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Magee Shortcodes


Descripción del Inmueble

Magee Shortcodes is WordPress plugin that provides a pack of shortcodes. It is based on Bootstrap and coded with HTML5 and CSS3 language, fully responsive in desktops and mobile devices With enriched settings in options, you could easily create column, section, feature box, person, testimonial and much more.You can also customize post & page layouts using shortcode generator with one simple click, see how your inserted shortcode effects before it goes live with shortcode preview function. Still, more shortcodes coming soon.

Key Features

  • Generador de Código Corto
  • Shortcode Preview
  • Modern design
  • Fully responsive
  • Developed with Bootstrap 3
  • Built with HTML5+CSS3
  • Font Awesome Icons
  • Personalización CSS
  • Works with any theme
  • Easily extendable

Relevant Links

Lista de Código Abreviado

Accordion, Alert, Audio, Button, Column, Custom Box, Countdowns, Counter, Divider, Dropcap, Document, Dummy Text, Dummy Image, Dailymotion, Expand, Feature Box, Flip Box, Highlight, Heading, Icon, Image Frame, Image Compare, List, Label, Modal, Menu, Popover, Person, Promo Box, Piechart, Panel, Progress, Pullquote, QR Code, Quote, Slider, RSS Feed, Social, Section, Scheduled, Tooltip, Tab, Testimonial, Timeline, Targeted, Video, Vimeo, Youtube


  • Magee Shortcodes.
  • Magee Shortcodes List.
  • Magee Shortcodes generator form.
  • Magee Shortcodes preview.
  • Buttons shortcode examples.
  • Promo box shortcode examples.
  • Featurebox shortcode examples.
  • Progress Bar shortcode examples.


Unzip plugin files and upload them under your ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.

Resulted names will be: ‘./wp-content/plugins/magee-shortcodes/*’

Activate plugin at «Plugins» administration page.

Preguntas frecuentes

Installation Instructions

Unzip plugin files and upload them under your ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.

Resulted names will be: ‘./wp-content/plugins/magee-shortcodes/*’

Activate plugin at «Plugins» administration page.


Too many js files

The plugin is great but it adds too many JavaScripts to the website which makes it heavier. Try to combine javascripts. There must be feature to select only required shortcodes so that it will make website lighter.

Magee Shortcodes are Promising but Not Working

I have several Magee Shortcodes on my site and none of them do what they say they do. Borders don't show up when called, no images are being pulled and displayed. I know others are having similar issues but not sure there is a solution for now. I am on WP 4.7.3 and this solution is not certified for 4.7.3 so these types of errors might occur. I have sort of jury rigged the shortcodes to get them to do some of the things I want them to do but there is some formatting control still missing from them. Sent a request for support almost 2 weeks ago - silence. Not sure if that is a good sign or not. I went to get a new password because I cannot login with the password I gave them and the system does not send an email to get a new password. Seems like there are a lot of broken things with Magee right now.

Very good

Very good plugin. There are more interesting things than in the ultimate shortcode and the design is more modern.

made my site crash…. twice!!!

bluehost doesn't know why but magee shortcodes definitely made my site crash and it's now the second time I'm trying but it did again and I have to go through support to fix it... Extremely dissappointed...


there are small flaws. Support helps to correct the flaws, overall a very good plugin, easy, fast, very configurable shortcodes. Thanks
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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

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Registro de cambios

1.6.3 – 25/04/2018

  • Fix – Fixed shortcode – modal issue

1.6.2 – 03/23/2018

  • Fix – Fixed menu shortcode issue

1.6.1 – 02/28/2018

  • Fix – Fixed colorpicker issue

1.6.0 – 07/11/2016

  • Improve – Improved modal shortcode
  • Added : new option for countdowns( type -> circle, day/hours/minutes/seconds field text, google fonts, circle type day/hours/minutes/seconds color )
  • Fix – Fixed magee slider translation issue
  • Fix – Fixed counter shortcode issue
  • Fix – Fixed font weight option issue for heading shortcode
  • Fix – Fixed promo box shortcode issue
  • Fix – Fixed icon/person/tab iconpicker issues
  • Fix – Fixed styles( beside/below ) issue for person shortcode

