kk Star Ratings


kk Star Ratings is a widely used star rating plugin for wordpress. Here are some highlighted features:

  • User defined amount of star ratings (5 as default) in your posts, pages and publicly accesible custom post types.

  • Structured data supporting google rich snippets showing the star ratings in search results which has the potential to drive more traffic to your website.

  • Widespread coverage of custom hooks.

  • Full control via options page. You can,

    • Enable or disable globally.

    • Disable star ratings in posts that belong to certain categories.

    • Choose where to show the star ratings. It can be on the homepage, in archives, in posts, in pages and/or in custom post types.

    • Control the structured data schema and type.

    • Restrict votings per unique ip.

    • Allow voting in archives.

    • Allow guests to vote.

    • Customize position within the post content.

    • Adjust the number of stars.

    • Adjust the amount of stars.

    • Adjust the colors of the stars.

  • And much more…


  • Appearance


  1. Extract the plugin zip file.
  2. Upload/move the folder kk-star-ratings to the wp-content/plugins directory.
  3. Activate the plugin via the wordpress plugins dashboard page.
  4. Adjust the plugin options under the kk Star Ratings menu in wp-admin.

Preguntas frecuentes

What should I do if structured data do not show in search result pages.

Please have patience as we have no control over how google or any search engine indexes your pages. It might take some days or even weeks for the robots to crawl the ratings.

I have been using a verion of this plugin prior to v3. Is it safe for me to update?

All previous ratings and options will be preserved. However, since v3 has been renewed from scratch, we do not support downgrading to v2 after upgrading to v3.

I found a bug or want to contribute.

The source of this plugin is located at Github. Feel free to post an issue or submit a pull request.


18 de septiembre de 2019
Plugin Rating Bintang WP terbaik dan work 100% untuk tayang di schema google namun perlu sedikit edit, sangat mudah karena di sediakan fasilitas secara mudah.
12 de septiembre de 2019
The use of the plugin is still good, but the former design was much nicer and a good additional contribution to a nice website design. Now with the new design the contribution to a nice website design is questionable and makes one think about taking the stars offline. Another problem is that the new design has other dimensions then the former one. So on the many pages and locations within the pages where I had placed the stars manually (for ex. in widgets or within text areas), they now appear out of place, not centered, etc. making pages even look worse. I would have to edit all affected posts and pages where the stars are placed manually, which is like impossible in the short run. Also the update was not working in a smooth way. Automatically - without active consent - the option to place the stars on all sites was activated. Also this didn't work well on my site, so suddenly stars were appearing all over my site, destroying the site design. Luckily I found the reason - in the options I had to manually deactivate places where I didn't want the stars to appear. But in order to prevent this to happen, the placement on all pages shouldn't be done without plugin users consent and also it should work more reliably without possibly destroying site designs.
6 de septiembre de 2019
For info: functionality doesn't work for guests, for admin only. But the main shit - after deactivating. I didn't check exactly what does it print and rewright in files. But i had to spend too much time to retrieve my recourse. It was totally destroyed.
4 de septiembre de 2019
He instalado la última versión y no funciona. NO permite saltarse el paso de "freemius"... hay que crear una cuenta si o si!
21 de agosto de 2019
I accidently upgraded the plugin to v3 already knowing its new design was bad (from many comments I read). What a shame. Can we have the old design back please? Or at least let us custom the design. A great plugin anyway. I give 5 stars when design it improved.
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Registro de cambios


**Fixed **
– GitHub PR #84: Voting is now disabled on the current page when unique IP is enforced.

– GitHub PR #83: Trim extra spacing in the legend.


– Bottom margin added when bottom position in effect.
– Ability to reset ratings for individual posts/pages.
– Enable/disable star ratings for individual posts/pages.
– Take manual control of the auto embedded markup to avoid duplication when using in a template.

– Markup is now hidden under AMP.
– Assets are now enqueued when manually/forcefully loading the markup via template function.

– Default colors have been updated.
– Default size is now 22px instead of 24px.
– Structured data now uses ratingCount instead of reviewCount.

– Nothing

– Nothing

– Nothing


– Optionally allow guests to vote.
– Ratings can also be included in publicly accessible custom posts.

– Google rich snippets.
– AJAX call on every load causing high CPU usage.

– Stars are now based on svg.
– Appearance has been simplified.
– Html based structured data has been replaced by json based structured data.
– kk_star_ratings_get function no longer includes the post_title key.

– Labels have been removed.
– Top posts widget has been removed in favor of a future addon.
– Admin table colum has been removed in favor of a future addon.

– Nothing

– Nothing