MainWP Child Reports


Nota: Este plugin requiere PHP 7.0 o superior para activarse y solo es útil si está usando MainWP y MainWP Client Reports Extension.

Instalar primero el plugin MainWP Child.

El plugin MainWP Child Report comunica los cambios en tus sitios secundarios a la extensión MainWP Client Reports para crear los informes de cliente.

Crédito al plugin Stream en el que se basa el plugin MainWP Child Reports.


  1. Subir la carpeta MainWP Child Reports en el directorio /wp-content/plugins/
  2. Activa el plugin MainWP Child Reports a través del menú «Plugins» en WordPress


1 de junio de 2018
Once I finished installation and setup and grab the subscription – I now email out monthly reports, just to show my clients how much work I do for them each week – which of course is much easier now that I use MainWP Dashboard with all my websites I manage.
25 de agosto de 2017
It works just fine for me and helps me generate these MainWP reports which my clients really appreciate – and which help me bill my maintenance work. Clients usually don’t get that websites need updates – but when you can document the stuff you’re doing, they get the idea.
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Registro de cambios

2.2 – 10-31-2023

  • Fixed: An issue with logging Solid Security scans.
  • Fixed: An issue where the theme version number was not correctly logged when specific themes were updated.
  • Enhanced: Security by adding nonce verification.
  • Removed: Unused code for optimization and cleaner codebase.

See Video Changelog

2.1.1 – 5-9-2022

  • Added: Support for logging actions performed via WP CLI
  • Added: Support for logging iThemes Secuirty actions

2.1 – 12-14-2022

  • Updated: PHP 8.1 compatibility improvements
  • Preventative: Multiple security enhancements

2.0.8 – 9-15-2021

  • Fixed: An issue with logging certain actions triggered by WP Cron
  • Fixed: An issue with displaying timestamps on some setups
  • Fixed: Problems with the multibyte string functions usage
  • Preventative: Multiple security improvements

2.0.7 – 2-4-2021

  • Fixed: An issue with logging deleted plugins
  • Updated: exclusion rules for certain custom post types

2.0.6 – 10-29-2020

  • Added: PHP Docs blocks
  • Updated: MainWP Child 4.1 compatibility

2.0.5 – 8-31-2020

  • Fixed: jQuery warning
  • Fixed: Compatibility issues with MySQL 8
  • Fixed: An issue with logging maintenance tasks

2.0.4 – 4-30-2020

  • Fixed: an issue with logging themes updates
  • Fixed: an issue with logging created posts
  • Added: option to recreate the plugin database tables
  • Added: support for logging WPVivid backups

2.0.3 – 2-7-2020

  • Fixed: an issue logging UpdraftPlus scheduled backups
  • Fixed: an issue with dismissing missing database tables warning

2.0.2 – 1-22-2020

  • Fixed: an issue with logging some backups
  • Fixed: an issue with logging Maintenance data
  • Fixed: an issue with logging security scan data
  • Fixed: an issue with displaying empty data

2.0.1 – 12-13-2019

  • Fixed: data Child Reports conversion problem

2.0 – 12-9-2019

  • Added: support for the Pro Reports extension
  • Updated: plugin functionality for better performance

1.9.3 – 2-14-2019

  • Fixed: an issue with catching Media upload records
  • Fixed: «Undefined variable: branding_header» PHP warning

1.9.2 – 1-30-2019

  • Fixed: an issue with cleaning the plugin database tables on some setups
  • Updated: MySQL query improvements

1.9.1 – 11-13-2018

  • Fixed: an issue with missing data fields
  • Updated: WooCommerce order notes excluded from showing as comments
  • Updated: translation files

1.9 – 9-4-2018

  • Fixed: an issue with recording UpdraftPlus backups
  • Added: support for recording WPTC backups

1.8 – 8-2-2018

  • Fixed: an issue with logging plugin installations
  • Fixed: an issue with displaying double records
  • Fixed: multiple PHP Warnings
  • Improved: support for UpdraftPlus backups

1.7 – 5-12-2017

  • Fixed: an issue with recording version numbers
  • Fixed: conflict with Select2 library

1.6 – 4-4-2017

  • Fixed: Select2 conflict with WooCommerce 3.0
  • Fixed: an issue with returning incorrect date range in reports

1.5 – 3-15-2017

  • Fixed: a few typos

1.4 – 2-13-2017

  • Fixed: an issue with creating database table on first installation

1.3 – 2-9-2017

  • Fixed: an issue with recording duplicate values for UpdraftPlus backups
  • Fixed: multiple issues with recording backups made by supported plugins
  • Fixed: an issue with recording incorrect values for plugins and themes versions
  • Added: support for Wordfence tokens
  • Added: support for Maintenance tokens
  • Added: support for Page Speed tokens
  • Added: support for Broken Links tokens
  • Updated: system compatibility updates required by upcoming MainWP Client Reports Extension version

1.2 – 11-9-2016

  • Fixed: Issue with hiding the plugin in Client Reports
  • Fixed: Conflict with the auto backup feature of the UpdraftPlus Backups plugin (#8435)
  • Fixed: Issue with double records for the UpdraftPlus backups
  • Fixed: Issue with recording UpdraftPlus and BackUpWordPress backups
  • Added: Support for the BackupBuddy plugin
  • Added: Support for the MainWP Branding (#10609)

1.1 – 4-28-2016

  • Updated: Support for the MainWP Child Plugin version 3.1.3

1.0 – 3-9-2016

  • Fixed: Issue with recreating tables
  • Fixed: Issue with recreating manually deleted tables
  • Fixed: Issue with updating actions on auto-save Post and Page
  • Fixed: Layout and javascript issue when custom branding is applied
  • Added: Feature to copy reports from the Stream plugin
  • Added: Support for recording BackWPup backups
  • Added: Install Plugins, Install Themes, Delete Plugins, Delete Themes action logging
  • Updated: New timeago js library version

  • First version – 07-24-15