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Gutenberg Ramp


Activating Gutenberg Ramp plugin adds a settings screen where you can enable Gutenberg selectively (for specific post types). For even greater control, you can specify Gutenberg loading behavior in code. Ramp works with both the plugin version of Gutenberg, and the core version, providing a seamless transition.

Visit Settings -> Writing to enable Gutenberg by post type. Screenshots here

To enable Gutenberg for specific post IDs and for a more granular level of control, developers can use the gutenberg_ramp_load_gutenberg() function as outlined below.

Para desarrolladores

Loading behaviour is controlled by the gutenberg_ramp_load_gutenberg() function, to be added in your theme functions.php. Calling this function without its single optional parameter causes Gutenberg to load on all post-edit screens. An optional associative array of criteria can be passed. The possible keys and values are:

  • load (Int): 0|1: carga nunca o siempre Gutenberg
  • post_ids (Array de post_ids): cara Gutenberg para los post_ids especificados
  • post_types (Array de post_types): carga Gutenberg para los tipos de contenido especificados.

Ejemplos de código

Load Gutenberg for all posts:

if ( function_exists( 'gutenberg_ramp_load_gutenberg' ) ) {

Never load Gutenberg:

gutenberg_ramp_load_gutenberg( false );

// Alternatively, you can use the load key to always disable Gutenberg:
gutenberg_ramp_load_gutenberg( [ 'load' => 0 ] );

Load Gutenberg only for posts with ids 12, 13 and 122:

gutenberg_ramp_load_gutenberg( [ 'post_ids' => [ 12, 13, 122 ] ] );

Load Gutenberg for post_id: 12 and all posts of type test and scratch:

        'post_types' => [ 'test', 'scratch' ],
        'post_ids'   => [ 12 ],


Contributions are welcome via our GitHub repo.


  • Ajustes de Gutenberg Ramp en Ajustes -> Escritura


  1. Install & activate the plugin through the WordPress ‘Plugins’ dashboard.
  2. Visit Settings -> Writing to enable Gutenberg for specific post types like Pages, Posts, and any custom post types. Screenshots here
  3. To enable Gutenberg for specific post IDs and for a more granular level of control, developers can use the gutenberg_ramp_load_gutenberg() function as outlined here.


Why is a post type disabled (greyed out) on my settings screen?

If you’re seeing something greyed out, it means the gutenberg_ramp_load_gutenberg() function is already in your theme functions.php. If you want to use the wp-admin UI, remove the conflicting function from your functions.php file.

Some post types are not showing up on the settings screen

Post types that are not compatible with Gutenberg will not show up. If you think you have found a false negative (posts in that post type DO work with Gutenberg, when Ramp plugin is deactivated) please report it as an issue on GitHub here.

Can I contribute to this plugin?

Absolutely! Please create issues and pull requests on GitHub here.


17 de junio de 2018
This plugin is going to be enormously helpful to me as I learn how to use Gutenberg. As a non-developer (ie a user with little programming knowledge) I would welcome some more help in the FAQs with how to do the following (or an enhancement to the plugin to enable the following). Instead of listing every single post ID that I want to apply Gutenberg to, I would like to be able to apply it to: * a numerical range of IDs; and/or * all IDs greater than or less than a particular number; * a particular post category; and/or * all posts except an ID (or a range of IDs etc). One particular option I would like to achieve, as a starting point, is to apply Gutenberg to new posts/pages (ie those with an ID number greater than [X]) but have all existing pages and posts remain in the classic editor, until I have been able to go through and check out what editing, if any, is needed when they are in Gutenberg.
13 de junio de 2018
As site owners start to ready their users for Gutenberg, this is a great plugin to control how this is done, whether through specific post types or even specific posts that they can try out with. I'm looking forward to seeing what else the VIP team add to this in future!
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  • prepares Gutenberg Ramp for WordPress 5.0 release
  • deprecates support for Gutenberg Plugin versions older than 3.5
  • no longer caches load decision in gutenberg_ramp_load_critera option
  • removed gutenberg_ramp_option_name filter
  • adds unsupported post types notice
  • adds support for multiple function calls to gutenberg_ramp_load_gutenberg()


  • initial release