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Image Lazy Load

Lazy load images to improve site performance, load times and reduce server bandwidth by only loading images when they're visible.

Loads images within the main WordPress Page, Post or Custom Post Type content when each image is visible to the site visitor. This helps reduce load times, increase site performance and reduce server bandwidth by only loading images when they're truly needed.

Image Lazy Load Pro

Image Lazy Load Pro provides additional functionality:

  • Horizontal Scrolling: Supports themes which use horizontal scrolling by unveiling images as they appear into view
  • Responsive Support: Full support for lazy loading responsive images which use srcset and size attributes (WordPress 4.4+)
  • Featured Image Support: Lazy loads Featured Images automatically
  • Lazy Load Iframes: Optionally choose to lazy load iframes, including YouTube videos
  • Lazy Load Videos: Optionally choose to lazy load elements
  • Animations: Choose from 17 animations to use when images are displayed (including fade in, bounce, slide in etc)
  • Loading Animation: Upload any loading animation image, such as a spinner, which displays until the image is loaded
  • Loading Animation Background: Optionally define a background color for your loading animation whilst images are loaded into view
  • Disable: Disable lazy loading by individual Post, or on specific Post Types and/or Taxonomies
  • Support: Access to one on one email support
  • Documentation: Detailed documentation on how to install and configure the plugin
  • Updates: Receive one click update notifications, right within your WordPress Adminstration panel
  • Seamless Upgrade: Retain all current settings when upgrading to Pro

Upgrade to Image Lazy Load Pro


We will do our best to provide support through the WordPress forums. However, please understand that this is a free plugin, so support will be limited. Please read this article on how to properly ask for WordPress support and get it.

If you require one to one email support, please consider upgrading to the Pro version.

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Requires: 3.6 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.2
Última actualización: 12 horas ago
Instalaciones activas: 2,000+


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