HNGamers Atavism Core


This is the core Atavism script and is required by all the other scripts. This provides the database connectivity, the variables for this and the admin panel which provides the ability to save database settings for up to 10 servers.


How do I use the plugin or setup it up?
Please follow the course here
Where do I get support?
All support is through the #cms-dev channel in the Atavism Online discord

I found a bug in the plugin.

Please report all bugs on the #cms-dev channel in the Atavism Online discord


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Registro de cambios


Corrections for 500 errors when servers are not accessible




Added helper code to verify if ports are open before making the attempt to connect to the server.


Updated links


Some minor code cleanup
Add character user detection and server detection


Corrected issue with echoed variables.
Created class for plugin.
Removed incorrect code calling WP functions.
Corrected generic namespaces located in the script to ones specific to HNGamers.
Added Selected server option.
Cleaned up some code.


  • This is the initial version of the plugin.