Jeg Elementor Kit


Additional widgets for Elementor page builder. It has 40 highly customizable widgets.

Essential Widgets

We include widgets that you can customize to your as you want.

  • Accordion. Add collapsable content. Suitable for FAQ content.
  • Icon Box. A box that includes icon, title, and description.
  • Testimonial Slider. Add testimonials on your site. Useful to increase users belief in your products or services.
  • Image Gallery. Display images as grid and masonry gallery. Add additional filterable feature.
  • Progress Bar. Progress bar element with escalating animation.
  • Fun Fact. A box that include icon and number content.
  • Form – WP Form widget. Styling WP Form element.
  • Client Logo Slider. A logo image slider.
  • Navigation Menu. Create dropdown navigation menu. Allow your users navigate to another page.
  • Post Block. Display list of your posts on page.
  • Team. Show your team members with name, position, bio, picture, and social media links.
  • Pie Chart. Create data pie charts and show it on your page. You can change styles, content, and percentage.
  • Portfolio Gallery. Add portfolio gallery with hover effect.
  • Image Box. A box that includes image, title, and description with hover scale animation.
  • Animated Text. Text widget that using rotating, highlight, and gradient animation.
  • Countdown. Countdown to show your contents of future events.
  • Button. Add button with customizable style.
  • Video Button. Add button with Youtube or Vimeo video pop up on click.
  • Post List. Select some posts to show it on a list.
  • Category List. Select some categories to show it on a list.
  • Mailchimp. Provide sign up form to your users. You can manage mailing list, automated mailing, newsletter, and many other options with mailchimp.
  • Heading. Highlight your headlines with custom styles.
  • Post Title. Show the title of the post.
  • Post Featured Image. Post featured image with style and hover animation.
  • Post Comment. Include comment to the post using default theme style.
  • Post Terms. A list that show the taxonomies assigned to the post. You can choose one of the following options: category, post tag, or post format
  • Post Excerpt. Show the excerpt of the post.
  • Post Date. Post publish or modified date with default, relative, or custom format.
  • Post Author. Show post author information.
  • Social Share. Add social button and share your post to social media when the button is clicked.
  • Off Canvas. Add off canvas content to the page. Choose the content from saved templates. You can choose to slide off canvas from left, right, top, or bottom.
  • Tabs. Divide your contents into several tabs with the title in vertical or horizontal style. Show content by click the title.
  • Dual Button. Add two buttons side by side. Also you can add middle text.
  • Search. Add search functionality with popup form. Let your visitors find what they are searching on your site.
  • Feature List. Add feature lists with icons.
  • Post Content. Show the content of single post.

New Widgets

  • Product Grid. Display products in a grid.
  • Product Carousel. Display products with a carousel.
  • Product Categories. Displays the product category that you created.
  • Banner. You can promote your products with banners.


  • Sticky Element. Create Sticky element for Section and Column.


  • Global Style options. Choose your Global Style Template Kit for your site.
  • Header and Footer Template. Create Header or Footer template for the entire site or with specific conditions.
  • 404 Template. Choose your 404 Template for your site.



Is this plugin require any plugin to be installed?

Yes. Since this plugin extend widget from Elementor. Elementor is required. Also if you want to use WP Form element, you need to install WP Form.

Can I use this plugin with any themes?

Yes, you can. This plugin works with any themes as long you use Elementor and the theme compatible with Elementor.

After the update, some styles have changed and looks weird. What can I do to fix it?

Please try to regenerate CSS via Elementor > Tools > Regenerate CSS option on admin dashboard.

My Elementor editor isn’t loading. What should I do?

Please make sure the WP Memory Limit on your site has set to 128 MB or greater. You can check your site status on Elementor > System Info. Please read this article for further reading Also you can disable some widgets that you don’t need from Jeg Elementor Kit > Elements dashboard to reduce memory usage.


