GS Logo Slider – Ticker, Grid, List, Table & Filter Views


GS Logo Slider is the best WordPress slider plugin available for displaying your client’s logos on your website.

The plugin creates a custom post type so you can easily add a client’s Logos carousel to display anywhere on your site using the shortcode.

The GS Logo Slider plugin is simple but flexible & powerful, and won’t slow your site like many slider plugins.

The slider carousel displays a ticker style flow, and the logo image can be displayed with or without a clickable caption.

The GS Logo Slider plugin Shortcodes are simple to generate and have a team of developers available to provide support where needed. Customizations from the developer can be purchased optionally.

GS Logo Slider by GS Plugins

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Plugin Features

  • Gutenberg Block available.
  • Logo Shortcode Ready.
  • Very light weight.
  • Custom post type for Logo posting.
  • No need any settings.
  • Work with all WordPress themes.
  • Fácil de usar.
  • Developer friendly & easy to customize.
  • Powered by bxSlider.
  • Its easy to use interface allows you to manage, edit, create, and delete Logo with no new knowledge

Pro Features

  • Added Grid View, List View, Table View, Filter View, Live Filter View, Full Width Slider, Center Mode, Variable Width Slider, Vertical Center Slider, Vertical Ticker Up, Vertical Ticker Down, 2 Rows Slider.
  • Added Tooltip Option.
  • Multiple Logo sliders on the same page from different categories.
  • 24 temas distintos.
  • Drag & drop reorder / custom order as your need.
  • GS Logo Widget available.
  • Advance settings panel with all necessary options.
  • Multiple sliders can be shown from different Logo categories.
  • Slider sliding speed, autoplay pause, navigation, pagination, color settings.
  • Logos moving direction Right to Left (default) or Left to Right for Slider & Ticker Theme.
  • Display Logos horizontally or vertically.
  • Control Logo sliding speed.
  • Activar / desactivar bucle infinito.
  • Slide Logos in ticker mode (similar to news scroll).
  • Logo grayscale feature.
  • Control del tamaño de la imagen del logotipo.
  • Stop on hover control.
  • Display Logo including / excluding Title.
  • Specify target to load the Links
  • Number of logos to move on transition.
  • Tons of shortcode parameters
  • Category wise Logos
  • Fácil de configurar.
  • Priority Email Support.
  • Free Installation ( If needed ).
  • Free updates for one Year.
  • Auto update notification.
  • Auto update from dashboard.
  • Buena documentación y soporte.
  • Y muchas más.

Page Builder Support

  • Gutenberg
  • Elementor
  • WPBakery
  • Divi Builders
  • Genesis Framework

GS Logo Slider’s shortcode usage

Basic Usage –
From Version 3.0.0 shortcode generator added with preview. Select theme & other parameters. Shortcode will generate with id like [gslogo id=1]
Use the following shortcode to display partners, clients or sponsors Logo.

[gslogo id=1]
[gs_logo theme="slider1"] (Old Style)

GS Logo Slider’s Shortcode attributes Usage

[gslogo id=1]
[gs_logo title="yes" posts="15" order="ASC" logo_cat="food" mode="vertical" speed="1000" inf_loop="0" ticker="1" logo_color="gray_to_def"] (Old Style)

Shortcode PHP Usage

<?php echo do_shortcode( '[gslogo id=1]' ); ?>
<?php echo do_shortcode( '[gs_logo theme="slider1"]' ); ?>

GS Logo Slider lite version supported themes.

Use old style shortcode or generate shortcode from GS Logos > Logo Shortcode

[gs_logo theme="slider1"]
[gs_logo theme="grid1"]
[gs_logo theme="list1"]
[gs_logo theme="table1"]


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  • GS Logo Slider output on pages/post after adding shortcode [gs_logo] This shortcode will output partners, clients or sponsors Logo excluding company name.
  • GS Logo Slider output on pages/post after adding shortcode [gs_logo title="yes"] This shortcode will output partners, clients or sponsors Logo including company name.
  • GS Logo Slider's output on hover state to control the next / previous logo.
  • GS Logos > Add New Logo. Then add Company Name, Company Logo, Company URL, Logo Categories
  • GS Logos > All Logos. View all Logos at a glance.
  • GS Logos > Logo Settings > General Settings (Available only at PRO version)
  • GS Logos > Logo Settings > Control Settings (Available only at PRO version)
  • GS Logos > Logo Settings > Style Settings (Available only at PRO version)
  • GS Logo Slider live!


