Local Delivery Drivers for WooCommerce


* The video and images include premium features.

Improve the way you deliver, manage drivers, assign drivers to orders, send WhatsApp, SMS and email notifications, routes planning, navigation & more!


The Local Delivery Drivers for WooCommerce plugin let you assign delivery drivers to orders and lets delivery drivers manage their deliveries with a mobile-friendly panel.


This plugin creates a new delivery driver user role. Once the delivery driver has been created, you can update his work availability and assign him to orders.


Admin can assign delivery drivers to orders on the admin order page.
When the driver is assigned to order, the status change to «Driver assigned» automatically.


This plugin creates three new order statuses to manage the delivery process.

  • Driver assigned status – The delivery driver was assigned to order.
  • Failed Delivery attempt status – The delivery driver attempted to deliver but failed.
  • Out for delivery status – The delivery driver is about to deliver the shipment.


All delivery actions saved on order notes.


This plugin has an app-like experience for delivery drivers to manage all their deliveries from their mobile phones.
The delivery drivers can add it to their mobile homepage for easy access.

  • The panel has a screen for each order status with easy access for all screens.
  • The delivery panel comes with the following screens: homepage, login, forgot password, dashboard, Assign to the driver, Out for delivery, Order, Failed delivery, Delivered, and more.
  • On the dashboard screen, the delivery drivers can update their availability for work and view each order statuses’ total.
  • In the Driver assigned screen, the delivery drivers can view all their assigned orders and update their status to out for delivery.
  • In the out for delivery screen, the delivery drivers can view all the deliveries on their route.
  • In the Failed delivery screen, the delivery drivers can view all their failed delivery orders.
  • On the delivered screen, the delivery driver can view all their delivered orders from today, yesterday, this month, and last month.


  • The delivery driver can see all the order details, including billing address, shipping address, items, comments, and more.
  • The delivery drivers can easily update the orders’ status to delivered or to failed attempts and leave comments on orders.
  • The delivery driver can quickly call the customer or the dispatch center.


Any delivery service can use the Local Delivery Drivers for WooCommerce plugin.
For example:

  • Flowers
  • Restaurants / Food-delivery services
  • Printer Ink
  • Clothing delivery services
  • Alcohol delivery services
  • Grocery Stores
  • Cannabis / Medical Marijuana
  • Cleaning Services
  • Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services
  • Anything else


Check out the Local Delivery Drivers for WooCommerce Premium plugin.
The premium plugin includes the following additional features:


Let your customers track their deliveries.

  • Map – The customers can see their home address, store address, and the driver’s location on a map.
  • Estimate time of arrival – The customers can see when the delivery will arrive.
  • Driver details – The customers can see the driver’s image, name, and vehicle details.
  • Call the Driver – The customers can call the driver.


The dashboard lets you have a better view of all your drivers and orders.
Dashboard includes:

  • How many orders each driver has in each status.
  • How many orders don’t have a driver.
  • How many orders are ready to claim.
  • List of all your active drivers, availability, and claim permissions all statuses can be updated in one click.


You can filters orders by orders with drivers, orders without drivers, and each driver’s orders.


On the admin users screen, you can view all your drivers’ info, who is active, available, and have claim permission. each status can be updated easily with one click.


  • Bulk assign delivery drivers to orders on the admin panel.
  • Auto-assign available delivery drivers to orders.
  • Delivery drivers can claim orders that in process status.


The delivery driver can plan his route and navigate to his destination.

  • Optimize route by distance – Delivery Drivers can optimize their routes by distance and get a short path to the destination.
  • Plan route manually – Delivery drivers can plan their route manually to get the best route they want.
  • Navigation with Waze, Apple Maps, and Google Maps.
  • Travel Modes in Directions – Driving, Walking, Bicycling, Transit.
  • Next delivery – Once Delivery drivers complete their delivery, they can easily navigate to the next destination in their route.


With this feature, delivery drivers can easily add notes to orders.


  • Signature – The driver can sign the customer as a proof of delivery.
  • Photo – The driver can take a photo as proof of delivery.


The customer can see the driver’s details and the proof of delivery in his emails and in the order page in his account.

  • Estimated time of arrival.
  • Driver details – The customer gets the driver’s name and photo.
  • Call the driver – The customer can easily call the driver.
  • Driver vehicle details – The customer gets the vehicle type, and license number.
  • Signature – The customer can see his signature.
  • Proof of delivery – The customer can see the photo that the driver took.


Delivery drivers can see their deliveries commissions, and the admin has a full drivers’ commission report sorting by dates.


The branding feature lets you add your logo, text, and colors to the driver’s panel.


This great feature lets you add order text custom fields to the driver’s panel from third-party plugins delivery slots, etc..


The plugin support multivendor plugins like dokan, wcfm and wcmp.
The drivers can see the vendors pickup addresses, call and navigate to their locations.


Delivery drivers and customers are notified by WhatsApp, emails and SMS,
WhatsApp and SMS notifications are sending with the Twilio SMS provider.

