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Plugin de WordPress MasterStudy LMS: para cursos en línea y educación

Plugin de WordPress MasterStudy LMS: para cursos en línea y educación


MasterStudy is a free WordPress LMS plugin for online learning business. The WordPress plugin turns any regular WP website into an online school with all the necessary eLearning & LMS features.

MasterStudy es el mejor plugin de sistema de gestión del aprendizaje gratuito de WordPress para entrenamiento en línea, instructores, entrenadores, tutores, escuelas, universidades, mercados y cualquier otro tipo de web de aprendizaje.

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MasterStudy PRO version
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¿Para quién es?

El complemento Masterstudy LMS para WordPress está dirigido a:

  • Instructor único (entrenador o tutor);
  • Instituciones educativas (centros de aprendizaje, escuelas, universidades);
  • LMS Marketplace on WordPress (with online courses).

How Does It Work?

With MasterStudy, you can create and sell online courses on LMS without needing to be a tech expert. It’s like building your LMS website on WordPress with easy and ready tools.

For Individual Instructors (Tutors, Coaches):

MasterStudy is a perfect LMS WordPress plugin for tutors, coaches, or anyone who wants to teach online. You can make interactive lessons with audio, videos, images, and slides, and organize them for your students on the LMS website on WordPress.

For Educational Institutions:

MasterStudy helps schools and colleges handle students, grades, and lessons on the LMS website on WordPress smoothly. Teachers can add materials, edit lessons, and talk to students with message boards on LMS. Students can ask questions and talk to their teachers through comments and messages on the LMS website on WordPress. They can pay per LMS course or sign up for monthly/yearly subscriptions on the WordPress website.

For Online Course Marketplaces:

With MasterStudy, you can set up online marketplaces and LMS with lessons like Udemy or Coursera in WordPress. It takes care of subscriptions, quizzes, payments, and student management on the LMS website on WordPress. You can also make certificates for students. Each user gets their own profile on the LMS where they can track progress, continue lessons, see quiz scores on the WordPress website, and buy courses or memberships.

There is a step-by-step video tutorial on how to use the MasterStudy WordPress Plugin to build an LMS on WordPress.

Create a Course Easily with Our Powerful Builder:

Creating a curriculum is simple with the MasterStudy WordPress LMS plugin. Our LMS builder is user-friendly and beautifully designed, divided into easy-to-follow sections for WordPress. Once you’ve created, you can add lessons, quizzes, and assignments to your LMS. You can also customize the sequence of lessons on LMS, preview specific ones, set pricing options, and add FAQs on the WordPress website.

Easily include all the details you need in one place of your LMS, such as the title, descriptions, curriculum, duration, price, skill level, and the number of active students on your WordPress website. Plus, you can add videos to your LMS, attachments, teachers on WordPress, and rewards.

With our Course builder, you have unlimited options for managing your LMS courses on WordPress:

  • Featuring Courses
  • Previewing Courses
  • Describing Courses on LMS for Users
  • Announcing Updates
  • Adding FAQ Sections
  • Reviewing and Rating Teaching
  • Setting Expiry Dates for Courses
  • Temporarily Pausing
  • Sorting LMS Courses into Categories
  • Attaching Files to Lessons
  • Tracking Student Progress
  • Managing Enrolled Students
  • Specifying Durations and Video Lengths
  • Determining the Number of Lessons
  • Assigning Difficulty Levels
  • Managing Students’ Progress
  • Adding Students Manually
  • Viewing Students’ Progress Details on LMS
  • Resetting Students’ Progress


Once your curriculum and sections are set up on your LMS, it’s time to add different lesson types on WordPress. You have the flexibility to create four types of LMS lessons: text, audio, video, online streams, and slideshows on your WordPress website. Plus, you can easily incorporate previously created LMS content with our library of lessons and quizzes on WordPress.