Este plugin proporciona 1 bloque.

  • GS Logo Slider - Ticker, Grid, List, Table & Filter Views


Install GS Logo Slider as a regular WordPress plugin. Here is different ways to install GS Logo slider plugin :

Install by Search Plugin

  • In your Admin, go to menu Plugins > Add New
  • Search GS Logo Slider
  • Click to install
  • Activar el plugin
  • GS Logos post type will show below POSTS

Install by Upload Plugin

  • Download the latest version of GS Logo Slider (.zip file)
  • In your Admin, go to menu Plugins > Add New
  • Select «Upload Plugin»
  • Click on “Choose File”
  • Select downloaded & click on ‘Install Now’ button
  • Activar el plugin
  • Logos post type will show below POSTS

Install Plugin using FTP

  • Upload gs-logo-slider folder inside the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  • Go to WordPress dashboard > Plugins & Activate the GS Logo Slider
  • Logos post type will show below POSTS

  • Put [gs_logo theme=»slider1″] shortcode, where you need to show the logo slider.


¿Cómo añado un nuevo logotipo?

Logo post type will show below POSTS. To add a new logo, go to GS Logos > Add New, then add Logo company name at Title, Add logo Image & URL with http:// then Finally Publish.

¿Cuál será la dimensión de la imagen de logotipo?

Default image size set to 200px X 200px.

How to use shortcode inside page templates?

WordPress has a great function, do_shortcode(), that will allow you to use shortcodes inside your theme files. For example, to output Logos in a Theme file, you would do this:

<?php echo do_shortcode( '[gslogo id=1]' ); ?>
<?php echo do_shortcode('[gs_logo theme="slider1"]'); ?>

How many logos can I add on GS Logo Slider highest?

You can add unlimited logos in GS Logo Slider pro version. At lite version maximum 20 logos are allowed to display. You can add as many logos as needed and categorize them. Unlimited number of logos will not slow down your page speed.

How can I add a new logo in GS Logo Slider plugin?

If you know how to add a post or a page in WordPress you know how to add a Logo in GS Logo Slider plugin. We have split this into 4 simple steps as you can see below :

  • Company Name (1) : This is self explanatory. Just add the name of the company of Logo.
  • Logo (2) : Add a logo of representing company
  • Company URL (3) : Add Company’s website address with http:// Keep it blank if no website available.
  • Logo Categories (4) : You can categories your logos by creating your own category.
  • You can check Add New Logo section » for visual explanation.

Is there any shortcode of WordPress Logo Slider?

Yes, there are shortcodes available for GS Logo Slider plugin. Default shortcode is :

[gs_logo theme="slider1"]

You can add the shortcode to display logos anywhere at your site.
* Check more Shortcode Attributes & Usage » Here.

How can I use the shortcode of GS Logo Slider WordPress plugin?

First install the plugin in your WordPress website. Then add the shortcode [gs_logo theme=»slider1″] where you wish to showcase the logo slider.

Can I use an external link in the logo of my client website on GS Logo Slider plugin?

Yes you can. Add Company’s website address with http:// at Company URL field. Logo will automatically link with the company website.
You can set an external link to open a new tab / same window.

What are the versions of WordPress where I can use this client logo slider plugin?

You can use GS Logo Slider in all WordPress versions but recommended minimum WordPress Version: 4.5 or higher. We are regularly updating and releasing new versions to make it compatible with the latest WordPress. GS Logo Slider’s Gutenberg Block available.

What are the formats of the logo I can use in GS Logo Slider WP plugin?

You can use JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF along with some other image format.

Can I get a custom developed GS Logo Slider plugin for my website?

Yes, In case of any kind of personal or business need you can Contact Us for custom development support. We are here to help you as soon as possible.