14 de junio de 2024 1 respuesta
Hello, I purchased 2 of these Profecient templates that come with the Jeg Elementor Kit. I have yet to use the Jeg Elementor Kit but I have purchased from this company before other templates and their support and design of templates are outstanding. I am hoping I can get the look of their JNews template in this Profecient template. The Profecient template seems like it is just a basic template so I am hoping that I can do wonderful things with the Jeg Elementor Kit to improve the layout of my theme. One other thing is that the Profecient template comes bundled with 3 files: I know what to do with these files and but there is no instructions on what to do with this file I sent a help request a month ago and have not heard any answer. But all in all thank you for a nice looking theme and plugin. Regards, techspecX
18 de mayo de 2024 1 respuesta
Não consigo alterar a cor dos elementos como títulos, ícones. Uma porcaria!!!!!!
2 de mayo de 2024
You can’t clear the annoying «give me five stars» nag screen by either hitting the close button or the «No, thank you» button. The only way to clear the screen is to rate the plugin. So, 1 star for the extremely naggy nag screen. Plugin itself is fine. Using Elementor plugin with Hello Elementor theme.
27 de febrero de 2024 1 respuesta
A great plugin with a lot of effort put into it.And what’s more, it’s free.Thanks to the author.
13 de septiembre de 2023 2 respuestas
I have used this plugin on all my past web builds. There are a few conflicts with the Siteground Optimisation Plugin, but it is worth finding a workaround.
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Registro de cambios

2.6.7 – 19-06-2024

  • Fix: PHP warning

2.6.6 – 13-06-2024

  • Improvement: Security issues
  • Improvement: Add more options for description in Testimonial widget
  • Fix: Seriliazed Data issues
  • Fix: PHP Deprecated warning on Product Carousel widget
  • Fix: Inline Font Icons feature issues
  • Fix: Metform conflict with Bootstrap library from Jeg Elementor Kit
  • Fix: Background style for current nav menu not working in Nav Menu widget
  • Fix: String translation on Post Content widget and Post Excerpt widget
  • Fix: Border Radius not working due to gradient background color in Accordion widget

2.6.5 – 26-04-2024

  • Improvement: Security issues
  • Fix: Data Sanitize, Escape and Validate issue
  • Fix: Hover Arrrow Padding option not working in Testimonial widget
  • Fix: Conflict with Ultimate Membership Pro plugin

2.6.4 – 02-04-2024

  • Improvement: Security issues
  • Improvement: Add data attributes for links in Icon Box widget
  • Fix: Nav Menu not Clickable in Nav Menu Widget
  • Fix: Bootstrap conflict with wpDataTables plugins
  • Fix: Level 3 and above menu issue on mobile devices in the Nav Menu widget
  • Fix: Sub Menu Icon not working with SVG in Nav Menu widget

2.6.3 – 20-02-2024

  • Improvement: Add the Dynamic Tag feature to the Link control type
  • Improvement: Use wp_get_attachment_image function for render images
  • Improvement: Add Multilanguage support for Jeg Elementor Kit Templates
  • Improvement: Make Transition working on Gradient buttons in Accordion, Button, Client Logo, Dual Button, Icon Box, Image Box, Nav Menu, Off-Canvas, Search, Social Share, Tabs, Team, Testimonial, Video Button widgets
  • Improvement: Update viewport meta value
  • Improvement: Add title attribute for the link
  • Improvement: Security issue
  • Improvement: Minify Jkit Icon CSS file
  • Improvement: Add Transition Duration Option for Title and Icon in Post List widget
  • Improvement: Add Close Button Style Options in Search widget
  • Improvement: Add more styling option for icon in Video Button widget
  • Improvement: Add hover border and box shadow style options for button in Mailchimp widget
  • Improvement: Add more options for icon in Button widget
  • Improvement: Add hover options in Accordion widget
  • Improvement: Add Title attribute for Read More button and add Aria-Label attribute for Thumbnail link in Post Block widget
  • Improvement: Add Aria-Label attribute in Video Button and Social Share widgets
  • Improvement: Change Viewport meta tag from maximum-scale to user-scalable
  • Fix: Fatal Error occurs when Element Order option is empty in Product Grid widget
  • Fix: Sticky Element makes the keyboard disappear on mobile devices
  • Fix: Nav Menu widget conflict with Twenty Twenty-One theme
  • Fix: Select List option in Mailchimp widget not working
  • Fix: Post pagination for CPT is not functioning correctly with custom taxonomies
  • Fix: Remove Elementor Top Bar from Jeg Elementor Kit pages
  • Fix: WooCommerce HPOS support issue
  • Tweak: Add Frontend Available capabilities for Slider and Color control

