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JotUrl Link Shortener


The JotUrl plugin for WordPress provides you with the best way to turn any of your WordPress posts and pages into a powerful short branded link, you can then leverage to:

  • Increase your CTR (up to 200%) on content you share on your channels, build more link Trust, increase your brand awareness, with branded links

  • Identify where clicks come from, understand your customer journey, track your paid acquisition and optimize your marketing performance, by using UTM tags and the UTM campaigns manager

  • Increase CR on your content and/or acquire new leads with third-party content, with customizable Call-To-Actions

  • Find the most qualified leads at the lowest cost, optimize your Advertising costs, create a super-profiled audience, by mean of Retargeting pixels

  • Identify which channels, products and content generate the most value, attribute conversions and much more, thanks to in-built Conversion tracking

  • Redirect users where you are most likely to convert them, via Link Rotators, A/B testing, Targeting (available within JotUrl)

  • Optimize your Instagram traffic and increase the UX of your followers (available within JotUrl)

  • Engage new customers, create direct relationships with them by starting a Whatsapp chat from a link (available within JotUrl)

  • Optimize your mobile marketing: up to + 70% downloads, + 50% in-app conversions, + 40% in-app time and higher LTV, thanks to Deep linking (available within JotUrl)

  • And much more…

Download the WordPress plugin now and automatically turn any of your posts and pages into the most powerful short (branded) links ever.

More info at:


  1. Install via the built-in WordPress plugin installer. Or download and unzip the zip file inside the plugins directory for your site (typically wp-content/plugins/)
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ admin menu in WordPress


29 de julio de 2019
Been more than half a year with JotURl. What can I say about them? They're like a partner in a marriage. You just love them too much that you decided to marry them! (In my case, long time client) I'm ecstatic that they made a wordpress plugin! So Excited, that I think I'm the first one to try and use it! No problems whatsoever and as usual of JotUrl, they deliver the quality!! Thank you again for this wonderful plugin and amazing support JotUrl team provide 🙂
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