Why is the GS Logo Slider plugin is better than the others WordPress plugins?

Surely it is. If you check existing user’s reviews, you may get an idea and the features & flexibility of GS Logo Slider then you will get the real comparison among the logo slider plugin.

What is the dimension of the logo which will I use at GS Logo Slider?

Recommended Logo dimension 200px X 200px to add at GS Logo Slider.


5 de diciembre de 2021
I had a problem deleting logo's and contacted support, Mr Sarwar. I had a quick reply with a possible sollution that unfortunately did not work for me (because there was a problem he noticed after some time). When the 1st solution did not work, he made a video explaining what to do (wow, already very impressive service), but even that due to an issue with my WP page, we were not able to solve the problem. He did everything he could to solve the problem and he did!. I have to say, not many would go above and beyond but Mr Sarwar did, wow, thanks for your excellent service! keep on doing the good work, you are an example to many!
25 de septiembre de 2021
I'm going to use a word I don't often use - and this isn't JUST about this plugin. I realize plugin developers and trying to make a buck and that's fine. But there is something shady about giving a "demo" link on a free plugin that shows what the plugin is capable of, then when you install the plugin you find the feature you needed is only available in a costly "pro" version. In THIS plugin, we get this menu on the plugin page: Live Demo | Upgrade to PRO | Documentation | Support I click "Live Demo" and ooh! Pretty. And nothing on the 'Live Demo' page says the live demo examples aren't free! So I download, install, and bam! I can't use the plugin because the features that are not tagged as 'paid,' from a link on the free version of the plugin, requires an upgrade.
14 de agosto de 2021
Very happy with this slider, adds another professional mark to our website, thanks
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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

«GS Logo Slider – Ticker, Grid, List, Table & Filter Views» es un software de código abierto. Las siguientes personas han colaborado con este plugin.


Registro de cambios

version 3.0.9 [30th May 2021]

  • [Added] : Support for «Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg» plugin.

version 3.0.8 [23rd May 2021]

  • [Fixed] : PHP 7.3 Compatibility.
  • [Fixed] : Deprecated Function Warning.

version 3.0.7 [20th May 2021]

  • [Added] : Direction Left to Right for Slider & Ticker Theme (Pro feature).
  • [Fixed] : CLS issue for unsupported CSS Property: border-radius
  • [Fixed] : Lazy-load issues with images at Grid layout.
  • [Fixed] : Output buffer issue.
  • [Added] : Identification class to Logo images.
  • [Updated] : Increased Sliding Speed and Autoplay pause value to max 10,000

version 3.0.6 [24th Apr 2021]

  • [Fixed] : Conflicted function name with other plugins.
  • [Fixed] : Cumulative Layout Shift Error.
  • [Fixed] : Wrong unique key issue.
  • [Fixed] : SVG’s size issue.

version 3.0.5 [19th Apr 2021]

  • [Added] : Slider nav positions.
  • [Added] : Multiliangual support.
  • [Added] : SVG logo support.
  • [Fixed] : AppSero conflict with other plugins.
  • [Fixed] : Discount admin notice if pro is active.
  • [Removed] : Go Pro link when premium plugin is active.

version 3.0.4 [18th Feb 2021]

  • [Fixed] : Compatibility issue with jQuery 3+

version 3.0.3 [10th Feb 2021]

  • [Fixed] : Multiple Carousels navigation issue.
  • [Fixed] : Swift Builder carousel conflict.
  • [Fixed] : For unprotected width.
  • [Updated] : Scripts.

version 3.0.2 [6th Feb 2021]

  • [Fixed] : Potential shortcode error.
  • [Fixed] : RTL Issue.

version 3.0.1 [31st Jan 2021]

  • [Fixed] : Swiper JS conflict with other themes.
  • [Updated] : Integration with Gutenberg, Elementor, WPBakery, Divi Builders.

version 3.0.0 [28th Jan 2021]

