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Gofer SEO


Entonces, ¿por qué Gofer SEO?

Gofer: An employee whose duties include running errands for other people. Derives from «Go and Fetch».

Como resultado, el enfoque principal de este plugin es…

  • Trabajo de calidad: Para ofrecer los mejores resultados y reducir la carga de trabajo.
  • Be Optimal: Performance with speed in mind.
  • Extensive: Similar to someone you’d depend on to «go for coffee» or «go for donuts», Gofer SEO is designed to be extensive and dev friendly.


This plugin is forked from All in One SEO.


Control what content renders SEO data, including support for custom post types & taxonomies. As well as the text and format of title & descriptions to help visitors see a glimpse before navigating to the website. If you have many posts/pages, you have the option to generate a description & keywords.

This also includes general support for Google Analytics, and website verification (Google, Bing, Pinterest, Yandex, & Baidu).

Social Media

Additional settings to use specifically for social websites like Facebook & Twitter. Allows you to control how articles are displayed on social sites, as well as any other sites that utilize Open Graph.

XML Sitemap

Adds an RSS & News Sitemap, and additional support to WP Sitemaps giving you full control what content is provided, the data that is provided, and how it is provided.

Built consistently with WP’s XML Sitemaps Functionality and as an extension to the Core Sitemaps. This makes it easier to adapt to change and provide a familiarity that other developers could easily understand.

Schema Graph

Currently, adds essential support for Schema graphs to add for content to stand out more in search results. Gofer SEO still provides a rich standard to post/pages, and will further expand on this.


Allows you to give crawlers more of a directive where and where not to go. Most crawlers respect these rules to help improve their results, but please note, not all crawlers will. Which is why it’s also possible to blacklist certain User-Agents if need be.


Plugin was developed with 10+ years of experience in WordPress & SEO, so development has an intuitive understanding of WordPress and its practices. WP Standards are followed to provide both a solid plugin and a dev friendly environment.


  1. Método(s) de instalación estándar de WP, y activación.
  2. On the left admin menu, a new menu is added called «Gofer SEO», click on either «Gofer SEO» or «General» sub-menu.
  3. Enable the modules you’d like active.
  4. Add Titles & Descriptions, and enable any content you want crawled.

Como puedes ver, hay muchos ajustes que puedes utilizar para mejorar tu SEO. Esperamos que esto te ayude a navegar por la página principal de ajustes para ayudarte a empezar.


Most inputs have tooltips added to make it easier to understand. However, if there is still a question left unanswered, feel free to use Support to introduce a question.


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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

«Gofer SEO» es un software de código abierto. Las siguientes personas han colaborado con este plugin.


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Registro de cambios


  • Add/Change License & Readme.


  • Change CSS to SASS.
  • Change/Refactor styles.
  • Fix PHP error missing index on User/Profile Editor.
  • Fix missing nonce on User Editor.
  • Fix PHP error undefined index in Post class.
  • Fix missing JS file.


  • Change JS & CSS enqueue files to minify.
  • Add Use Minify setting to Advanced module.
  • Add Internationalization support.
  • Cambiar las cadenas i18n.


  • Añade compatibilidad con WP Sitemaps 5.5.0.
  • Arreglar los archivos que no se cargan en los sitios múltiples.
  • Refactor Google Analytics.
  • Fix excluding roles from Google Analytics tracking.
  • Corregir las operaciones que faltan para los plugins autotrack.js.
  • Corregir la sintaxis de salida.
  • Exclude roles without needing to enable advanced settings.
  • Cambiar la disposición de los ajustes de Analytics.
  • Cambiar los títulos de las entradas para reflejar mejor los documentos de Google Analytics.


  • Versión inicial.