Here’s what you can manage with LMS lessons on WordPress:

  • Duration
  • Preview (accessible to everyone)
  • Description visible on the frontend
  • Type of video lesson
  • Discussions for students with the instructor on LMS
  • Lesson materials (any media type)

Seven Types of Video Sources to Add for Video Lessons

With our MasterStudy LMS WordPress plugin, adding videos is simple. It’s fully compatible with Presto Player, a cutting-edge WordPress video player plugin. You can use up to seven video sources for the LMS on WordPress:

  • HTML(MP4)
  • YouTube
  • Vimeo
  • Enlaces externos
  • Vídeo incrustado
  • Códigos cortos
  • Presto Player


You can add questions to quizzes manually or select from the preset LMS questions library on WordPress. Then, simply input your first question to the LMS. We offer eight LMS question types to suit your needs: single-choice, multi-choice, true or false, item match, image match, image choice, keywords, and fill-in-the-gap.

Here are the features of our quizzes:

  • Advanced quiz builder
  • Various quiz styles
  • Categorization of quizzes on LMS
  • Setting quiz duration
  • Limiting quiz attempts
  • Deducting points on resubmission
  • Defining passing grades
  • Preguntas aleatorias
  • Mostrar las respuestas correctas
  • Describing the quiz visible on the frontend of LMS

Course Player: Better Learning Experience

Improve your students’ learning journey with our Course Player. It’s distraction-free, sleek, and user-friendly. Students can easily navigate through the LMS curriculum, switch between light and dark modes, and take part in discussions. Progressing through lessons is effortless—students can just click «Complete» to move to the next one.

Key Features of MasterStudy Free Plugin:

  • Diseño moderno
  • Potente Creador de Cursos
  • Course Player
  • Dark mode in the player
  • Cursos y lecciones ilimitadas
  • Vista previa del curso
  • Escritorio de estudiantes en la vista pública
  • Perfil del profesor
  • Video lessons on LMS
  • Múltiples fuentes de video (autohospedado, YouTube, Vimeo, Presto Player, HTML, incrustado, shortcode)
  • Perfiles de profesores separados
  • Gestión de lecciones
  • Generador dinámico de certificados de arrastrar y soltar
  • Advanced quiz builder (8 quiz types)
  • Earning y asignación de comisiones
  • Many withdrawal options
  • Historial de compras
  • Opciones de estillo
  • Widget del curso
  • Formulario de registro de maestros
  • Review and rating system
  • Q&A for students with the teacher
  • Póster de vídeo (tráiler/teaser)
  • Seguimiento del progreso del curso
  • Difficulty level
  • Definir la duración del curso
  • Course LMS marketplace
  • Agregar requisitos e instrucción del curso
  • Temporizador del cuestionario
  • Intentos de prueba
  • Configuración de monetización centralizada
  • Modo de Spotlight
  • RTL listo
  • Compatibilidad con el creador de páginas
  • Compatibles con Gutenberg
  • Gutenberg blocks available to build LMS pages easily
  • Seguridad del contenido
  • Advanced analytics

For more details, please visit our website.

MasterStudy Premium Plugin Features

  • Certificate Builder: Make custom certificates easily.
  • Udemy Importer: Bring in Udemy lessons and earn commissions.
  • Prerequisites: Set required courses before new enrollments.
  • Quizzes: Add different types of questions to tests.
  • Sequential Drip Content: Plan lessons step by step.
  • Gradebook: See and export class results.
  • Live Streaming: Conduct live lessons.
  • Group Courses: Sell to companies and manage members.
  • Assignments: Students submit work and get grades.
  • Question Media: Add videos, audio, and images to quizzes.
  • Point system: Reward learners for achievements.
  • Statistics and Payouts: Analyze data and manage payments for instructors.
  • Online Testing: Embed quizzes anywhere and conduct tests online.
  • Trial Courses: Offer courses as trials or demos for new users.
  • Co-instructors: Assign multiple instructors to a course.
  • Gradebook: Monitor students’ progress and performance.
  • Email Manager: Personalize email templates.
  • Course Bundles: Bundle courses together and offer discounts.
  • Google Classrooms: Import classes from Google Classrooms.
  • Zoom Conference: Conduct Zoom lessons, meetings, and webinars on your site.
  • Google Meet: Schedule and host Google Meet meetings.
  • Audio Lessons: Upload audio files or add from Spotify or SoundCloud as a lesson.
  • SCORM: Import pre-built e-learning content using SCORM standards.
  • LMS Forms Editor: Customize website forms with an easy-to-use editor.
  • File Upload Manager: Manage various file types in courses and lessons.
  • Upcoming Course Status: Promote courses that are not yet open for enrollment.


