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GSEOR – WordPress SEO Plugin


Check keyword rankings positions in google daily from over 100 countries and languages. GSeoR quickly checks, tracks, and graphs your search engine keyword ranking for multiple keywords. Show the evolution of your website and your rivals. Displays changes that raise positions. A great tool for google seo and google optimization.


  • SERP plugin.
  • Find the position of your pages in google searches.
  • Search first 150 results of google.
  • Daily update of positions.
  • Detect updates and changes of the pages in google cache and shows graph of each version.
  • Display the html code of each version of your pages.
  • Measures loading time of your pages and displays graph.
  • Save data of all webs that appear in searches and displays graph.
  • Indicates rival pages that have risen more in each search.
  • Displays changes of webs of the search and its graph.
  • Search for websites that compete with yours.
  • Indicates the most common tags of the webs that are in the first results of the searches.
  • Configure domain and language of google search.
  • Google trends tool to advise new searches.
  • Google Charts.

Control your position in google searches

GSeoR search your pages in google search results. Control by graphs the evolution of your positions.

Controls google cache changes

GSeoR saves the different updates of google showing you in a graph the dates of the variations and the positions of each version.

Save all versions of google cache

Save the source code of each version of the page that has detected google with their positions.

Control the loading speed of your pages and their evolution

Controls the loading speed of each page and shows its evolution by dates.

How title changes affect

Shows title changes in your pages and their variation in the positions.

How description changes affect

Shows descriptions changes of the pages and how they have affected the positions.

Shows all the websites of the search and its evolution

Stores the data of each web that appears in the search and shows a graph with its positions.

Shows the variations of title and description of all the websites

Saves the changes of title and description of the websites and their evolution in positions.

Find the websites that compete with yours

Track which websites are the most competing in your searches.

View the most used content in the first pages of the searches

Gseor indicates the main texts used by the first positions of each search, indicating the main tags h1, h2, p, …

Use the google trends tool.

When you add new searches you can consult the google trends tool to find new ideas.


  • Add search.
  • Searchs admin.
  • Search results.
  • Web data.
  • Rival websites.


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Install the plugin via the plugins menu in your administrator.
  2. Activate it and you’ll see a new menu «GSeoR».
  3. Ceate your first search in «Add search» section


  • What can I customize on GSeoR?
  • Search keywords
  • Google domain
  • Google language


7 de noviembre de 2017
You can perfectly control your positions in the searches you want. I really like that you can see the variations of the positions of the rival pages.
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