Freight Integration for Woocommerce & Logistra Cargonizer by WildRobot


Complete freight and transport management for Norwegian e-commerce.


  • Shipping tracking URL in customer emails.
  • Simple setup.
  • Pick from 85 transporters, among Bring, Postnord, HeltHjem, DHL etc.
  • Direct from Woocommerce to Printer.
  • Let customer choose pickup point.
  • Custom shipping method with free delivery, weight control and freight estimation with price surcharge.
  • Support delivery to organizations.
  • Schedule label prints.
  • Schedule data transfers to transporters.
  • Set specific printers and print intervals for individual freight methods.
  • Automatically create return labels.
  • Create return freight from order management.
  • Print picklist on printer with WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packing Slips
  • Override orders that require special handling.
  • Bulk send orders.
  • Bulk print orders.
  • +++



  1. Upload plugin zip file thorugh the WordPress admin interface.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go into Woocommerce -> Settings -> Logistra and input you Logistra API key.
  4. Register billing information to receive a 14 day trail.
  5. Start sending orders from Woocommerce to Logistra either from Orders list (rememver to show actions) or from within the edit-order screen.


14 de octubre de 2020
Super plugin for Logistra, cheaper than other plugins i have use and much better support. Saves us time and money every day.
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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

«Freight Integration for Woocommerce & Logistra Cargonizer by WildRobot» es un software de código abierto. Las siguientes personas han colaborado con este plugin.


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  • ADD Can now also map up shipping methods not handled by other zones.


  • FIX Disabled freight methods will not show in Logistra settings mapping.
  • ADD Electronic invoice product warning labels is now a tag list.
  • FIX Electronic invoice countries properly displays all countries.


  • FIX export settings json parse error


  • FIX Cache problem customer number export settings.


  • FIX Properly deletes all relations.
  • NEW Added DHL Eletronic invoice support.


  • BREAKING Freight method will now use your Woocommerce weight unit when calculating weight on Logistra Robots Freight method. If you use anything but KG for Woocommerce weight, you WILL NEED to change your values in the freight method.


  • FIX Freight method now properly displays what units the weight or currency will be denomitated inn.
  • NEW Possibility too sett free freight if weight is under certain value.


  • FIX Resetting Wildrobot api key


  • ADDED Not sending package dimensions by default. New setting in general settings to turn on/off sending dimesions (width, heigh, lengt) to Cargonizer.
  • ADDED Shows Cargonizer NET estimate in order notes.


  • FIX Not modifying packing slips when picklist not activated.


  • FIX Printer settings errors
  • FIX Error with override dimensions


  • Fix apikey display.


  • BREAKING changes in this update. Will require a migration script to run. Backup your data before upgrading.
  • Added filter for email tracking URL apply_filters(«logistra-robots-freight-track-email-field», $tracking_field, $fields, $sent_to_admin, $order)
  • CHANGED Overide freight now calculates from your woocommerce base dimesion unit and converts this to Logistra dimension unit.
  • ADDED Overide freight possibility to add multiple collies, with their own measurements.
  • CHANGED Billing interface.
  • ADDED Billing possility to add custom montly limit.
  • ADDED Billing possibility to change card.
  • PERFORMANCE Multiple performance enhancements.
  • ADDED New pickuppoint select in checkout. Better compatabilties with themes and can be customized with templates.


  • Fix Return email label to customers.


  • Fix so packing slip style does not interfer with default style when not used for freight print.


  • NEW You can now print picklist on label printer. It will include both a picklist and a QRcode. The QRcode can be scanned with a mobile to fullfill the order
    and thereby create a freight label (Must be configured in settings). Requires the free plugin


  • NEW Added possiblity to set custom order status after processing order delivery.
  • FIX invoice list scroll


  • Added service bring2_personal_delivery


  • NEW Calculate dimensions based on multiple packages.


  • FIX DHL order amount tax


  • NEW Support for Bring priority service.


  • FIX Admin check message, now properly displays only when user missing manage_options capability.


  • NEW Added paid by customer nr as setting on DHL international.


  • Fix for freight estimate caching.