  • [Updated] : Rewritten the plugin.
  • [Added] : Import / delete Logo dummy data.
  • [Added] : Edit, Clone / Duplicate, Delete Shortcode.
  • [Added] : Overwrite Templates.
  • [Added] : Performance Improvements.
  • [Added] : Page Builder Support for Gutenberg, Elementor, WPBakery, Divi Builders.
  • [Added] : Translations done for static strings.
  • [Added] : Old Shortcode support.
  • [Updated] : Cleanup & Optimize assets.
  • [Updated] : Organize files in the folder.
  • [Fixed] : jQuery sort error in console.
  • [Fixed] : Admin old CSS & JS files loading in every page.
  • [Fixed] : Custom style issue with Divi Builder.
  • [Improved] : Compatibility with more themes.

version 1.8.16 [7th Jan 2021]

  • [Improved] : Few files urls.
  • [Removed] : Admin Notice Ticker function.
  • [Removed] : Removed unnecessary files from Appsero library.

version 1.8.15 [17th Dec 2020]

  • [Updated] : AppSero Client.
  • [Removed] : Affiliate Admin Notice.
  • [Updated] : WordPress 5.6

version 1.8.14 [27th Sep 2020]

  • [Fixed] : Affiliate Admin Notice.

version 1.8.13 [13th Sep 2020]

  • [Added] : New Admin Notice.

version 1.8.12 [13th Aug 2020]

  • [Updated] : WordPress 5.5

version 1.8.11 [24th Jun 2020]

  • [Updated] : AppSero Client.

version 1.8.10 [28th Apr 2020]

  • [Removed] : Admin Notice.

version 1.8.9 [21st Apr 2020]

  • [Updated] : Admin Notice.

version 1.8.8 [20th Apr 2020]

  • [Added] : Admin Notice.

version 1.8.7 [7th Apr 2020]

  • [Added] : Compatibility with Latest WP version.
  • [Added] : CSS for BX loader.

version 1.8.6 [27th Feb 2020]

  • [Added] : Options for Breakpoints.
  • [Fixed] : Responsive Breakpoints.

version 1.8.5 [23rd Nov 19]

  • [Fixed] : Domain name with www & fixed all urls.

version 1.8.4 [19th Nov 19]

  • [Added] : Logo Category Support.
  • [Added] : Logo Category Support at Block.

version 1.8.3 [20th Oct 19]

  • [Fixed] : Domain name changed & fixed all urls.
  • [Fixed] : Admin CSS.
  • [Added] : New Contributors.

version 1.8.2

  • [Fixed] : JS conflict with Divi theme. Divider > Style dropdown not working. Now fixed
  • [Fixed] : JS conflict with Divi theme. Section > Background Color picker not working. Now fixed
  • [Fixed] : Responsiveness for 3 themes – Grid 1, List 1, Table 1

version 1.8.1

  • [Fixed] : Gutenberg Block for the old Gutenberg version compatibility
  • [Fixed] : Initial value for Gutenberg Block

version 1.8

  • [Added] : Gutenberg Editor Support
  • [Added] : Gutenberg Block
  • [Added] : Released new 3 themes – Grid 1, List 1, Table 1
  • [Fixed] : Reposition GS Logo’s sub menu pages
  • [Fixed] : Admin CSS

version 1.7.2

  • Activation redirects added
  • Coupon Code added

version 1.7.1

  • Help & Usage info added
  • Code Improved

version 1.7

  • Fixed Text Domain
  • Added Review system

version 1.6

  • Shortcode attribute – order is now dynamic, previously it was fixed to DESC
  • Shortcode attribute – orderby is now dynamic to ID / title / modified / rand, previously it was fixed to date.

version 1.5

  • Disabled Logo Archive Page
  • Excluded Logos from search results

version 1.0.4

  • Fixed query issue for WP 4.4

version 1.0.3

  • Domain name changed & fixed all urls
  • Donate link added
  • Css fixed

version 1.0.2

  • Documentation Added
  • Added Demo & Doc links
  • Logo size changed to 200px X 200px
  • By default title is not visible now
  • Added different screenshots
  • Added PRO features info
  • Docs link added at sidebar

version 1.0.1

  • Added Descending logo order
  • Increased 20 number of logos to display

version 1.0

  • Versión inicial