Five Star Restaurant Reviews


Restaurant reviews made easy. Add and display reviews on your restaurant site using SEO friendly schema markup.

This plugin will output reviews using markup to help search engines like Google identify and integrate the reviews with your listing.

Key Restaurant Review Features

  • Create an unlimited amount of reviews and testimonials
  • Add 5-star or numbered ratings to reviews
  • markup on all reviews for better restaurant SEO
  • Clean, modern and responsive layout means your reviews look good on all screen sizes, giving your customers a great mobile restaurant reviews experience.
  • Add a photo to the review
  • Add restaurant reviews to any page, post or sidebar using the included shortcode


Simply add the above shortcode to any page or post and it will display your reviews!

We’ve completely redesigned the default layout, giving it a much more modern and fresh look! It is fully responsive and looks great on all devices, and integrates much more seamlessly into any site.

The beauty of this restaurant reviews plugin is in how simple and quick it is to set up and get going. Just open up your WordPress admin, click on Reviews and then Add New. There, on one screen, you’ll be able to add in all the info for your review, including the reviewer, the rating, the featured image, the details and more!

Just do this one step for each of the restaurant reviews that you have and, in no time, you’ll be ready to show all the great feedback you’ve received from your restaurant customers on your site, complete with all the appropriate restaurant structured data. There are three ways to display your reviews:

  • An easy-to-use restaurant review shortcode: Add the [good-reviews] shortcode to any page or post to instantly display your reviews. It comes with host of attributes to narrow down your display to a specific review, category, etc. The full list can be found here.
  • The restaurant review widget: You can use the widget to add your reviews to any sidebar area, by going to Appearance > Widgets.
  • Individual restaurant review page: Each review also automatically gets its own individual webpage, so you can link directly to the review or easily add it as a menu item on your site.

The included restaurant review structured data gets automatically added to each review. It doesn’t matter whether you add the review via the shortcode or widget, the appropriate restaurant schema will be included in the code.

Additional Restaurant Review Features

This restaurant rating and review plugin comes with additional features that allow you to offer a great experience on your site.

  • Integration with the Five Star Restaurant Reservations and Five Star Restaurant Menu plugins to automatically add submit review forms to your booking form and menu
  • Add a link to the review or the reviewer’s organization to increase credibility
  • Assign reviews to categories for easy management and targeted display
  • Show a single review, all reviews or a category of reviews
  • List reviews or cycle through them with a fader
  • Re-order reviews
  • Add a custom link to the review

The restaurant ratings and reviews are added in as a custom post type. As such, they will integrate with the rest of your site seamlessly and work right out of the box. This also makes it easy for you to translate using tools like WPML and to set up custom menus, etc.

Premium Restaurant Review Features

The premium version of Five Star Restaurant Reviews includes several new additions to take your reviews to the next level.

  • A thumbnail layout, which adds several reviews per row, bringing the main focus of your page directly on the reviews
  • A brand new, image-based layout, which highlights the review image and the rating over the content. Includes a hover effect to view the details about the review.
  • Advanced Styling Options: We’ve added in several new styling options that let you customize the color and size of the ratings stars as well as all the main elements on the review page.

For further information and purchasing options, please visit our WordPress restaurant reviews homepage.

This restaurant reviews and schema plugin is one part of our suite of plugins designed to give you the best WordPress business and restaurant experience. Our plugins prove an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that make sure you don’t lose out on business to your competitors. For more info:

For help and support, please see:

  • Our FAQ page, here:
  • Our documentation and user guide, here:
  • The Restaurant Reviews support forum, here:


  • Reviews display using the default layout
  • Reviews display using the thumbnail layout (premium)
  • Reviews display using the image layout (premium)
  • Add information about the review or link out to it to establish credibility.
  • A widget is included to display one or all of the reviews in any sidebar.


Este plugin proporciona 2 bloques.

  • Display Reviews
  • Submit Review


  1. Upload the ‘good-reviews-wp’ folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory
  2. Activa el plugin desde el menú ‘Plugins’ de WordPress


  1. Go to the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress and click ‘Add New’
  2. Search for ‘Five Star Restaurant Reviews’ and select ‘Install Now’
  3. Activate the plugin when prompted

For help and support, please see:

  • Our FAQ page, here:
  • Our documentation and user guide, here:
  • The Restaurant Reviews support forum, here:


Is there a shortcode to print all of my reviews?

Yes, use the [good-reviews] shortcode. Consult the help documentation in the /docs/ folder for details on the shortcode attributes available.

Can users submit reviews with this plugin?

No, this plugin only allows you to display reviews you’ve entered yourself.

Can I customize the output of the reviews?

Yes, but in order to do this you’ll need to be able to write PHP, HTML and CSS code. The grfwp_print_reviews_output filter will allow you to hook in before reviews are printed and output your own markup. You’ll find it here.

Is there a template function I can use to print reviews?

Yes, check out the grfwp_print_reviews() function.


