to Customer As Well Get Primum
✅ Customize Success Message
✅ Customize Email Body

Woocommerce product enquiry form popup showing popup as will single product page on tab. product enquiry form plugin best choice for seller whose much of part using with inquiry.

We give you one more feature that woocommerce catalog enquiry by bulk of product you can add product in enquiry cart and possible to woocommerce product catalog mode & enquiry form.

Woocommerce quick product enquiry form using with fast way to provide customer feedback with woocommerce product request plugin.

we provide you all feature free request a quote wordpress plugin to great idea for easy woocommerce request a quote.



19 de octubre de 2022
The plugin worked out of the box, but I needed some customization. The support was easy and quick. As a result of customization, there was a bit of a bug, but the developer patiently resolved everything quickly.
25 de marzo de 2022
The extension does its job and the after-sales service is efficient!
29 de diciembre de 2021
The issue that we encountered was addressed in a very short time. The plugin is working the way we expect it. For our application, it is exactly what we wanted.
12 de noviembre de 2021
Thank you for this awesome plugin and appreciate your great support. Good luck!
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