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3 de abril de 2018
Thanks for sharing this plugin! But sorry, I have something to complain about. 😉 This plugin installs his own menu in the first level menu. But a maintenance mode is not in use ofen so this has no place here! Functionality of the free version is okay. But 30 $ for a function that a lot of Themes have include is a little bit too expensive.
25 de octubre de 2016
If you're using Maintenance mode plugin to redesign a website in the background - be careful, this plugin is not compatible with some themees, overriding theme's CSS so everything comes out not working. Not compatible with Avada Theme!!!
10 de octubre de 2016
The plugin itself works well, however there are a couple things that can be improved: * Bootstrap scripts are loaded on the site which are non-prefixed and can break other theme's and plugins. Also its a lot of extra CSS that isn't being used (at least not in the free version from what I can tell). * Besides loading a whole CSS framework that can break stuff, all scripts are loaded while logged in which is not necessary. If the scripts were loaded correctly only when the user is logged out or not admin (quick fix) then the fact that it's loading the extra scripts is irrelevant. * Code could be cleaned up a bit, but not a big deal 😉 The plugin does work - don't get me wrong. With an update to the way scripts are loaded and maybe a clean up of the code/spacing 5 stars 😉
7 de septiembre de 2016
The free plugin should probably interest me in buying th premium version. Instead, it inspired me to disable it and uninstall it as quickly as possible. The plugin provided for me no editable fields to customize even the simplest message. Instead, I was stuck with "NEW WEBSITE COMING SOON" which does not describe my need to be in maintenance mode. Further more, it stated in part, "Thanks for stopping by. I'm working hard on creating a new website featuring an extended portfolio, list of services, design templates and more..." If that wasn't truly horrible enough, it displayed "Pin it on Pinterest" and the author apparently did not have enough sense to override the theme's style sheets. Because the background I use on my website is dark and the plugin's text is dark, the text could not easily be seen. Their website brags, "We Create Amazing WordPress Plugins". This free plugin, in my experience, is nowhere near amazing. The developer should be embarrassed to have distributed this software. Truly.
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