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Data443 is a Data Security and Privacy Compliance company that is publicly traded ATDS. We have been providing leading GDPR compliance products such as WordPress GDPR Framework and ClassiDocs, Blockchain privacy, and enterprise cloud eDiscovery tools.

Companies like Entrepreneur, The Wall Street Journal, BBC, Business Insider, Financial Times and many others understood this concept and embraced it as you can see in this GIF in Screenshots.

In IntellyWP we take care of the marketing aspects of your WordPress site and today we have brought to you the same technology they use, to help you to increase engagement, page views and to reduce the bounce rate.

Just one week after testing this plugin on a low traffic site, our page views increased by 99%.


How many things have you have in the footer post?

  • The author box?
  • Subscription to your newsletter?
  • Maybe you ask users to share the post on social networks?
  • You ask them to leave a comment?
  • And also… to read related posts?

Do you know that asking too many things is equal to ask nothing?

Inline related posts plugin bring a new experience to your visitors and help you to win the fight of catching readers attention 😉

With Inline Related Posts Plugin you can:
1. Put related posts boxes INSIDE your content (see Screenshots)
2. Automatically put multiple boxes in all your posts
3. Automatically detect line breaks (without destroy your paragraphs or headlines)
4. Choose over 20+ combinations of style (themes, colors, hover)

Download now the Inline Related posts plugin into your WordPress.


  • Some example of famous websites with "Related post box"
  • An example of a style that you can use
  • Another example of a style that you can use
  • Another example of a style that you can use
  • Hover effect is allowed using this theme
  • Our Intelly Line Breaks technology which detects grammar rules and avoids content breaks.
  • The backend of our plugin. Live preview available and super fast options to fit your theme style.
  • A Box Theme of Inline Related Posts PRO. Check other PREMIUM feature here. (
  • Another Box Theme of Inline Related Posts PRO. Check other PREMIUM feature here. (


  1. Descarga nuestro plugin
  2. Sube la carpeta al directorio `/wp-content/plugins/`
  3. Activa el plugin desde el menú «Plugins» de WordPress.
  4. Serás redirigido a Ajustes >> Inline Related Posts


¿Por qué debería usar este plugin?

Porque aumentará las visitas a la página en tu sitio, mejorará la participación y reducirá tu tasa de rebote.

¿Puedo usar el plugin Inline Related Posts junto con otro plugin de entradas relacionadas?

¡Sí, puedes! Nuestro plugin coloca cuadros elegantes DENTRO del contenido, no al final.

¿Este plugin romperá la estructura de mi contenido?

NO. ¡Nuestro algoritmo conoce las etiquetas HTML y evita colocar las cajas en el lugar equivocado!

¿Tienes otros estilos de cajas elegantes?

Yes! We have other cool styles and features in the PRO version. Check it out

¿Este plugin ralentizará mi web?

¡Por supuesto que no! Las entradas relacionadas integradas están construidas con un código liviano para que no notes ninguna diferencia en la velocidad al usarlo.


4 de abril de 2021
I hope there are some features that allow to show custom post. So user can choose which post will shown I want show my favorit post to visitor i hope it will allow 3 custom spesific post to show
23 de marzo de 2021
Re: Premium Licenses (INTELLYWP DECEPTIVE PRACTICES) Like another user mentioned below, when you purchase (upgrade to) Pro (Premium), once "The license key for Inline Related Posts PRO has now expired," and you have made any updates to the latest version of this plugin the Settings Page ceases to exist. Therefore, it is rendered unusable. Incredibly deceptive! They will send you an email stating: "Just wanted to advise you that our records show that this plugin has now expired due to non renewal of the support & maintenance agreement. The plugin will continue to operate, so there should be no operational issues immediately to your site." However, this is NOT true. The settings page is hidden with a form field to enter your license. As user Kanyi pointed out: "I thought when a license expires, it does not necessarily mean that your plugin will stop working, rather it will continue to function after it expires, as it did before it expired." This is incredibly deceptive. A plugin should still function and simply not offer future updates and support (as they stated). And given this practice, I definitely WILL NOT purchase a 2nd license. Do NOT PURCHASE the Premium version of any IntellyWP plugin. I definitely won't again.
16 de octubre de 2020
Very professional support, nice plugin. Pro version of this plugin helped us increase traffic a lot!
16 de agosto de 2020
Hi Everyone, This plugin is excellent to implement "Inline Related Posts". It gets the job done. Also, you have good support. Thank You.
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Release Date – 2021-05-08