2.6.2 – 26-09-2023

  • Improvement: Add border on content hover in Team widget
  • Improvement: Add Transition Duration options in Social Share widget
  • Improvement: Add Text Stroke Group Control
  • Fix: Prevent Accordion Content to trigger the slide in the Accordion widget
  • Fix: Off Canvas position issue in Off-Canvas widget
  • Fix: Sticky Top position if have WordPress Admin Bar in mobile
  • Fix: Hover transition duration when Icon has color in Button widget
  • Fix: Elementor Dynamic Tag not working issue
  • Fix: Quote override option issue in Testimonial widget
  • Fix: Bootstrap conflict with VikWP plugins
  • Fix: Untidy style when there is pagination in the Post Block widget
  • Fix: ALT tag issue on Images
  • Fix: Image Size not working on Banner widget
  • Fix: Logo icon in Elementor editor is repeating
  • Fix: Advanced Options is missing on Container
  • Tweak: Disabled Margin Top and Bottom for Prefix and Suffix in Fun Fact widget
  • Tweak: Hide JKit CPT from CPT Elementor settings
  • Tweak: Add Filter for Control Options
  • Tweak: Add Filter for Mailchimp Response data

2.6.1 – 03-03-2023

  • Improvement: Add separate Icon style options if have both positions in Accordion widget
  • Improvement: Add Width, Height, Top Position, and Right Position options for percent tooltips in Progress Bar widget
  • Improvement: Add Margin option for Submenu Item in Nav Menu widget
  • Improvement: Add different text to highlight in the Heading widget
  • Fix: Alignment in Style 2 Layout in Testimonial widget
  • Fix: Style options not working in some HTML elements in Post Comment widget
  • Fix: Remove Highlight Text option and write Focused Text in Title option instead in Heading widget

2.6.0 – 21-02-2023

  • Improvement: Add more units for Width option on Pagination style
  • Improvement: Add Alignment option for Dots in Testimonial widget
  • Improvement: Add Bottom option for Icon Position in Icon Box widget
  • Improvement: Add Margin option and Custom Position option for badge in Icon Box widget
  • Improvement: Add a few options for Testimonial widget
  • Improvement: Add Border option and Border Radius option for Menu Item Style in Nav Menu widget
  • Improvement: Add Prefix and Suffix style option in Fun Fact widget
  • Improvement: Add more Margin option in Testimonial widget
  • Improvement: Add Highlight option and Display option for Heading widget
  • Improvement: Add Color option for Icon and some more options in Button widget
  • Improvement: Add Close Button Position option in Off-Canvas widget
  • Improvement: Add a few style options in Accordion widget
  • Improvement: Add Alignment option for image in Image Box widget
  • Improvement: Add Element Order option for arranging Title, Meta, Excerpt, and Read More in Post Block widget
  • Improvement: Add New Options in Tabs widget
  • Fix: Pagination button width issue on responsive mode
  • Fix: Image not showing in Portfolio Gallery widget
  • Fix: Glass Blur Effect issue
  • Fix: Testimonial widget styles issue
  • Fix: First and Last Sub Menu Item border issue on Nav Menu widget
  • Fix: Border Radius on image issue in Image Box widget
  • Fix: Sticky Element issue with Entrance Animation Elementor
  • Fix: Connector position in Feature List widget
  • Fix: PHP Parse Error on PHP 7.2
  • Fix: Units in Slider control option on Responsive mode
  • Fix: Icon Spacing option not working in Video Button widget
  • Fix: Tooltips Text not centered on Progress Bar widget
  • Fix: Query Args issues
  • Tweak: Change Height option position in Testimonial widget