  • Fix payment page.


  • NEW Logistra Robots freight method has setting for setting cost to 0 when users add free freight coupon.
  • NEW Logistra Robots freight method has setting for debugging freight estimatation calculation.
  • NEW Logistra Robots freight method has setting doing volume calculation in freight estimation.
  • FIX Changed weight and volume normalization in freight estimation.
  • NEW Added general option to calculate volume for all shipments connected to orders.


  • Added notification when user does not seem to have admin rights.
  • Fixed style issues.


  • NEW Added consignment consignee filters


  • FIX Possible case where freight estimation remove freight mehod would not actual remove the option on API request fail.

= 3.4.0
* FIX Freight estimation: Removed volume calculation because it will often give wrong results when there is no shipping box calulation.
* CHANGE Add admin email for customer ordered customer returns.


  • FIX Bug where deliveryTerm whould not show updated value in dropdown.


  • FIX Bug when updating freight products


  • FIX Freight estimation – Rouding when tax are applied.
  • FIX Freight estimation caching – New way to generate hash.


  • Fix fallback for orders without country.


  • FIX bug where actual freight relation would not be used if fallback was set.
  • FIX Bug in handle consignee country.
  • NEW International shipping with DHL Express Worldwide. Add delivery terms on deliveries and will automatically add customs value and currency.


  • FIX User defined printer now properly saves its value on the user, not requiering admin rights. Privious connected printers to user will need to be reconnected.


  • NEW Logistra Robots freight method now has feature to estimate freight cost based on API-call for cost estimation.
  • NEW Freight estimation: Add fixed sum to estimated freight cost.
  • NEW Freight estimation: Add % sum to estimated freight cost.
  • NEW Freight estimation: Hide freight methods which could not be estimated.
  • NEW Freight estimation: Round freight cost estimation to nearest 9.


  • FIX Not working fallback in some cases where freight method is set.


  • FIX Better colors on button to see if an order has been shipped.


  • NEW Added logistra-robots-send-order hook that accepts orderId to send orders.
  • FIX Return on orders with services that was not applicable for the return consignment is now fixed.


  • Fix Bug after upgrade in override delivery.


  • NEW Option on deliveries to print return shipping labels automatically when sending orders. Then put that label into package and use if needed.
  • FIX Error for some transport products that required phone number on consignee object.
  • FIX Text inn general settings.
  • NEW Option in print settings to let user set a spesific printer connected to their user for all their deliveries.


  • FIX Parsing of weight integer


  • FIX Parsing of volume integer


  • PERFORMANCE cached transportProducts and printers in client for better performance in concurrent components requst.


  • FIX bug where transport products would not show when having many shipping methods.


  • FIX standard override packages is now 1.
  • PERFORMANCE Return order module.
  • FEATURE If order has freight method, suggest it when overriding.


  • ADD Possibility to use a fallback freight product for orders that dont have freight method etc. Turn it on in settings and congigure the fallback option in freightmethod and freightproduct relation.


  • FIX removed console logging
  • ADD Order defaults (and espcially weight) should now propegate to override order settings.
  • ADD If weight order default found, will suggest it override.
  • PERFORMANCE Optimized ajax request affecting freight method configuration.


  • Fix escape order input that made some order not sendable.


  • Fix error with override and possiblity to override from something without shipping method and service partner.


  • Fix error with error message on send order.


  • Fix printers cache did not update


  • CHANGE filter logistra_robots_parts_cosignee_country now also returns shipping (or billing if shipping does not exist)
  • Removed Phone from consignee so numbers wont turn up twice on labels.


  • FIX Parsing billing order data properly if shipping data is not present.
  • FIX order number display.
  • FIX logic error for overriding pickuppoint.


  • FIX removed text in pickup selecter
  • added translation file
  • FIX where users would not be able to update apikey or sender.
  • FIX incorret display of logistra packages.


