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Discover a new way of sending newsletters without leaving your WordPress dashboard.

Jackmail is a free plugin including all features, updates, live support and 3,000 emails per month with our professional sending platform!

Visit our website or watch the video!

The 1st WordPress newsletter plugin ever with a built-in SMTP service!

Do you want to create beautiful newsletters for your subscribers right from WordPress, and you need it to be sent super fast without having to fiddle with complicated settings?

Jackmail es la primera extensión para WordPress que te ayuda a crea una campaña de mailing completa desde tu panel WordPress y a enviarla con su servicio SMTP.

Sin colas, sin carpetas de spam… Con Jackmail, crea y enviar newsletters es increíblemente fácil.

Nuestra filosofía es que no te haga falta ser un diseñador gráfico o un programador para enviar buenas newsletters; todo el mundo debería poder hacerlo.


  • Drag&Drop EmailBuilder, with responsive mode
  • HTML & modo texto sin formato
  • Personalize and customize your content, blocks, colors etc
  • Permite importar artículos desde tu página WordPress
  • Automatic newsletters based on triggers (new post, new product, every day, every week, etc)
  • Easily import and manage contacts
  • Contact List API
  • Opt-in forms and widget
  • Conectado con otros formularios opt ins como NinjaForms, Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7, Formidable Forms o Bloom.
  • Gallery of 48 free newsletter template
  • Compatibilidad con WooCommerce
  • Detailed statistics (openings, clicks, average read time, devices etc)
  • Professional sending platform included!
  • Envía rápidamente o programa el envío de tu campaña
  • Web copy and unsubscribe template page
  • Custom Post Type compatible
  • More to come (wp_mail() integration, more automated workflows, … )

Más información en www.jackmail.com

La comunidad WordPress solo habla de Jackmail

  • «Jackmail, la extensión de WordPress definitiva» – WPFormation

  • “Jackmail is a real treat” – Arobase.org

  • “The interface is damn ergonomic and intuitive, there are so many features which is nice for a free plugin” – momofr.net

  • “The EmailBuilder is disconcerting of ease, even enthusiatic about efficiency” – WPNormandie

  • “If you want to send newsletters for your WordPress posts, this is one of the easiest ways I’ve ever seen” – WP Lift

  • “This is a wonderful plugin for free, it’s just great!” – WordPress on a Budget


Special thanks for these wonderful people who contributed in translating the plugin:

  • English – default, always included
  • French (fr_FR) by @heyjackmail
  • Italian (it_IT) by @francbarberini & @hedgehogoo
  • Spanish (es_ES) by @mailifymola2017
  • Albanian (sq) by @besnik
  • Dutch (nl_NL) by @karenannelies
  • German (de_DE & de_DE/formal) in progress
  • Swedish (sv_SE) in progress
  • Portuguese (pt_BR) in progress

Your language is not in the list? You’d like to submit it?
Go to this page translate.wordpress.org](https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/wp-plugins/jackmail-newsletters) and start translating Jackmail in your local language.
10,000 credits offered for each batch of 150 strings translated and approved!


  • Resumen
  • Emailbuilder
  • Galería de plantillas
  • Flujo de trabajo automatizado
  • Importar contactos
  • Gestionar contactos
  • Ver estadísticas


Hay dos maneras de instalar esta extensión:


  1. In your Admin, go to ‘Plugins’ > Add
  2. Buscar Jackmail
  3. Haz clic para instalar y activar el plugin
  4. Aparecerá un nuevo menú Jackmail en tu administrador


  1. Descargar la extensión (.zip file) en la columna derecha de esta página
  2. In your Admin, go to ‘Plugins’ > Add
  3. Selecciona la pestaña «Subir»
  4. Subir la carpeta .zip que acabas de descargar
  5. Activar el plugin
  6. Aparecerá un nuevo menú Jackmail en tu administrador


¿Por qué debería usar Jackmail para crear y enviar mis newsletters?

