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Google Photos embed


Puedes incrustar fácilmente la imagen utilizando un URL para compartir de Google Photos.


  • Open the google photo site (
  • Choose an embedded image you want to blog in Google Photos.
  • Click the Share button, you get a shareable link.
  • Copy the shared link ( and paste it into the blog content.


  • AMP support must be using Automattic AMP plugin or theme template with pre_amp_render_post action hook.
  • Image URL is the unofficial way to get from OGP image. If the specification to share Google photo has been changed, there are times when it can not be used.


  • It is displaying the OGP data as a caption.
  • The size of the image, alignment, captions, etc. specified in the parameter.

General Parameter

  • width : pixsels (width=»400″)
  • height : pixsels (height=»400″)
  • align : alignnone / aliginleft / aligncenter / alignright (align=»aligncenter»)
  • caption : caption text. If the non-display caption=»false» set.
  • type : gif (default jpg) If possible, displayed in a GIF animation format.

e.g. [embed width=»320″ height=»150″ align=»alignright» type=»gif» caption=»xxxxxxx»][/embed]

Special Parameter (picopt)

  • w : ancho en píxeles
  • h : altura en píxeles
  • s : píxeles del lado largo
  • r : rotar imagen 90/180/270
  • c : recortar desde el centro de la imagen
  • p : Trimming centered on the person or the like in the image
  • no : Meybe. If possible, video->GIF animation conversion

e.g. [embed picopt=»w320-h150-r90-p»][/embed]

※ Parameters of picopt is unofficial. (estimated from picasa image customization options)



  • Get Google Photos share url. Copy & Paste embed.


  1. Sube la carpeta google-photos-embed al directorio /wp-content/plugins/
  2. Activar el plugin a través del menú Plugins de WordPress


Instrucciones de instalación
  1. Sube la carpeta google-photos-embed al directorio /wp-content/plugins/
  2. Activar el plugin a través del menú Plugins de WordPress


1 de agosto de 2020
No Gutenberg block for it so you can just insert the URL.
10 de mayo de 2018
I don't understand why anyone needs to use this plugin, that still requires several laborious steps back and forth from your google album, copying and pasting. You can do the exact same thing by copying and pasting it into "add media from URL" without the plugin. Plugins are supposed to be time savers, this one is not.
20 de mayo de 2017
Tested with WP 4.7.5 : Works fine ! Suggestions : - Link in the caption : Optional (Caption with link/Caption without link) - link to Google Photo page : Link to the photo / Link to the album of the photo - copy the image into the medias library Thanks ! I made the translation (French) of the plugin available on the WordPress site. Bertrand
30 de enero de 2017
Easy. It works from the first try. Simple, it does what it says.
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  • 2017-9-8
  • fix: When allow_url_fopen is off, since getimagesize becomes Warning, rewrite to code that does not use getimagesize.


  • 2017-9-7
  • Añadida compatibilidad con AMP


  • 2017-7-26
  • fix Support Forum : Use strpos instead of preg_match?


  • 2017-7-18
  • Cambia la url corta para compartir de google photos ->


  • 2015-12-24
  • Add a link to the Google photos page in the image.
  • If possible, add the option type = «gif» to embed the video in GIF animation format.


  • 2015-11-06 Release