Easy Embed for HubSpot Forms, CTAs, Links, Files & add HubSpot to WP Search Results


Hub2Word’s goal is to simplify the management of content between HubSpot and WordPress. Hub2Word connects to your HubSpot portal to allow for easy embed of HubSpot forms, search HubSpot blog posts, and embed HubSpot CTAs. More information about HubSpot can be found here: https://www.hubspot.com/products/marketing


Hub2Word currently includes the following features:

  • WordPress site search also searches HubSpot blog posts. Any HubSpot blog, landing page, or site page that matches the search phrase is displayed in the WordPress search results page.
  • Latest Post Widget for HubSpot blogs.
  • HubSpot Forms as Shortcode. In the WordPress Editor, you can choose which HubSpot form you would like to embed on the page. Shortcode is added to the WordPress content editor and will display the HubSpot form on the front end.
  • CTA shortcode embed. Paste CTA javascript code into the page meta, then use the shortcode to place the CTA on the page.
  • HubSpot link generator. Quickly add links to HubSpot landing pages, blogs, and site pages from within the WordPress editor.
  • HubSpot file manager. Similar to how the WP media manager works, you will be able to navigate the HubSpot file manager from within your WP editor and insert any media into your WordPress post content.

*You can view the plugin in action in our YouTube channel.


For Plugin Support, visit the Hub2Word Support Page

Hub2Word Would Love Your Feedback

Our goal is to simplify content management between both platforms. Please share any feedback using the Hub2Word Feedback Form.


  • WordPress search includes HubSpot content with links to HS content in the search results.
  • Quickly Embed a CTA without having to paste javascript into your WordPress Editor.
  • Quickly select a HubSpot form from a dropdown to embed it in the WP Editor.
  • Recent HubSpot posts widget shows any number of posts from HubSpot Blog.
  • Hyperlink WP content to HubSpot content without leaving the WP Editor.
  • Insert any HubSpot content with the Hub2Word file manager.


  1. In the Plugins admin area, click add new and search for Hub2Word OR Download and upload the entire hub2word folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.

  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress. You will find ‘Hub2Word’ menu in your WordPress admin panel.

  3. Click this menu item to get to the settings page.

  4. Under the HubSpot Account Authorization area, click to connect via Oauth or API Key (Non-SSL users).

  5. Select the appropriate HubSpot account.

  6. By Default, all options are enabled. You can edit what HubSpot content you’d like to include in WP search results, shortcodes, and add custom CSS.


29 de noviembre de 2018
Struggled a while getting Hubspot forms to display properly in our website. I had heard about Hub2Word on a form and decided to give it a try. The plug-in worked like a charm and made the process of adding HubSpot forms a cinch, but the forms still didn't display properly. I reached out to Frank, (one of) the brains behind Hub2Word, and he immediately jumped on the problem. He dug into our site code, checked out the plugins, found the specific option to fix and took care of the problem for us. Professional, pleasant...just really great to work with. Highly recommend the plug-in -- and the people behind it. Dave
13 de agosto de 2018
This is fantastic! We've always had issues where our blogs from hubspot didn't show up on our main site. This plugin makes the blogs should up in search results
26 de julio de 2018
This plugin makes shortcodes to embed HubSpot stuff. I just replaced all the forms and CTA on our site that use the js embed code.
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  • Initial release.


  • Added validation using a HubSpot API key for users that do not have an SSL certificate for their WP-Admin.


  • Fixed linking to HubSpot content included in search results.


  • Minor connection updates


  • Search and Blog state updates, now search results and latest blog only include published content. Thanks @jaschaio


  • Fixed WP pagination issues in admin and frontend searches