3 de septiembre de 2020
I've been using the plugin to post reviews on a client website. When I ran into issues with the reviews plugin causing errors with wp-cli, the plugin team updated the plugin to address and fix the issue within three days of being made aware of the problem.
15 de octubre de 2016
I love this review plugin! It's so simple and easy and the support is great!
3 de septiembre de 2016
Thank you very much for this great plugin. I installed it on several websites of mine. It works great. is integrated which was one of the reason to go for Good Reviews. Support is top notch.
3 de septiembre de 2016
After some searching and testing I found this simple plugin to be really great tool for a WordPress site developer. It's easy to start using, implement and modify. It's search engine friendly. And even though it's free, Nate-the-plugin-developer was very helpful with my questions. 🙂 I would say the only downside is the very brief documentation. Couple of pointers to people using this plugin: Check the looks of the /reviews page created by the plugin. You can override the default with a new archive-grfwp-review.php template file. Check also the individual review page at /review/your-single-review-url especially if you have been using review categories. You can override the default with a new single-grfwp-review.php template file. These pages will be indexed by search engines and they might look odd in your theme.
3 de septiembre de 2016
I've tried many review/testimonial plugins but this one is perfect for my needs. I build and design websites with WordPress for my clients, most of the time I want to incorporate reviews into a sites existing styling, for it to be easy to configure and be comfortable for users to add content. This plugin fits my description very well and has all features I need and allows me to extend it easily if I require. It's also completely transparent in styling and follows the WordPress admin UI style perfectly resulting in bare minimum learning curve for users. This plugin is a refreshing change to many plugins on the repository, clean, lean and just enough features. Thank you.
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Registro de cambios

2.1.7 (2021-11-05)

  • Updates to SAP library version 2.6.1
  • Makes the display of a number of options conditional on the value of another option

2.1.6 (2021-09-14)

  • Updated the settings page library.
  • Created a class for the blocks.
  • Moved the blocks into their own category/section.

2.1.5 (2021-08-12)

  • Updated deprecated block_categories.

2.1.4 (2021-01-11)

  • Correcting an issue in which shortcode arguments were ignored in the AJAX call to load more reviews using the Show More button.

2.1.3 (2020-12-02)

  • Updating conditional enqueues for admin JS files.

2.1.2 (2020-11-26)

  • Adds in grfwp_print_review_obj for hooking into the review object.

2.1.1 (2020-10-02)

  • Corrects an issue related to the Bulk Actions dropdown in the admin, caused by the new export option.

2.1.0 (2020-10-01)

  • This is a relatively big update with several new features, corrections, revised styling, etc., so please take caution and test before updating on a live site (or wait a few days before updating in case some minor corrective updates need to be released).
  • Added a Gutenberg block for displaying reviews.
  • Added an option to let people submit reviews directly on your site (using a shortcode or Gutenberg block).
  • Added in custom fields for your reviews (premium feature).
  • Added an option to make the Review Date field use a date picker, and also an option to specify the date format for the picker.
  • Added in the ability to have your reviews be paginated. There is an option to set the number of reviews per page.
  • Added in the ability to export reviews.
  • Updated the way the submit review form is printed/output.
  • Updated/streamlined admin menu.
  • Corrected issue causing the reviews to not display with the Five Star Restaurant Menu integration.
  • Added the ability to have reviews be submittable directly from the lightbox in Five Star Restaurant Menu.
  • Generated new .pot file.

2.0.5 (2020-09-11)

  • Corrects recent issue causing the feedback notice to not dismiss correctly

2.0.4 (2020-09-03)

  • Adds in is_object checks to counter the command line interface installation not calling things in the correct order

2.0.3 (2020-08-12)

  • Updated CSS and styling for the admin screens
  • Eliminated/corrected several PHP notices
  • Made the review category selection box show on the review post edit screen
  • Enhanced upgrade prodess

2.0.2 (2020-06-04)

  • Updating the admin dashboard area

2.0.1 (2020-04-30)

  • Styling updates for the read more button in the image and thumbnail layouts, and for the hover effect in the image layout

2.0.0 (2020-03-25)

  • This is a big update with many new features, corrections, revised admin styling, etc., so please take caution and test before updating on a live site (or wait a few days before updating in case some minor corrective updates need to be put out)
  • Also, the styling of the default layout has been significantly updated/changed. If you wish to continue using the old layout for your reviews display, do not update to any version >= 2.0.0
  • The Options pages have a brand new and easy-to-use design, to go hand in hand with new options!
  • Added in two brand new responsive reviews layouts
  • Added in a new styling options section that lets you customize the colors, fonts, etc. of all elements of your restaurant reviews
  • Added in an option to integrate with the Five Star Restaurant Reservations plugin to display reviews with your booking form
  • Added in an option to integrate with the Five Star Restaurant Menu plugin to display reviews and place a review submit form in your menu (only for individual menu item pages, not for the lightbox)
  • Updated the styling of certain default features to be consistent with new features
  • Other styling and ease-of-use changes

1.2.2 (2019-12-03)

  • Renaming plugin

1.2.1 (2015-09-09)

  • Add: Hebrew translation
  • Update: textdomain usage to support upcoming plugin language packs
  • Fix: reviews aren’t ordered by Menu Order on the frontend
  • Fix: negative rating numbers cause problems with start rating format
  • Fix #2: Strict Standards error can appear if error reporting is high

1.2 (2014-12-03)

  • Add .hentry class to ensure valid Google Structured Data in all cases
  • Add excerpt shortcode attribute and widget option to replace use of more global
  • Don’t automatically append to content in search results to improve theme compatibility

1.1.1 (2014-09-15)

  • Prevent flash display of all reviews when cycling a group of reviews

1.1 (2014-09-15)

  • Add widget/shortcode options to display a category of reviews, randomize the order and limit the number displayed.
  • Add fader display option for cycling through multiple reviews.

1.0 (2014-07-16)

  • Initial public release on

0.0.2 (2014-05-27)

  • Fix letter-case error when loading file

0.0.1 (2014-05-26)

  • Versión inicial