There are lots of newsletters tools inside and outside the WordPress environment. WordPress tools are fully integrated but lack email servers. Outside tools have their email servers but aren’t integrated with WordPress (or not enough).
Jackmail unites both to send your newsletters. A fully integrated WordPress tool, with all functions, and an email server.
Jackmail is the perfect solution for your beloved CMS.

What’s the difference between Mailchimp, MailPoet 2 and Jackmail?

Mailchimp and MailPoet are really good tools, but the first one is not a native WordPress solution and you have to leave WordPress to create your newsletter. The second doesn’t include a SMTP solution and a responsive builder.
With the tools mentioned here above, you need to pay to access all the features and support (only by email). But Jackmail grants all the features, updates and support (email, live chat, phone) for free.
And most of all, we offer manual human checking to ensure your emails have the highest deliverability possible. This is unique in the emailing market and it guarantees the best reputation.

¿Por qué necesito una cuenta Jackmail?

To send your newsletters, you need email “credits”. A credit is worth an email sent to one recipient. Jackmail allows you to check the number of credits you have and add more if needed.

¿Puedo crear newsletters responsive con Jackmail?

Jackmail’s EmailBuilder lets you create 100% responsive newsletters and guarantees a perfect display on all email web services.

Is Jackmail compatible with opt-in-forms plugins?

Jackmail lets you collect email addresses for your newsletters through its widget, but can also connect with others plugins like Contact Forms 7, Ninja Forms, Gravity Forms, Bloom, Formidable Forms and more!

We’re working on the integration of these form plugins : Caldera forms, WeForms, Captain Forms and Optin Monster.

What does Jackmail do to avoid my newsletter being delivered in spam?

At Jackmail, we are taking SPAM very seriously. Our goal is to adjust the performance and reputation of our servers to ensure your newsletters gets delivered.
Since what you’re paying for is deliverability, your newsletter sent with Jackmail has to be inbox. It’s our duty to prevent mails going to spam.
We maximize your chances of success with cutting-edge technology and a trusted sender reputation. We are constantly in communications with Internet Service Providers throughout the world to preserve our reputation.
And most of all, we provide a manual monitoring of each newsletter to ensure the highest levels of deliverability for your newsletters and make sure we match anti-spam compliance and other email best practices.

I need help with Jackmail

Want to contact us? Have questions or want a little help with your newsletters? Here’s how to reach us:
– Contact form on our website: www.jackmail.com/contact
– A live chat is on our website and in the plugin ( from 9am to 6pm, Mon/Fri, CET)
– You could also call us during the same hours: +33 328 328 058

¿Tienes dudas?

Visita nuestra página de soporte.


