Imaxel personalization platform


imaxel personalization platform plugin embeds Imaxel personalisation W2P (web-to-print) to enable the creation, sale and production of personalized products such as prints, photobooks, canvas, collages, gifts, t-shirts, mugs and others directly in your site using woocommerce.

Before installing, you have to contact a subscription to imaxel platform. Contact imaxel at to know more about the different editors for photobooks, gifts etc. and its subscription prices.

After contracting the subscription, you will receive from imaxel your unique API keys. Input these in the plugin configuration screen and Woocommerce will launch platform online editor every time a consumer wants to create and buy a personalized product such us a Photobook, canvas etc.

** features **
Creates new projects in platform editor
Edits previous projects
Duplicate projects
Add a list of projects to re-order or re-edit
Integrates with WP accounts
Links back to Woocomerce shopping cart
Receive automatic production orders after the order is paid
Creates a section of platform that can be imported into Woo
Creates a list of projects for backoffice support and management

Contact imaxel at


  • Image selection from consumer device, facebook, Instagram or google photos
  • Polaroid prints editor
  • Photobook editor
  • Collage editor
  • Settings the plugin backoffice
  • Projects list in the plugin backoffie


  1. Upload imaxel platform plugin files and folders to the «/wp-content/plugins/imaxel-personalization-platform» directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the «Plugins» menu in WordPress.
  3. Remember to configure the plugin introducing your API keys in the plugin settings screen
  4. Import products from platform into Woo and publish them so they are available to consumers


Does the plugin work stand alone or requires a subscription

This plugin is a connector to imaxel platform and requires a subscription to platform. Contact for details and prices.

What is platform

platform is an online HTML5 editing platform that can be integrated into any ecommerce and is accessible from desktop, tablet or smartphone devices.
Contact for a demo.


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Registro de cambios


*SimplePhotobook2 products workflow review (save button, edit project, duplicate project, etc…)
*Minor bugs fixes.
*Code refactor Admin area.


*Disable «Read more» link for imaxel products
*Fix post warning in imaxel_operations
*New way of deactivating add to cart button for imaxel products
*Woocommerce 5.3 compatibility
*ICP products
*Javascript assets now include version info as a parameter in the .js path to avoid cache issues.
*Removed iWeb products
*Creative / ICP projects management modifications in my account section
*Cron for orders management

Previous versions

*Fix compatibility with WooCommerce ~4.0.0


*Add the possibility to edit the project once in the shopping cart


*Add possibility to use woocommerce variations with Imaxel Variants
*Solve bugs with Creating Users and Creating Categories
*Solve bug with iWeb not updating the price of saved projects on the cart page


  • Integration Iweb


  • Alternative function to grab products from imaxel


  • New Print Packs prices in products


  • WP 4.5.2
  • WOO 2.5.5
  • Fixed automatic send to production on order status update


  • Fixed automatic send to production on order status update
    = 2.9=
  • Fixed import products


  • Fixed send to production on some orders


  • Fixed send to production on some orders


  • Fixed send to production error on automatic mode


  • Fixed send to production error


  • Sync prices from imaxel when visit import section


  • Fixed automatic send to production option


  • Fixed some bugs on call to the api


  • Fixed some bugs on call to the api


  • Fixed some bugs on call to the api


  • Prepare for uninstall data on uninstall
  • Better call to the imaxel api
  • Fixed some bugs on call to the api
  • Override woo template theme
  • Tested on woo 2.4.13


  • Tested in wp 4.4.1 and woo 4.10.12
  • Import loop products from imaxel fixed
  • Problem with cart cookies modifications fixed


  • This is the first version after wordpress revisions


  • This is the first version