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GravityStripe Subscription Manager


An easy way for people to manage their stripe subscriptions made through Gravity Forms. Subscriptions are shown using a shortcode. Even includes an admin shortcode to manage ALL subscriptions and see any overdue subscription payments that failed to process in Make sure your use the gravity forms registration addon so subscribers can log in and manage their subscriptions. If first_name, last_name or full_name metadata is set on stripe feed, name will be fetched from there instead of user’s first and last name.

Basic Features

  • Enable Subscriptions Stripe using Gravity Forms
  • Admin initiated subscription cancellation
  • Admin list of active, failed payment, and cancelled subscribers
  • A page where subscribers can see details of their subscription
  • Translation Ready

Pro Features

  • Easily allow subscribers to upgrade a subscription on their own which will cancel the old one in stripe (requires the stripe embedded fields NOT the stripe checkout page)
  • Ability for subscribers to update payment card info on their own
  • Allow subscribers to cancel their subscriptions on their own
  • Auto-cancel subscription if payment fails x number of times
  • Decide if cancellations end the subscription immediately or at the end of the billing cycle
  • Downgrade subscriber role automatically if cancelled
  • Issue refunds


What’s the difference?

Upgrade/Downgrade Subscriptions

Updating Credit Card Info

Automatically Cancel Subscriptions for Failed Payments

Cancel Immediately vs End of Period

Downgrade User Role on Cancellation

Cancel and Refund the Last Payment


See Changelog & Upcoming Releases:


  • – List of all subscriptions for the logged in user
  • – List of all site subscriptions for admin view
  • – Responsive modeiew
  • – Responsive mode


  1. Manually upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly (Plugins > Add New > Upload).
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress.
  3. Once activated, the plugin automatically connects to the Stripe API keys set under your Gravity Forms Stripe Add-on


What are the shortcodes

For Subscribers to view their subscriptions:
[user-subscriptions formids=’formid1, formid2, ….’] (use the formid(s) used to create the subscription (must contain a stripe feed))

For the admin side:
[subscription-list formids=’formid1, formid2, ….’] (use the formid(s) used to create the subscription (must contain a stripe feed))

How do you get your gravity form ids

Log into your WordPress admin dashboard.
Click ‘Forms’ 1
The ID’s are listed to the right of the form names you’ve created



19 de julio de 2023
This is a great plugin for managing upgrades and downgrades of Stripe subscriptions and user roles. Support has also been quick to fix issues and conflicts with other plugins.
9 de agosto de 2022
Tried the plugin and found it did not do exactly what it was meant to do. Emailed support and they got back to me very fast. Explained the situation and support helped me and the plugin now does exactly what it was meant to do. Thank you for the plugin and support guys. Keep up the great work.
1 de abril de 2021
This plugin addresses a real need for stripe! The pro version is loaded with great features and not too expensive which makes it a no-brainer.
8 de octubre de 2020 2 respuestas
We love this plugin. Simple, clean with superior support. We have looked at many solutions and none of them measured up. Now we can have our clients update credit cards and manage their subscription without having to reach out to us. It is one of the best Gravity Forms addons. Thank you.
19 de mayo de 2020 1 respuesta
This really solves lots of problems, as now days we all need customers be able to cancel their own subscription to feel more secure. One thing I’m curious is if you are able to make it so once they cancel the subscription, wordpress can auto-change the user role of this user? This way we can then do things to prevent them accessing specific content, even after they unsubscribed.
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Version 4.2
Adding free trials

Version 4.1.6
Added support for php 8.0
Added some hooks to ease developers to write actions.
Enhanced flow for faster table loading.

Version 4.1.4
Upgraded compatibility with PHP to PHP 8.0+
Reworked coding to allow for faster loading times of edit entry pages
Readjusted GravityForms back-end navigation to sidebar.