19 de marzo de 2020
Extremely slow and you can only send about 100 emails a day. Too many limits forcing you to go "premium". Also, barely a handful of templates. For the price, this plugin can be better. They can also work on their restrictions they add after you buy. I don't recommend it.
30 de enero de 2020
We paid Jackmail for months When we tried to used it, It was not in the moderation working time, newsletter was not sent, only day after we realized that our newsletter "did not pass moderation". With MailPoet we never had those issues. We looked for the cancellation button in their site, We did not find it... We sent them email to cancel... We got no refund
30 de enero de 2020
Attention à ceux qui veulent tester la version freemium : Elle ne renouvelle pas les tickets donc on est limité à un seul envoi maximum de 100 adresses mail. La hot line ne répond pas à ce problème en promettant seulementde mettre à jour les scripts. pas effectué à ce jour. Enfin, 4 adresses test et inutilisées ont zété spamées suite à l'envoi par jacmail un conseil : fuyez !
22 de julio de 2019
Plugin très fonctionnel, un éditeur de mail très simple d'utilisation, et un support efficace et réactif !
27 de junio de 2019
Like many users I was delighted with the speed of the delivery and the many features that jetpack has. And the support is friendly and helpful. BUT I would never have migrated my 40.000 users' data to jackmail, had I known how this company takes your data hostage: 1) If you uninstall the plugin (or was it already on deactivation?), THEY WIPE THE WHOLE DATABASE without notice. This even happened by accidence once. I was lucky enough to have a daily backup of my db, so I could reconstruct. Hey, my database belongs to ME, let ME decide if I want to keep it or not. 2) Many of the useful statistical information (which user reads which mails etc.) about your users ar NOT EXPORTABLE. So if you want to avoid vendor lock-in, THINK BEFORE you trust your data to this product.
24 de diciembre de 2018
You have to configure a Sub domain for the shipments and not all the providers support it! CHECK YOURS FIRST !!! Even with those that poovedores that recommend in the documentation DOES NOT WORK. (godday) Don't try to uses if you media library its big ... take ages in add a images from your library... in fact never show the library. No one responds to support emails, even with the Premiun version, the live chat does not appear. When I last get a response this its all the "SUPPORT" i get --------------------- We can't do support every time by chat, because it takes us a lot of times to answer to everyone. Our ticketing system answer to our customer in a 72hours range. ( 24 hours for premium + support) -------------- Since you're facing a lot of issues, let's cancel your subscription and refund you. You'll be free to use any other tool. --------------- ​The domain problem you're facing is a problem with our headquarter company and can't be solved right now, so I cannot provide a solution so, the best for you is deal with another solution. I think it's better for you to switch and get refund. ----------------- The problem is not on your side, but on our side. You could use any domain you want, you'll still have the message "domain is currently available". i've already make the refund, you'll have your money back on your account in a couple of days. ----------- Unfortunately, I don't have any vision on the day because the problem exist now for weeks and my dev team can't find how to fix it. ----------- Plus, you're lists at 0 contacts is an enconding problem requiering to edit your sql database and this is quite.... hard to explain. ------------ ​Sadly I have no solution for you 🙁
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«Jackmail Newsletters» es un software de código abierto. Las siguientes personas han colaborado con este plugin.


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Registro de cambios


  • New feature: Google MAP (add your own location in your email campaign)


  • Update Emailbuilder


  • Miscellaneous fixes


  • Fix custom link in WooCommerce email template


  • Fix AngularJS loading conflict with MonsterInsight plugin
  • Update Emailbuilder


  • Jackmail menu position


  • WooCommerce interconnection:
  • Customise emails templates with the EmailBuilder
  • Add images, contents to WooCommerce emails
  • WooCommerce Hook compatibility


  • Fix export CSV contact list
  • EmailBuilder installation popin in campaign


  • Update domain delegation
  • Miscellaneous fixes


  • Update EmailBuilder


  • Cron optimization


  • Fix on the token expiration
  • Fix statistics links details view
  • Improvement on SPAM score algorithm
  • Fix emoticon subject
  • Fix error on check campaign (display name not defined)

1.0.66 & 1.0.67

  • Personnalize subject with custom value from your contact list
  • Creation date column was added in the contact list
  • Fix EmailBuilder


  • Remove install step


  • Add reactivity rate


  • Add tooltip in statistics


  • Add support link
  • Update EmailBuilder


  • Fix welcome workflow lists


  • Fix token renew
  • Fix copy/paste display name


  • Fix Gravity Form
  • Fix import contact from file with tab separator


  • RDPG compatibility
  • NPAI targeting in contact list
  • Fix Gravity Forms


  • Fix Chinese characters in Workflow
  • Target bounces in contact list
  • Fix WooCommerce list
  • New workflow: New subscribers


  • Option to Segment in Statistics
  • Double Optin in the Jackmail Widget
  • CSV Export Option in Statitics
  • EmailBuilder Fix
  • Top Banner Positionning Fix


  • Change support chat popin
  • Fix send workflow test


  • Fix workflow


  • Fix count contacts in list


  • EmailBuilder Custom Post Type integration
  • Add button for renew connection
  • Add Workflow for Custom Post Type
  • Fix Google Font in EmailBuilder