  • IWP-170 Additional code rationalization & Performance changes, TinyMCE Editor resolution


Release Date – 2021-05-07

  • IWP-170 Resolving security updates


Release Date – 2021-03-10

  • Links Update
  • Added : Right sidebar on option panel.
  • Tested with WP 5.7 Plugin updated and supported.


Release Date – 2021-01-19

  • Tested with WP 5.6 Plugin updated and supported.


Release Date – 2020-10-17

  • Branding update


Release Date – 2020-08-17

  • [Bugfix] Incompatibility between jQuery qTip and the jQuery version included on WordPress 5.5
  • Tested with WP 5.5 Plugin updated and supported.


Release Date – 2020-08-06

  • Tested with WP 5.4 Plugin updated and supported.


Release Date – 2020-01-22

  • Tested with WP 5.3 Plugin updated and supported.


Release Date – 2019-05-18

  • Tested with WP 5.2 Plugin updated and supported.
  • [Improvement] Prevent the related posts inside specific divs


Release Date – 2019-03-16

  • Tested with WP 5.1.1. Plugin updated and supported.


Release Date – 2019-02-21

  • [NEW] Ajax dropdown to choose a specific post for our «irp» shortcode from the editor button.
  • [NEW] Ajax dropdown to choose a specific page for our «irp» shortcode from the editor button.
  • Finally compatible with WP 5.0.3. Plugin updated and supported.


Release Date – 2018-05-01

  • Finally compatible with WP 4.9.5. Plugin updated and supported.


Release Date – 21/08/2016

  • Compatible with PHP < 5.3
  • No also inline image are recognized if featured image is not defined


Release Date – 27/04/2016
* Documentation link fixed


Release Date – 19/09/2015

  • [Bugfix] hasPoweredBy not is default disable due to WP repository guidelines


Release Date – 13/09/2015

  • [Improvement] Improvement the «wp-caption» recognition


Release Date – 12/09/2015

  • [Improvement] Improvement in «div» detection
  • [Bugfix] Fixed vertical-alignment in Firefox


Release Date – 11/09/2015

  • [Bugfix] Fixed bugs on «irp» shortcode


Release Date – 09/09/2015

  • [Bugfix] Fixed bugs on «style» tag in content


Release Date – 27/08/2015

  • [Bugfix] Fixed bugs on related box placement


Release Date – 26/08/2015

  • [Improvements] Included into the WP menu only if user has manage_options rights
  • [Bugfix] Fixed bugs on bottom spacing
  • [Improvements] Inserted as parameters CSS margin-top and CSS margin-bottom
  • [Improvements] Various fixed


Release Date – 23/08/2015

  • [Improvements] Various fixed


Release Date – 09/07/2015

  • [Bugfix] Speed optimization
  • [Bugfix] Corrected the function to filter only recent posts
  • Minor bugfix


Release Date – 06/07/2015

  • Minor bugfix


Release Date – 05/07/2015

  • [Bugfix] Fixed bug with PRE tag
  • [Bugfix] Fixed notice Array to string conversion in ../intelly-related-posts/index.php on line 127
  • [NEW] Created themes for the plugin
  • [NEW] Created 2 different themes for free with various effect
  • [NEW] Created 3 different themes in PRO version with various effect


Release Date – 06/06/2015

  • Added rel=»nofollow» by default with a dropdown where you can choose also dofollow if you prefer


Release Date – 27/05/2015

  • [Thanks to msshams] Bugfix persian language
  • [Thanks to reweb] Bugfix Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘:’ in […] wp-content/plugins/intelly-related-posts/index.php on line 118


Release Date – 14/05/2015

  • Tested with a lot of websites, blogs, etc
  • Approved by WP community


Release Date – 09/05/2015

  • HTML parsing to insert properly Inline Related Posts automatically
  • Bugfixes and test with a lots of posts


  • First release