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Weather Station


Weather Station es un plugin que te permite mostrar, en tu sitio WordPress, datos meteorológicos de estaciones meteorológicas a las cuales tienes acceso. Es completamente compatible con varios modelos de estaciones meteorológicas y de servicios gratuitos o de pago
¡Ya sea que seas propietario de una estación meteorológica o no, puedes disfrutar del poder de Weather Station!

Puedes encontrar varias demostraciones y documentación en el sitio web oficial.

Simple y eficiente

The use of Weather Station requires no knowledge in programming and does not requires writing code.
Just set it, insert (in a page or an article) the provided shortcodes. And it works!

¿Cómo funciona?

Una vez que hayas conectado el plugin a tus estaciones meteorológicas (a través del escritorio de tu sitio WordPress), los datos a los cuales tienes acceso serán recogidos regularmente y almacenados en la base de datos de tu sitio WordPress.
Ahora los diversos controles y visores obtendrán sus datos desde esta base de datos con la certeza de tener información fresca y cacheada.

Para ver todos los widgets disponibles, controles y visores, por favor revisa la siguiente demostración en vivo.

Supported devices & services

Weather Station supports:

  • las estaciones BloomSky (Sky1, Sky2 y Storm)
  • la estación Netatmo (todos los módulos)
  • the Netatmo Healthy Home Coach
  • las estaciones de viento Pioupiou (V1 y V2)
  • la estación WeatherFlow (módulos Sky y Air)
  • todas las estaciones publicadas en la red de Ambient Weather
  • all stations published on WeatherLink Network
  • all stations supported by softwares like Cumulus, Weather Display, WeeWX, etc. (so, yes, stations from Davis, La Crosse, Oregon Scientific, RainWise, etc. are supported)
  • all stations supported by softwares like WeatherLink, WsWin32, MeteoBridge (with stickertags export)
  • toda la geolocalizaciòn de OpenWeatherMap

Si quieres, Weather Station puede enviar los datos del exterior a los siguientes servicios:


Puedes encontrar una descripción en mayor profundidad e instrucciones para configurar en el manual.


This plugin is free and provided without warranty of any kind. Use it at your own risk, I’m not responsible for any improper use of this plugin, nor for any damage it might cause to your site. Always backup all your data before installing a new plugin.

Anyway, I’ll be glad to help you if you encounter issues when using this plugin. Just use the support section of this plugin page.


Si te gusta este plugin o lo encuentras útil y quieres agradecerme por el trabajo realizado, considera hacer una donación a La Quadrature Du Net que es un grupo abocado a defender los derechos y libertades de los ciudadanos en Internet. Apoyándolos, ayudas a las acciones diarias que realizan para defender nuestras libertades fundamentales.


Desde el escritorio de tu WordPress

  1. Visita ‘Plugins > Añadir nuevo’.
  2. Search for ‘Weather Station’.
  3. Haz clic en el botón ‘Instalar ahora’.
  4. Activate Weather Station.


  1. Download Weather Station.
  2. Sube la carpeta live-weather-station a tu carpeta/wp-content/plugins/ usando tu método favorito (ftp, sftp, scp, etc…).
  3. Activate Weather Station from your Plugins page.

Una vez activado

  1. Visit ‘Weather Station’ in the left-hand menu of your WP Admin to adjust settings.
  2. ¡Disfrútalo!


What are the requirements for this plugin to work?

Necesitas WordPress 4.9 y al menos PHP 7.1. Mira los requerimientos completos.

¿Este plugin funciona en un multisitio?

Yes. You can install it via the network admin plugins page but the plugin must not be «Network Activated», instead you must activate it on a site by site basis.

¿Dónde puedo obtener soporte?

Support is provided via the official Community Support.

¿Dónde puedo encontrar documentación?

Puedes encontrar instrucciones aquí.

¿Dónde puedo informar de un fallo?

Puedes informar de fallos y sugerir ideas a través del soporte oficial de la comunidad.


7 de mayo de 2022
Ни одной станции и карты добавить не удалось ни с одного ресурса! Разработчик, похоже, бросил поддержку проекта.
6 de marzo de 2022
Purchased a Tempest weather station for our business, which is short term rental management. We wanted to offer to our clients local weather, especially during our winter season. Tempest has decent software, but it's not all that user friendly in terms of availability from a Word Press site. I wondered why they did not off it and now I know, they point their clients to this plug-in. I installed Weather station plug-in and within a few hours, had it up and running. It took me a bit to figure out how to configure it. In terms of how it worked, it exceeded my expectations. There are so may ways to display real time data, historical data, and calculated data values. This first pass was just to get an idea of how it works, but I can see myself building this out more over time. The result is excellent and it looks good on a cell phone. 25 years ago, I installed over 150 weather stations worldwide at industrial sites with full data acquisition for $1000's of dollars. What the Tempest provides in conjuction with this software is every bit as good as those towers. I am speaking from a personal acquisition, not sure how the Tempest would hold up on the industrial environments of chemical plants. The Tempest being solid state with solar charging is a bonus to, set it up and forget about it. Needless to say, I'm excited about having this plug-in to work with and evolve over time.
30 de junio de 2021
Love this Plugin - well thought through and great features. If only it worked "with all stations on Ambient Weather" as claimed like the WS-5000 and a few others. It doesn't and that plus being ignored for help, it wins a Two Star rating. Requests for tech help on forum and direct messaging to developer has gone unanswered (not even a simple "I'll take a look at it"). Don't want to hear about "I've got a job and a life"... yeah, we all do. Just let your users know you are interested. Because I know how much work goes into creating these types of plugins, I was going to make a nice donation for 5 stars because free stuff should be supported well for the hard work. Great job, but you fell way short on support. New Ambient station users: move on, you'll get frustrated.
11 de mayo de 2021 1 respuesta
J'utilise ce plugin pour retranscrire les données de ma station personnelle Vantage Vue. Le plugin utilise le fichier realtime.txt généré par Cumulus MX. Tout fonctionne très bien, je suis très contente. Merci.
19 de abril de 2021
Pulls the wrong outdoor temperature from Ambient weather if you have any additional sensors (like the temp/hum one). I posted on the support forum weeks ago and it got ignored so, it doesn't work at all. 'tempf' is the right one from JSON and reports correctly, no idea what WS3 is pulling.
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