2.5.13 – 23-01-2023

  • Improvement: Add Date URL option for Post Date widget
  • Improvement: Update SweetAlert2 library to v11.6.16
  • Improvement: Add Dummy Data for Post Featured Image and Post Excerpt widget on Elementor Editor
  • Fix: Style issue in Search widget
  • Fix: Glass Blur Effect style problem on a widget that has a minus margin
  • Fix: Glass Blur Effect z-index issue
  • Fix: Related Query on Archive and Search page
  • Fix: Post Comment widget not showing in Elementor Editor
  • Fix: Missing CSS Box Option on Post Comment widget
  • Fix: Gallery and Portfolio Gallery widget responsive issue
  • Fix: Allowed Tag HTML issue

2.5.12 – 19-12-2022

  • Fix: Conditions issue in Header/Footer Template
  • Fix: Template issue with inline javascript
  • Tweak: Add more allowed HTML Attributes

2.5.11 – 13-12-2022

  • Improvement: Add Show/Hide Button options for Product Grid and Product Carousel widgets
  • Fix: Header and Footer Templates Conflict with MetForm plugin v3.0.0 and above
  • Fix: Header/Footer Template Condition issues
  • Fix: Mailchimp Saved Notification issues
  • Fix: Close Button style issue in Video Button widget
  • Fix: Display Direction issue on Nav Menu widget
  • Fix: Popup search issue in Search widget
  • Tweak: Add more allowed HTML Tag and Attributes
  • Tweak: Notice Banner mechanism

2.5.10 – 15-11-2022

  • Improvement: Add woff2 file format and compress woff file format for Icon Font
  • Improvement: Security issue
  • Fix: Polylang Flag issue

2.5.9 – 08-11-2022

  • Fix: Translation File issues
  • Fix: Widget not showing issue

2.5.8 – 08-11-2022

  • Fix: Disabled Elements not fully disabled
  • Tweak: Do check user capabilities in ajax callback instead in router

2.5.7 – 04-11-2022

  • Improvement: Security issue
  • Improvement: Mailchimp API Key Validation on save
  • Fix: Enable and Disable Elements not working

2.5.6 – 03-11-2022

  • Fix: Custom Attributes in link html tag is not showing
  • Fix: 404 Template not working
  • Fix: Notice Banner showing issues
  • Tweak: Add some allowed SVG Tag and Attributes

2.5.5 – 28-10-2022

  • Improvement: Add Sticky Position and Box Shadow option for columns and Hide on Scroll option in Sticky Elements
  • Fix: Dropdown options style in Template Jeg Elementor Kit Dashboard
  • Fix: Drag Template in Jeg Elementor Kit Dashboard issue
  • Fix: Missing attributes in SVG elements
  • Fix: Sticky elements calculation
  • Fix: Sticky elements issue with WordPress Admin Bar
  • Fix: Post Comment widget cannot send comments
  • Tweak: Add P and Script Tag to Allowed Tag HTML
  • Tweak: Add Notice Banner

2.5.4 – 20-10-2022

  • Tweak: Remove Magnific Popup library files
  • Tweak: Remove Bootstrap-Iconpicker library and use jeg-iconpicker instead

2.5.3 – 18-10-2022

  • Improvement: Update Font Awesome library to v6.2.0
  • Improvement: Update wp-color-picker-alpha library to v3.0.2
  • Improvement: Update vex library to v4.1.0
  • Improvement: Update Search, Team, and Video Button widgets due to library update
  • Fix: Sticky Elements not working on first config
  • Tweak: Add Template Tag to Allowed Tag HTML
  • Tweak: Remove Microplugin and Sifter library
  • Tweak: Remove Magnific Popup library

2.5.2 – 13-10-2022

  • Improvement: Disable click for body content in Accordion widget
  • Improvement: Remove unused file
  • Improvement: Prevent adding script without enqueue wp functions

2.5.1 – 09-10-2022

  • Improvement: Update Notiflix library to v3.2.5
  • Improvement: Update Bootstrap library to v5.2.2
  • Improvement: Update Selectize library to v0.14.0
  • Fix: Header and Footer Template issue
  • Fix: Data Sanitize, Escape and Validate issue