  • Potente Creador de Cursos
  • Polished Course Player
  • Lista de cursos en la página
  • Página de un solo curso
  • Transmisiones en vivo, webinars y clases
  • Materiales del Curso Externo
  • Cuestionarios Interactivos
  • Lecciones y plan de estudios de contenido de aprendizaje
  • Certificados de finalización de cursos personalizados


Este plugin proporciona 39 bloques.

  • MasterStudy Featured Teacher Create a section about a featured instructor and his courses on the page
  • MasterStudy Course Carousel Add a carousel for courses
  • MasterStudy Call to Action Make your offer clear and convince readers to take action
  • MasterStudy Courses Grid Set up a grid of courses with this block
  • MasterStudy Archive Courses Container Add and customize an Archive courses page with this block
  • MasterStudy Courses Bundles Courses Bundles
  • MasterStudy Courses Bundles
  • MasterStudy Adaptive Container Add an adaptive section with MasterStudy blocks
  • MasterStudy Text Add and customize texts with MasterStudy Text
  • MasterStudy Button Convince readers to take action with a button
  • MasterStudy Iconbox Add bullet points with an icon box to show off your products and services
  • MasterStudy Instructors Grid Use this block to display your instructors in a grid layout and set up its look.
  • MasterStudy Courses Categories Customize how course categories will look on the page
  • MasterStudy Testimonial Build customer trust by adding testimonials
  • MasterStudy Icon Add an icon to the page as a block
  • MasterStudy Featured Teacher About Create a section about a featured instructor and his courses on the page
  • MasterStudy Featured Teacher Button Displays button
  • MasterStudy Courses Tab Set up categories to sort courses
  • MasterStudy Courses Filter Columns MasterStudy Courses Filter Columns
  • MasterStudy Courses Filter by Status MasterStudy Courses Filter by Status
  • MasterStudy Courses Filter by Category MasterStudy Courses Filter by Category
  • MasterStudy Courses Filter by Category MasterStudy Courses Filter by Category
  • MasterStudy Courses Filter by Level MasterStudy Courses Filter by Level
  • MasterStudy Courses Filter by Price MasterStudy Courses Filter by Price
  • MasterStudy Courses Filter by Availability MasterStudy Courses Filter by Availability
  • MasterStudy Courses Filter by Category MasterStudy Courses Filter by Category
  • MasterStudy Courses Filter by Availability MasterStudy Courses Filter by Availability
  • MasterStudy Courses Filter by Rating MasterStudy Courses Filter by Rating
  • MasterStudy Courses Filter MasterStudy Courses Filter
  • MasterStudy Courses Bundles Cards
  • MasterStudy Courses Grid Classic
  • MasterStudy Courses Price Accent
  • MasterStudy Courses Price Button
  • MasterStudy Courses Grid Full Size Image
  • MasterStudy Courses Tab Category Filters courses
  • MasterStudy Courses Preset
  • MasterStudy Courses Load More Courses load more and Pagination
  • MasterStudy Instructors Preset Classic Displays Instructors Preset Classic
  • MasterStudy Instructors Preset Choose instructors preset


Esta sección describe cómo instalar el plugin y hacer que funcione.

  1. Sube los archivos del plugin al directorio /wp-content/plugins/, o instala el plugin a través de la pantalla de plugins de WordPress directamente.
  2. Activar el plugin a través de la pantalla ‘Plugins’ en WordPress
  3. Encontrarás más detalles sobre la instalación en la documentación
  4. Configurar la página de archivo de los cursos en el área de configuración de STM LMS.