1.5.9 – 17/10/2016

  • Fix – Fixed filp-box responsive issue on mobile

1.5.8 – 15/07/2016

Added: new option for Social ( Target )
Added: new option for accordion( style->spacing style, type->none type, title color, title background color )
Added: new shortcode Aduio
Added: new option for Tooltip ( tooltip background color, tooltip border radius )

1.5.7 – 21/06/2016

Added: new option for List
Added: new option for Flip Box ( Diretion:flip top/left/bottom/right; slide top/left/bottom/right )
Added: new option for Custom Box ( Fixed Background ,Background Position )
Added: new option for Accordion Item ( icon, status )
Added: new option for Icon ( data-open/data-close )
Added: new option for Highlight ( font color )
Added: new option for Image Compare ( style, percent )
Added: new option for Piechart ( line cap )
Added: new option for Progress ( style )
Added: new option for Column ( align )
Improved shortcode Counter

1.5.6 – 06/06/2016

  • Fix – Fixed image uploader issue
  • Fix – Fixed vimeo/youtube shortcodes issue

1.5.5 – 03/06/2016

  • Added: New shortcode — Chart Bar
  • Added: New shortcode — Chart Doughnut
  • Added: New shortcode — Chart Line
  • Added: New shortcode — Chart Pie

1.5.4 – 31/05/2016

  • Compatible with magee theme

1.5.3 – 16/05/2016

  • Fix – Fixed animation issue

1.5.2 – 04/05/2016

  • Feature – Added widget area shortcode

1.5.1 – 27/04/2016

  • Fixed color picker issues

1.5.0 – 21/04/2016

  • Feature – Improved shortcode generator appearance
  • Feature – Added shortcode preview function
  • Fixed Promo Box issue
  • Updated .pot file

1.4.2 – 13/03/2016

  • Fix – Fixed empty menu issues

1.4.1 – 07/03/2016

  • Fix – Fixed CSS issues

1.4.0 – 04/03/2016

  • Added: New shortcode — Quote
  • Added: New shortcode — Pullquote
  • Added: New shortcode — Expand
  • Added: New shortcode — Targeted
  • Added: New shortcode — Scheduled
  • Added: New shortcode — RSS Feed
  • Added: New shortcode — Menu
  • Added: New shortcode — Document
  • Added: New shortcode — Dummy Text
  • Added: New shortcode — Dummy Image
  • Added: New shortcode — Dailymotion
  • Improved shortcode — Column
  • Updated .pot file

1.3.1 – 19/02/2016

  • Fix – Fixed Label shortcode issue
  • Fix – Fixed Vimeo shortcode issue
  • Fix – Fixed YouTube shortcode issue

1.3.0 – 18/02/2016

  • Added: New shortcode — Video
  • Added: New shortcode — Vimeo
  • Added: New shortcode — Youtube
  • Added: New shortcode — Label
  • Added: New shortcode — QR Code
  • Added: New options for shortcode — Person: Style, Image Link Target, Image Overlay Color, Image Overlay Opacity
  • Added: New options for shortcode — Countdowns: Font Color, Background Color
  • Added: New options for shortcode — Heading: Responsive Text
  • Added: New options for shortcode — Icon: Icon Circle
  • Added: New options for shortcode — Image Frame: Light Box, Border Radius

1.2.9 – 21/01/2016

  • Feature – Added heading shortcode
  • Feature – Added icon shortcode

1.2.8 – 11/01/2016

  • Fix – Removed p & br tags before the shorcodes

1.2.7 – 06/01/2016

  • Fix – Fixed translation issue

1.2.6 – 24/12/2015

  • Fix – Compatible with Postman plugin

1.2.5 – 07/12/2015

  • Fix – Fixed countdowns shortcode mis-spelled issue

1.2.4 – 09/11/2015

  • Feature – Added section separator feature

1.2.3 – 06/11/2015

  • Feature – Added ‘Image Frame’ shortcode

1.2.2 – 06/11/2015

  • Fix – Fixed person shortcode border options issue
  • Feature – Added promo box shortcode ‘button color’ option

1.2.1 – 23/09/2015

  • Fix – Fixed flip box height issue
  • Fix – Fixed slider shortcode issue

1.1 – 21/09/2015

  • Feature – Added Magee Slider shortcode