  • EmailBuilder fix


  • EmailBuilder update
  • Add Dutch & Albanian languages


  • Fixing targeting: Searchbox selectors wouldn’t filter down elements
  • Create a campaign from a template: A button allows you to create a campaign from the template you’re editing
  • Fix unsubscribe links


  • EmailBuilder update
  • Edit a campaign’s name, even after it was sent
  • Moderation: reason for the refusal
  • Delete a workflow even if it’s activated


  • Edit campaign when refused by moderation
  • Statistics migration server
  • Retargeting on non-openers
  • Campaigns will be automatically sett as «sent» 2 hours after the sending


  • Edit contacts from Contact Form 7 list
  • EmailBuilder language

1.0.44 & 1.0.45

  • Fix Load EmailBuilder with templates empty


  • Fix import WooCommerce product in EmailBuilder
  • Fix Drag&Drop in EmailBuilder


  • Miscellaneous EmailBuilder Fix
  • Añadir acceso al administrador de tienda
  • Arreglar objetivos rebotados


  • Mostrar estadísticas para enviar campañas

1.0.39 & 1.0.40

  • EmailBuilder changes
  • Shortcode al importar un artículo al contenido del email
  • Revisión de textos


  • Plantillas nuevas
  • Size of imported images in EmailBuilder from WordPress library
  • Support link in «Need help» page


  • EmailBuilder reviews


  • Información sobre el tamaño máximo de las imágenes para emails

1.0.32 to 1.0.35

  • Campaign content anti-spam analysis score
  • Enviar un test de flujo de trabajo


  • Advertencia al no haber link de cancelar suscripción en el contenido del email


  • Reseña de la instalación de listas
  • Reseñas de Gravity Forms


  • Estatus de la campaña: «rechazada por el equipo de moderación»


  • Popin for importing images in EmailBuilder from WordPress library, when there are no images
  • EmailBuilder changes


  • EmailBuilder changes


  • Lista de la extensión Bloom


  • Lista de la extensión Formidable Forms
  • Lista de la extensión Popup por Supystic

1.0.23 and 1.0.24

  • Import images in EmailBuilder from WordPress library for your newsletter


  • Buscar contacto en todas las listas


  • Enviar newsletter desde Gravity Forms
  • Reseña de la importación CSV


  • Exportar e importar contactos con información de la lista negra
  • Flujo de trabajo con lista de Ninja Forms


  • Import page in EmailBuilder
  • Display a warning when using a generic email address in from


  • Reseña de imágenes de la operación de contenido para emails
  • Eliminar datos de Jackmail solo al borrar la extensión
  • Depurar vista en ajustes


  • Lista de nombres única


  • Import WooCommerce product in EmailBuilder
  • Crear flujo de trabajo de producto WooCommerce
  • Lista de usuarios WordPress
  • Importar contactos en lista desde CSV es compatible con los separadores de campos nuevos (punto y coma, barra vertical, tabulación)


  • Social medias in EmailBuilder
  • Instalación en 4 pasos

1.0.13 and 1.0.14

  • Fijar la lista de columnas
  • Optimizaciones UI

1.0.12 and 1.0.11

  • Optimizaciones UI

1.0.8 to 1.0.10

  • Traducciones


  • Añadir popin de chat de soporte
  • Añadir créditos disponibles en ajustes
  • Reseña del diseño del último paso de la instalación
  • Resetear el botón mensaje contenido


  • Traducciones en francés
  • Añadir información de cuentas en ajustes
  • Pequeñas modificaciones


  • Vista previa Html


  • Fijar importar contactos
  • Fijar importar carpeta txt


  • Pequeñas modificaciones


  • Optimizar cargar plantilla
  • Actualizar instalación de Emailbuilder


  • Fijar escritorio de enrutamiento
  • Fijar exportar lista de contactos vacía
  • Fijar guardar campaña


  • Hello World
  • Thanks to Julio from SecuPress for security audit