2.5.0 – 04-10-2022

  • Improvement: Add a Icon Position option for the Icon Box widget
  • Improvement: Update popup label text
  • Improvement: Add Responsive option in Sticky elements
  • Improvement: Add Mute option for youtube videos in Video Button widget
  • Improvement: Add a Description, Button Link, Animation and Transition option in Tabs widget
  • Improvement: Add a more option for Accordion widget
  • Improvement: Add Column Default value for Tablet and Mobile in Post Block widget
  • Improvement: Add Wrap option for Horizontal Layout in Tabs widget
  • Improvement: Update Chart.js library to v3.9.1
  • Fix: Clone template issue
  • Fix: Top position of off-canvas if have Admin Bar in Nav Menu widget and Off-Canvas widget
  • Fix: Jeg Elementor Kit menu issue
  • Fix: Cannot change color of SVG in Tabs widget
  • Fix: Custom CSS issue in Product Carousel widget
  • Fix: Tab Text Alignment not working in Tabs widget
  • Fix: Issue if Elementor not actived
  • Fix: Text Domain issue
  • Fix: Data Sanitize, Escape and Validate issue
  • Fix: Enqueue issue
  • Tweak: Update Gutenverse banner

2.4.4 – 26-07-2022

  • Improvement: Add a self-hosted video option for the Video Button widget
  • Improvement: Add Gap option for next-previous button pagination
  • Improvement: Add show description option for Banner widget
  • Improvement: Add transition duration option for Product Carousel widget
  • Improvement: Add CSS filter option for Image in Team widget
  • Improvement: Add Row Gap option in Countdown widget
  • Improvement: Add Button and Form Fields style option in Post Comment widget
  • Improvement: Add Border Radius option for First and Last Sub Menu Item in Nav Menu widget
  • Improvement: Add Height option for border bottom in Image Box widget
  • Fix: Countdown widget not working in Safari browser
  • Fix: Default style in Fun Fact widget, Image Box widget, and Nav Menu widget
  • Fix: Description color option not working in Image Box widget
  • Fix: Pagination in Post Block widget
  • Fix: Gallery widget issue
  • Fix: Description default style issue in Image Box widget
  • Fix: Elementor Frontend CSS Enqueue issue in template
  • Fix: Disabled Next Prev style issue
  • Tweak: Render Content Backend on Preview
  • Tweak: Change justify content and align items default options in Fun Fact widget
  • Tweak: Change Gutenverse banner position in dashboard template
  • Tweak: Add new condition for template

2.4.3 – 13-06-2022

  • Improvement: Add Product Category option on Product Grid widget
  • Improvement: Add Extra Sub Menu Position option and Margin style option on Nav Menu widget
  • Improvement: Add Border style option for normal, hover, and active section in Nav Menu widget
  • Improvement: Add Icon/Image Position option for Image Box widget and Fun Fact widget
  • Improvement: Add Padding Thumbnail option on Product Categories widget
  • Fix: Product Title Color option not working on Product Grid widget
  • Fix: Product Category option not working on Product Carousel widget
  • Fix: Row Gap option in Product Grid widget cannot be set to 0
  • Fix: Glass Blur Effect options not working
  • Fix: Width menu issue in mobile if have margin set
  • Fix: Text domain for translation
  • Fix: Pagination for Product Grid widget
  • Fix: Price element word spacing
  • Tweak: Add class selector for Jeg Elementor Kit menu
  • Tweak: Update Element Icons
  • Tweak: Add shortcode renderer for post content
  • Tweak: Set default value for Banner widget
  • Tweak: Add Forum menu in Jeg Elementor Kit menu
  • Tweak: Add Gutenverse Banner in Jeg Elementor Kit Dashboard
  • Tweak: Add custom plugin notice update

2.4.2 – 14-04-2022

  • Improvement: Add Line Break feature for Description on Icon Box widget
  • Improvment: Add hover option for button on product block
  • Improvment: Add background and hover option for image on product block
  • Fix: Link URL cannot clicked on Accordion widget
  • Fix: Some Typography option on Product Categories widget not working
  • Fix: Product Grid widget Column issue
  • Fix: Product Grid widget Ajax Pagination issue
  • Fix: Badge onsale width cannot set to 0
  • Fix: Nav Menu Widget direction and position issue