  • FIX select printer
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Services connected to your transport settings must be reconfigured.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: Removed support for Woocoomerce older than 2.5, which released in 2016. Shipping zones are here to stay.
  • BREAKING CHANGE filter: logistra_robots_parts_cosignee_country now returns orderId, instead of Order object.
  • Clearer saving in settings
  • Override freight has been recreated with many new options for overriding av specific order.
  • Pickup point selector for cart and checkout has been rewritten.
  • Many improvements to setting page.
  • Booking request now available to set as a service both on freight product relations and in override order.
  • See your account information with Logistra and remaining consignments.
  • Added agreementterms
  • Add addon modules.
  • Addon module, customer return. Let customers create return on their own orders and print labels.
  • Reduced size of js files
  • Supports custom woocommerce weight units.


  • FIX print select


  • Fix texts


  • Fix printer select
  • Fix order buttons


  • Fix customer return


  • FIX DHL format consignment without consignee


  • Upgraded modules.
  • ADD customer return addon.
  • FIX Dont send customer number for guest to Cargonizer.


  • FIX Text in readme.


  • Fixed buttons to woopress admin style


  • FIX volume calculation
  • ADD option to turn on off email tracking. Default ON
  • ADD Hide freight metode over certain treshhold value.
  • ADD option to turn on free freight notice
  • ADD option to set a almost free freight notice with shop link.
  • FIX CAREFUL! Stores must check their calculation after applying update. Calculation of order value for Logistra Wildrobots free treshhold and max value. Should now be easier to set free treshhold and max value.


  • ADD Volume calculation
  • ADJUST title and helt text shipping method.
  • ADD possibility to manual printing (without direct print)
  • ADJUST only show 5 latest deliveryPoints.


  • Fix override service


  • Fixed log messages
  • Refacotred consignment generation
  • Fixed bug where transfers setting would not be respected


  • Support flatsome checkout and cart for delivery point picker.
  • Delivery point picker will now not show when no delivery point is needed or required.
  • Optimizations to querys done from cart and checkout for delivery point picker.
  • Styled tracking url in emails.
  • Added more functionality to override freight. Now you can set number of packages, a spesific weight and dimensions.
  • Refactor for consignment generation
  • Better error handling bulk.


  • Fixed typings
  • Fixed bug with one service on a transport agreement
  • Changed hook order processing orders so tracking url is added.


  • Fix for message when adding free freight.


  • Dont show cancle when sub is cancled.
  • Fix where services was not added
  • Added shipping method for handling based on weight and order value.
  • Notifications in cart and checkout for this shipping methods


  • Removed transport description from
  • Added more services


  • Fixed bug where services would not display in relation when only one.


  • Removed not used services and added bring2_parcel_pickup_point and pose_pa_doren.
  • Comptability with new Bring changes
  • Better loggging
  • Changed some labels
  • Render bug when relating shipping methods with transport products
  • Now shows more info on which transport product that has been used for shipping method.
  • Added possibility to zero out freight relations
  • Added bulk send order functionality


  • Fix logs display


  • Added logging
  • Added plausible fix to not require transport agreement for overriden orders.


  • Added default country code to «NO» (NORWAY) when sending orders and nothign specsified.
  • Added logging


  • Added freight booking manual activation


  • Fixed better handlign of tabel rate if useing if but not integrating it.
  • Fixed order meta getters.


  • Fix for table rates with empty label. Should not show up.
  • Added setting to control table rates on each line or as a sum.


  • Fixed smaller order list buttons


  • Fix where UI bugs when no transport agreements.


  • Backend rewritten
  • Frontend rewritten with React hooks.
  • Restarted changelog, many new features.
  • Added general option to send freight on complete.
  • Added return address
  • Simple Shipping rate plugin from Woocommerce support
  • Added advanced setting


  • Fixed properly scoping css admin.


  • Adjusted order action buttons.
  • Scoped css


  • Fix bug with printing.


  • New service point picker frontend
  • Changed labels for settings
  • Added a recovery method for auth
  • Change order buttons design
  • Added cache for service partners.
  • Encodeing


  • Fix for printers, get all by multiple senders.


  • Optimizations


  • Optimizations


  • Added log.
  • Changed servicepicker to a popup.
  • Many UX optmizations.


  • Fixed some translations.


  • Release – started changelog