Códigos cortos

  • [stm_lms_courses_grid_display per_row=»4″ posts_per_page=»4″ load_more=»true»]
    Acepta todos los parámetros de WP_Query para clasificar, ordenar por etc.
  • [stm_courses_searchbox]
    Muestra el cuadro de búsqueda de cursos
  • [stm_lms_courses_carousel]
    Habilita el carrusel de cursos
  • [stm_lms_courses_categories]
    Muestra las categorías de los cursos
  • [stm_lms_courses_grid]
    Habilita la cuadrícula de cursos
  • [stm_lms_featured_teacher]
    Muestra al maestro destacado
  • [stm_lms_instructors_carousel]
    muestra el carrusel de instructores
  • [stm_lms_recent_courses]
    Muestra cursos recientes
  • [stm_lms_single_course_carousel]
    Muestra el carrusel con un solo recorrido

Sistema de plantillas

  • Copia fácilmente cualquier plantilla de la carpeta stm-lms-templates y muévela en tu tema para futuras personalizaciones. Intenta no editar los archivos de los plugins, ya que serán reemplazados después de la actualización de los mismos.

Páginas de código duro del LMS

  • /lms-login – Inicio de sesión/página de registro
  • /cursos/{curso}/{lección} – Página de la lección (debe estar conectado con el curso comprado o la lección es vista previa)
  • /lms-user/{user_id} – Página privada de usuario (debe estar conectado)
  • /lms-user_profile/{user_id} – Página pública de usuario
  • /lms-chats – Chat de Usuarios (debe estar conectado)
  • /lms-wishlist – Mi página de deseos
  • /lms-checkout – Página de pago (debe estar conectado)


¿Puedo usar el plugin con diferentes temas de WordPress?

Sí, el plugin MasterStudy WordPress LMS es compatible con temas gratuitos y premium para WordPress, así que puedes usarlo con el que elijas. Si tiene dificultades para seleccionar el tema para tu web educativa, puedes plantearte la opción de obtener el tema MasterStudy LMS, el cual tiene la versión Pro del plugin incorporada en el paquete.

¿Necesito un Plugin de Membresía?

Esto solo depende del propósito que sigas. Si planea implementar planes de membresía en la plataforma, debe instalar el complemento de membresía. Pero, no necesita buscar las opciones.

El complemento MasterStudy WordPress LMS ya se integra con WooCommerce y Paid Membership PRO. Estos son los mejores elementos que lo ayudarán a establecer un excelente sistema de membresía y crear planes inteligentes.

¿El complemento MasterStudy WordPress LMS admite seminarios web y sesiones de transmisión en vivo?

MasterStudy admite reuniones y seminarios web de Zoom. La integración con el servicio está disponible a través del plugin eRoom, que es gratuito. Conecta tu sitio web con la cuenta de Zoom y te permite crear y gestionar videoconferencias desde tu panel de control.

You can also use the MasterStudy Pro addon to conduct live stream lessons.

¿Este complemento de WordPress LMS es gratuito?

Este plugin tiene dos versiones: una gratuita y otra de pago. La versión Pro de pago tiene más funciones que no se pueden utilizar en el plugin gratuito, lo que amplía la funcionalidad y ofrece más oportunidades.

Aún así, la función principal de crear y administrar cursos en línea y venderlos está disponible por igual en ambas versiones.

¿Dónde puedo encontrar la documentación del complemento MasterStudy WordPress LMS?

Hay un texto detallado guide que describe cada característica y opción del plugin. También puedes encontrar la videoteca con tutoriales de vídeo en nuestro canal YouTube.

¿Cómo puedo obtener apoyo o hablar con alguien del equipo?

Nuestro equipo de apoyo está disponible las 24 horas del día. Para enviar sobre el problema por favor siga a su cuenta para enviar un ticket de soporte. Si tiene alguna pregunta de pre-venta siempre puede usar el live-chat en nuestra página web: stylemixthemes.com

¿Puedo traducir el plugin a otro idioma?