2.4.1 – 05-04-2022

  • Improvement: Add vertical display for Nav Menu widget
  • Improvement: Separate content Padding in Banner widget
  • Fix: Transform element issue
  • Fix: Position of social icons on dashboard
  • Fix: Nav Menu widget conflict with Glass Blur Effect options
  • Fix: Off-Canvas widget back to top after clicked when use sticky elements
  • Fix: Cannot read properties of undefined issue
  • Fix: Some pagination options not showing
  • Fix: Custom Post Type filter not working
  • Fix: Icon Position option from Banner widget not working
  • Tweak: Icon size at Navigator Elementor Editor

2.4.0 – 07-03-2022

  • Add New Widget: Product Grid, Product Carousel, Product Categories, and Banner
  • Improvement: Update dashboard
  • Improvement: Add Next Prev for Pagination elements
  • Fix: Cannot read properties of undefined issue
  • Fix: Testimonials responsive issue

2.3.2 – 04-02-2022

  • Improvement: Add hooks filter for remove form control
  • Fix: Link URL in Content Description Accordion Widget
  • Fix: Bootstrap conflict with Formidable Forms plugin and Bookly plugin
  • Fix: Mobile menu logo width issue
  • Fix: Pagination issue

2.3.1 – 10-01-2022

  • Improvement: Multi Control Name Filter in the Gallery widget
  • Improvement: Increase max-width Logo in the Nav Menu widget
  • Fix: Remove profile image placeholder on Testimonials widget
  • Fix: Conflict transform setting with Elementor 3.5.0
  • Fix: Sticky Element in Elementor not Working

2.3.0 – 10-12-2021

  • New Feature: Custom 404 Template
  • Improvement: Set collapse as default for accordion element on the plugin setting
  • Improvement: Set Dummy data for empty data in the Post Terms widget
  • Improvement: Add image margin option on the Post List Widget
  • Fix: Burger Menu issue
  • Fix: Sticky Element with fixed position issue

2.2.1 – 24-11-2021

  • Improvement: Close Burger Menu when a link to the HTML ID attribute
  • Fix: Image Box Description cannot use HTML

2.2.0 – 03-11-2021

  • Add New Widget: Post Content
  • Fix: Sticky Element for Header and Footer Template

2.1.0 – 19-10-2021

  • New Feature: Global Style options
  • Add New Widget: Sticky Element on Advanced Section and Column
  • Fix: Post Block and Post List filter issue
  • Fix: Fix icon issue in Elementor editor

2.0.1 – 21-09-2021

  • Fix: Header and Footer conditions issue
  • Fix: Empty responsive value in Client Logo and Testimonials widget
  • Fix: Mailchimp subscribe issue
  • Fix: Bootstrap conflict with Gravity Forms plugin

2.0.0 – 13-09-2021

  • New Feature: Header and Footer Template
  • Improvement: Additional Custom Breakpoints support
  • Improvement: Add border radius for Sub Menu Item in Nav Menu
  • Fix: padding sub menu in nav menu

1.11.3 – 23-08-2021

  • Fix: Animated text UTF8 characters splitting
  • Fix: Typography issue in post block, category list, post terms, team, and nav menu
  • Fix: Typography gradient color in post title

1.11.2 – 02-08-2021

  • Fix: Remove unnecessary stop button in client logo widget

1.11.1 – 31-07-2021

  • Improvement: Update logo assets

1.11.0 – 21-07-2021

  • Add New Widget: Feature List

1.10.2 – 05-07-2021

  • Improvement: Add border style in menu item

1.10.1 – 02-07-2021

  • Improvement: Add form style option in search widget

1.10.0 – 23-06-2021

  • Add new widget: Dual Button and Search
  • Fix team popup overflow on tablet and mobile

1.9.0 – 18-06-2021

  • Add new feature: Enable / disable elements option
  • Improvement: Change deprecated function for Elementor 3.2.0 or later
  • Improvement: Add equal height option in image box widget
  • Improvement: Add icon shape and global color in social share widget
  • Improvement: Add background overlay on post block widget