  • WhatsApp / SMS to the delivery driver when a new order is assigned.
  • WhatsApp / SMS to the customer when the order is out for delivery.
  • Email to the delivery driver when a new order is assigned.
  • Email to the customer when the order is out for delivery and on the failed delivery attempt.
  • Email to the vendor when a new driver has been assigned to his order.
  • Email to the admin when a new driver has been claimed an order.


Delivery drivers can apply to become a delivery driver.


More specific orders notes with users names and more.


On each order, the admin can write a note for the driver, the note will be shown on the driver’s panel.

SVG created by fontawesome – www.fontawesome.com
Design vector created by freepik – www.freepik.com


  • Premium - Delivery Drivers Mobile-Friendly Welcome & Dashboard pages.
  • Premium - Delivery Drivers Mobile-Friendly Planing Route & Route pages.
  • Premium - Delivery Drivers Mobile-Friendly Order page.
  • Premium - Delivery Drivers Mobile-Friendly Delivered & Next Delivery pages.
  • Premium - Admin Drivers Dashboard.
  • Premium - Admin Drivers Users.
  • Premium - Drivers Commissions.
  • Premium - Proof of delivery - Signature.
  • Premium - Proof of delivery - Photo.
  • Premium - Drivers details.
  • Premium - Admin drivers routes map.
  • Premium - Delivery tracking.


  1. Make a backup of your website and database
  2. Download the plugin
  3. Upload the plugin to the wp-content/plugins directory,
  4. Go to «plugins» in your WordPress admin, then click activate.
  5. You will now see the Delivery Driver option on your left navigation bar.

Store address
Before you get started, make sure that your store address is setting up correctly.
1. Click on the WooCommerce link at the left menu.
2. Click on settings.
3. Set up your Store Address.


How to Create a New Driver?

  1. Go to «users» in your WordPress admin.
  2. Click on add new user.
  3. Set first name, last name, email, password.
  4. Choose the Delivery Driver Role.
  5. Click on the Add New User button.
  6. On the user page, set Driver Phone Number and Country.
  7. Click on the Update User button.

Do I need any technical knowledge to use this plugin

Not at all. This plugin is straightforward to use.


19 de enero de 2022
La instale en mi sitio para probarla y ver su funcionamiento, una vez instalada, no pude hacer nada mas que dar de alta al repartidor y nada mas, todas las funciones estan bloqueadas a la espera de comprar el plugin, asigne un pedido al repartidor creado y nunca me aparecio en el dashboard, en pocas palabras, descargar el plugin en su formato gratuito no te sirve de nada puesto que no te da la opcion de probarlo con todas las funciones pro, acabo desistalandolo por ser un complemento inutil en mi sitio
18 de enero de 2022
Great plugin. It does exactly as it's advertised. However, there is room for improvement & it also has to do with a recent email from me to them with a detailed explanation/question on a functionality that would be incredbile to have .. instead, they replied "not possible on this plugin"... it would have been nice to say "wow, cool, we'll implement this or, thus my 4*. In any case. It's good for what it's worth at this time.
2 de julio de 2021
This plugin is phenomenal if you have a drivers you want to work with to deliver orders made on your website, it's easy, very user friendly, easy to navigate, and convenient.
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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

«Local Delivery Drivers for WooCommerce» es un software de código abierto. Las siguientes personas han colaborado con este plugin.


Registro de cambios


  • Initial release.


  • Fix: Customer phone number button.


  • Fix: Improved CSS.


  • Fix: Improved delivery driver panel.


  • Fix: Improved delivery driver panel.


  • Fix: The delivery process has been improved.
  • Add: A new order status called «Driver assigned» has been added, all the drivers assigned orders will be in this status.
  • Add: When the driver is assigned to order, the status change to «Driver assigned» automatically.
  • Fix: All security alerts have been updated to be more clear.
  • Add: A notice for not using both admin and driver panels in the same browser on the same device has been added.
  • Add: The customer name has been added to all orders screen on the driver panel.
  • Add: Premium – Orders filters.
  • Fix: Premium – Orders’ notes have been improved to be more specifics.
  • Add: Premium – New Dashboard screen has been added to the plugin menu.
  • Add: Premium – How many orders each driver has in each status.
  • Add: Premium – How many orders don’t have a driver.
  • Add: Premium – How many orders are ready to claim.
  • Add: Premium – List of all your active drivers, availability, and claim permissions all statuses can be updated in one click.
  • Add: Premium – Admin users screen with drivers statuses updates in one click.


  • Fix: Order status automatically changes to «driver assigned» only when a driver has been assigned to order that in processing status.
  • Fix: Drivers panel screen titles by current status names.
  • Fix: Drivers panel gets the site favicon if exist.
  • Fix: Premium – Distance unit system by country.
  • Add: Premium – Navigation with Waze, apple maps, and google maps.
  • Add: Premium – Drivers Panel Branding – Add your logo and colors.
  • Add: Premium – Custom Fields – Add custom fields to the delivery panel from third-party plugins.
  • Add: Premium – Drivers Commissions.
  • Add: Premium – Drivers notes added to emails.


  • Fix: Texts.
  • Fix: Assign a driver edit permission.
  • Fix: Style.
  • Fix: Driver display name.


