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MAYO - Login Screen

Customize the WordPress login screen with live preview! Use your logo, background image and change the colors. No coding required.

Customize the WordPress login screen with live preview!
Checkout the screenshot here.

With this plugin you can:

  1. Replace the WordPress logo with your website name or your logo.
  2. Change background color or use your own image as background
  3. Change form color
  4. *No conspicuous branding fom this plugin

Once activated, the setting page sits submissively in Dashboard in Appearance > Login Screen.

*This plugin does NOT create a new page for the login. Instead, it customize the WordPress default login screen.

Credit to TinyColor for color calculation in this plugin.

Website: MAYO.PassionInDesign.com

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Requires: 3.9.1 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.4.7
Última actualización: 11 meses ago
Instalaciones activas: 3,000+


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