Icons Font Loader for Flaticon


A liteweight plugin that can help you integrate flaticon’s Icon into your WordPress websites. It provides you a panel in the dashboard where you can upload icons pack.

There are millions of free icon available in Flation.com . If you want to use any of them in WordPress you can do that using this plugin.


We have used this tool in several Websites. You can have a look into them by following these links below..
Live Demo 1
Live Demo 2


Here is a quick video tutorial.


This plugin adds a icon collection (mycollection.zip) uploader under Under WordPress Tools.
Navigate to Tools > Icons Font Loader, from your WordPress Dashboard then follow these steps below…

  • Creata a collection in flaticon.com
  • Download the collection (mycollection.zip)
  • Upload the zip file
  • Preview and copy icon code
  • Paste the code in editor
  • Enjoy !



5 de abril de 2021
We developed this plugin to use in our official sites. We have 15+ websites where we showcase features with different icons + text. We found flaticon.com as the best for icons provider, but there was some integration issue. Finally our team developed this plugin and solved the integration problem. I hope this plugin can be useful to solve your icon related problems too.
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  • Fix a minor problem in upload screen.