  • Fix: UTF-8.
  • Fix: Texts.
  • Fix: Shipping address format.


  • Fix: Driver panel UI.
  • Fix: Images lazyload.
  • Fix: Map address.
  • Fix: Texts.
  • Add: Texts.
  • Add: Premium – Proof of Delivery – signature
  • Add: Premium – Proof of Delivery – photo
  • Add: Premium – Customer order page – drivers details + call the driver
  • Add: Premium – Customer emails – drivers details + call the driver
  • Add: Premium – Drivers photo, veichel type, license number.


  • Fix: Driver upload photo button.


  • Fix: Driver delivered notes.


  • Fix: Drivers roles query.
  • Fix: Words.
  • Add: languages: Spanish, French, Hebrew.
  • Add: RTL support.
  • Add: When the driver logs out he becomes unavailable for work.
  • Fix: Premium – Custom fields.
  • Fix: Premium – Routes.
  • Add: Premium – Admin drivers routes map.


  • Fix: Bug in tracking class.


  • Fix: Drivers colors in the admin map.


  • Fix: Bug in admin reports.


  • Fix: Texts updated.
  • Add: New texts have been added.
  • Add: Support for brazil checkout fields plugin.
  • Add: Support for chile states plugin.
  • Add: Driver settings page in the drivers’ panel.
  • Fix: Premium – Driver application form option.
  • Add: Premium – Start delivery button that sends a notification to the customer that his delivery has been started and ETA.
  • Add: Premium – Auto-assign method: 1. Equally according to the number of orders each driver has 2.Unevenly in the following order: zip code, city, state, country, and the number of orders each driver has.
  • Add: Premium – Drivers can set their Transportation Mode and Navigation APP.
  • Add: Premium – Driver can see the order details from the claim orders screen.
  • Add: Premium – Pickup info: call option and navigate on the driver panel order page.


  • Add: Driver page name has been changed for new installations.
  • Fix: Local Dates.
  • Fix: Order Numbers.
  • Fix: Premium – Orders that have a local pickup or virtual products are blocked from auto-assign and claim orders.
  • Fix: Premium – We split the plan route button into two buttons, one for optimizing route and one for manually.
  • Add: Premium – Enable drivers info to customers on email and order page.
  • Add: Premium – Vendor Pickup address, phone and navigation on the driver panel for dokan, wcfm and wcmp plugins.
  • Add: Premium – Disable auto assign drivers option for shipping method.
  • Add: Premium – Bulk update status to out for delivery.


  • Fix: Update user options for the driver role.
  • Fix: is_virtual function bug.
  • Fix: wordpress version 5.7 php notices.


  • Add: Filters and actions.
  • Add: Add-ons support.


  • Fix: Currency Format.
  • Fix: Payment method title.
  • Add: Customer email to the customer info on the driver panel.
  • Add: 2 google API keys for application restrictions.


  • Fix: Route address.
  • Dev: The function lddfw_format_address has been modified and removed from the store class.
  • Add: Add Weight on the driver order page.
  • Add: Add Product metadata on the order page.
  • Add: Premium – Driver can change origin and destination on route.
  • Tweak: Premium – New custom pages on the driver panel.  
  • Tweak: Premium – New Commission – distance-based pricing.
  • Tweak: Premium – Enable auto-assigns and claim orders options for orders that contain virtual items.
  • Tweak: Premium – New Settings: Driver permission, show and hide prices, order products, commission on the driver panel.


  • Fix: Premium – round commission.
  • Fix: Premium – texts.
  • Fix: Hide costs from order page.


  • Fix: Premium – route error.


  • Add: Texts.
  • Fix: Improve query performance.
  • Fix: Improve code quality.
  • Fix: PHP Notices.
  • Fix: Freemius SDK for add-ons.
  • Fix: WordPress coding standards.
  • Add: Premium – New custom field section – order pickup.  
  • Add: Premium – Route address statues.
  • Tweak: Premium – Multisite network support.
  • Tweak: Premium – New email notifications: email to the vendor when a delivery driver has been assigned to order.
  • Tweak: Premium – New email notifications: email to the admin when a new driver has been claimed order.


  • Fix: virtual products error.
  • Fix: Style.
  • Tweak: Improving plugin speed performance with a new sync table.


  • Fix: Lazyload for iframe.
  • Fix: Translation words.
  • Add: WordPress 5.8 support.
  • Add: Premium – Coordinates support for routes.


  • Add: Premium notice.


  • Tweak: Premium – Product details on the delivery drivers panel.
  • Tweak: Premium – WhatsApp notifications with Twilio provider.


  • Tweak: Premium – Driver tracking.
  • Tweak: Premium – Tracking page for customers.
  • Add: Premium – Notes for drivers.
  • Add: Premium – New Claim orders limitation.
  • Add: Premium – New Auto-assign options.
  • Add: Premium – Store, drivers, sellers address coordinates.
  • Add: Premium – New buttons on the drivers panel order page ( claim, unassigned, out for delivery ).
  • Add: Premium – Auto load new orders on the drivers panel assigned to driver page.
  • Add: Russian language.
  • Add: German language.
  • Add: Italian language.