1.8.3 – 12-05-2021

  • Fix bootstrap modal conflict
  • Fix animated text line height
  • Improvement: Add tabs widget title box alignment

1.8.2 – 03-05-2021

  • Fix heading title center alignment

1.8.1 – 30-04-2021

  • Fix inline style mailchimp form and button width

1.8.0 – 30-04-2021

  • Add new widget: Tabs
  • Improvement: Add title inline background option in heading widget
  • Fix inline style mailchimp button width
  • Fix SVG icon

1.7.0 – 23-04-2021

  • Add new widget: Off Canvas
  • Improvement: Elementor tested up to: 3.2.1

1.6.2 – 21-04-2021

  • Improvement: Change rotate transform CSS to avoid conflict with entrance animation

1.6.1 – 20-04-2021

  • Improvement: Add tooltip background color option to the progress bar
  • Improvement: Add switch color and background color option to the progress bar with switch style
  • Improvement: Add stripe color option to the progress bar with stripe style
  • Improvement: Add icon style option to the progress bar with inner content style

1.6.0 – 16-04-2021

  • Add new widget: Social Share
  • Fix custom css on Elementor editor
  • Fix dashboard javascript error

1.5.0 – 09-04-2021

  • Add single post widget: Post Title, Post Feature Image, Post Comment, Post Terms, Post Excerpt, Post Date, and Post Author
  • Improvement: Add new style to team widget
  • Fix mailchimp form submit error
  • Fix deprecation warning php 8

1.4.5 – 31-03-2021

  • Improvement: Add responsive style pie chart size

1.4.4 – 29-03-2021

  • Improvement: Icon box button hover style
  • Fix pie chart size
  • Fix pie chart content z-index

1.4.3 – 24-03-2021

  • Improvement: Adjust mailchimp responsive style
  • Improvement: Add mailchimp message typography

1.4.2 – 24-03-2021

  • Fix active menu item background
  • Fix not full active sub menu background
  • Fix double nav menu indicator icon in elementor editor

1.4.1 – 23-03-2021

  • Fix category style post block widget type 3 on pagination load
  • Fix icon style icon box widget

1.4.0 – 19-03-2021

  • Add new widget: Heading
  • Improvement: Add related post option to Post Block and Post List widgets
  • Improvement: Add no content style setting to Post Block and Post List widgets

1.3.1 – 18-03-2021

  • Fix post block and list pagination

1.3.0 – 17-03-2021

  • Add new widgets: Category List and Mailchimp
  • Improvement: Change button color to gradient background option
  • Improvement: Add gradient icon to icon box widget
  • Fix wrong add control stack st_css_custom notice
  • Fix icon box with global link style
  • Fix icon box icon margin option

1.2.0 – 12-03-2021

  • Improvement: Filter params to ajax post
  • Add new widgets: Countdown, Button, Video Button, and Post List
  • Add glass blur effect on advanced style

1.1.5 – 10-03-2021

  • Improvement: Add no icon option fun fact widget
  • Improvement: Add hamburger and icon size option navigation menu widget
  • Improvement: Remove pagination when not in use
  • Fix load more gallery widget
  • Fix broken link gallery widget
  • Fix image width and height post block widget
  • Fix image height gallery widget
  • Fix post block title link

1.1.4 – 04-03-2021

  • Improvement: Use built JS files

1.1.3 – 03-03-2021

  • Fix current menu style, navigation menu widget

1.1.2 – 03-03-2021

  • Fix element icons not show on light mode editor
  • Fix accordion white background
  • Improvement: Add no icon option icon box
  • Improvement: Add hover animation on fun fact and image box
  • Improvement: Add icon post block meta
  • Improvement: Add category position option on postblock style 3
  • Improvement: Use locale number format on fun fact

1.1.1 – 01-03-2021

  • Add global rotate option
  • Fix team widget style option

1.1.0 – 18-02-2021

  • Add new widgets: Team, Pie Chart, Portfolio Gallery, Image Box, and Animated Text
  • Add new font icons
  • Fix syntax error on PHP 7.2 or below
  • Fix CSS Box
  • Improvement: Use tab on widget style settings

1.0.0 – 18-01-2021

  • Initial Release