Sí, sin embargo, el complemento MasterStudy WordPress LMS ya está traducido a 8 idiomas: inglés, portugués, español, holandés, alemán, francés, italiano y ruso.

¿Qué tipo de medios se pueden utilizar en los cursos?

El plugin permite subir formatos de archivos absolutamente diferentes. Hay tres tipos de lecciones disponibles, donde puedes presentar varios tipos de contenido como texto, video, diapositivas. Además de esto, tenemos una opción de adjuntar lecciones, donde puedes subir diferentes archivos incluyendo imágenes, archivos de audio, carpetas zip, y más.

¿La versión Pro es de pago único o tengo que ampliar mi licencia?

No, no tienes que ampliar tu licencia, las funciones básicas estarán disponibles. En caso de que quieras recibir más actualizaciones y soporte, deberás renovar tu licencia. El plugin MasterStudy WordPress LMS Pro está disponible por $89.


15 de junio de 2024
Я долго выбирал между разными аналогичными решениями LMS. На финал вышли Tutor LMS и MasterStudy LMS Pro. По многим параметрам выиграл MasterStudy, доступная цена и широкий функционал. А в последние обновления добавились много интеграции: Zoom, Google Meeting и многое другое. Самая главная фишка – Вы можете создавать курсы прямо через Elementor! Берите про версию и наслаждайтесь! Я сам разработчик, но все же это отличное решение для бюджетных образовательных онлайн проектов, для MVP, или когда надо быстро сделать курсы и так далее. Приобрел пожизненную лицензию на 25 сайтов через AppSumo. Особенно хочу подчеркнуть Службу поддержки. Отвечают быстро, грамотно! Рекомендую!Команде MasterStudy благодарность! Успехов и больше новых полезных фичей!)
14 de junio de 2024
I recommend Masterstudy theme. The template has a very nice design and the creators are constantly improving it. If you need any help, they usually help you solve your problem within 24 hours. Customer support is very good.
31 de mayo de 2024 1 respuesta
I have built projects using three different LMS themes and I would definitely recommend Masterstudy multiple times over other LMS theme I have used. This is the best theme ever and support team works like close pals. Their only negative side is high cost of customization which did not meet my budget because its very costly. I will still give them a 5 star rating because it meets my expectation. Customization is my personal issue which I will try to find out how to solve it using a third party support system. Great Theme!
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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

«Plugin de WordPress MasterStudy LMS: para cursos en línea y educación» es un software de código abierto. Las siguientes personas han colaborado con este plugin.


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¿Interesado en el desarrollo?

Revisa el código , echa un vistazo al repositorio SVN o suscríbete al registro de desarrollo por RSS.

Registro de cambios

3.3.21 – 2024-06-14

  • New: Added new Gutenberg blocks: Courses Categories, Courses Grid, and Instructors Grid.
  • Enhancement: For all card styles in Gutenberg blocks that have a popup, added a setting to disable the popup
  • Fix: The string to send an email is hardcoded directly in the following file and is not translatable.

3.3.20 – 2024-06-06

  • New: Added an Audio lesson addon (Pro).
  • Fix: It is possible to add audio lessons by uploading files, embedding or with shortcodes (Pro).

3.3.19 – 2024-06-05

  • New: Added Course Bundles Gutenberg block (Pro).
  • Fix: Spanish and Italian translations were not working in the plugin.
  • Fix: SCORM course content is not displayed on newer versions of the MasterStudy theme.

3.3.18 – 2024-05-29

  • Enhancement: Made it possible to add widgets to the sidebar on the course page.

3.3.17 – 2024-05-28

  • Fix: MYSQL Queries for Elementor Widgets optimized.
  • Fix: Some static strings were unavailable for translation due to a missing text domain.
  • Fix: The number of enrolled students increased when the course page is reloaded.

You can see all updates history in our changelog documentation.