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A Plugin for Bakers. Makers. Adventure-takers.

Top in tech, speed, and SEO so you can focus on what you do best and CREATE.

Now you can craft multiple Google types using just one plugin.

  • Recipes
  • How-to guides and craft instructions
  • Lists and round-ups
  • More to come!

Now: Automatically calculate nutritional data for your recipes for free.

Create is for…

Recipes — Easily import content from other plugins. Includes free nutrition calculator and video embeds.
Lists and round-ups — Showcase images, links and more in a user-friendly manner.
How-to guides — Display beautiful printable materials lists, instructions and videos for DIYs, crafts and more.

Create by Mediavine was built with the following in mind:

1. Speed
Lightweight, with our strong focus on site speed

2. Optimized for SEO
Full Google Rich Snippet support and one-button schema validation so content is marked up for mobile search carousels

3. Easy to Use
Built for optimal user experience, for you and your readers

4. Top-notch Importers
Easily transfer your content from other recipe plugins

5. Multiple Themes
Five gorgeous themes by Purr Design with more on the way

6. Ad-Ready
Fully monetize your content using the most-ad-optimized themes

7. Matches your site
All themes mimic your site’s unique design so no two look the same

8. Live Preview
See your content how it will appear on your site, in real time, with full Gutenberg support

9. Mobile First
Responsively designed to engage the majority of your audience


  • Choose between Recipe, How-To and List cards. (More types coming soon.)
  • Refreshed interface design provides a better user experience.
  • View all of your cards at a glance in the Create card gallery.
  • Search and sort all of your cards for easy editing.
  • Create SEO-ready Recipe cards in minutes.
  • A published Recipe card using the Hero Image card style.
  • A published Recipe card using the Simple Square card style.
  • Our automatic nutrition calculator saves you time and headaches.
  • Publish beautiful lists and round-ups with the List card type.
  • A published List card using the Big Image layout.
  • A published List card using the Circles layout.
  • How-to cards can be used for any kind of instructional guide.
  • A published How-To card on the Dark Classy Circle card style.
  • A published How-To card on the Hero Image card style.
  • Add recommended products to your Recipe and How-To cards.
  • All card styles adapt to your site’s existing design.


Minimum Requirements

  • PHP version 5.4.45 or greater (PHP 7.2 or greater is recommended)
  • MySQL version 5.5 or greater (MySQL 5.6 or greater is recommended)

Automatic Installation

  1. Go to Plugins > Add New
  2. Type «Create by Mediavine» in the search field and click «Search Plugins»
  3. Click «Install Now» to install and then click «Activate»
  4. Go to Settings > Create by Mediavine and choose your card style
  5. Register your Create plugin
  6. If using another recipe card plugin and you’d like to import your recipes from that plugin, download and install the Mediavine Recipe Importers utility

Manual Installation

  1. Download a copy of the «Create by Mediavine» plugin
  2. Upload mediavine-create to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the «Plugins» menu in WordPress
  4. Go to Settings > Create by Mediavine and choose your card style
  5. Register your Create plugin
  6. If using another recipe card plugin and you’d like to import your recipes from that plugin, download and install the Mediavine Recipe Importers utility

For more, please see our help center.


How do I import my existing recipes?

Download and install the Mediavine Recipe Importers utility

Which recipe card plugins does the importer support?

  • Cookbook
  • EasyRecipe
  • Meal Planner Pro Recipes
  • Purr Recipe Cards
  • Simple Recipe Pro
  • WP Recipe Maker
  • WP Tasty
  • WP Ultimate Recipe
  • Yummly
  • Zip Recipes
  • ZipList Recipe Plugin

How will the cards display?

Our cards are displayed using a WordPress shortcode.

This means that if the plugin is disabled, the recipes themselves will not display on the front end of a blog post. This is typical behavior for most WordPress plugins.

If the plugin is deactivated, no data will be deleted and reactivating the plugin will restore the original card display.

Will I be able to add nutritional data?

Yes! Nutritional data is an important part of Schema, which search engines love to have for optimal results.

Nutrition facts can be manually entered for a recipe. They will also transfer over if the recipe already contains it.

We also provide automatic nutrition calculation through our partnership with Nutritionix. Learn more about this feature.

How much does it cost?

Create is free to the blogging community at large. You do not need to be a Mediavine publisher to use it. All core functions of the plugin will always remain free.

There may be features in the future that would need a license for a fee, but the core functionalities will always remain free and supported for everyone — including plugin updates to keep Create in compliance with WordPress releases.


27 de octubre de 2023
I’d love to rate Create with 5-stars, but unfortunately I can’t. I thought it was an excellent plugin to begin with. I changed all my recipes over to it, which was a bit stupid. The cards are quite good, but if you want some changes, you need to know a little coding. Star ratings are paramount because Google wants them; however, Creates star-rating really sucks. It offers a comment area and write a review area; there are no alternatives; they confuse readers, so you get less comments and ratings..not good. It’s great it offers so much for free, but like any free plugin it has its limitations. I switched back to WP Recipe Maker it’s much better.
29 de octubre de 2022
For recipe blogs that rely on a plugin for cards, this is a critical component of their sites content. Wordpress announces changes and allows for proper development updates prior to releasing a new version. When a critical plugin is not updated with a major release to the extent that it breaks your site….time to find a reliable alternative.
25 de enero de 2022
I’d love to rate this plugin much higher, but the, in my view, embarrassing neglect of an export function really hurts the plugin. This is a huge oversight on the part of the developer, one that has been brought to their attention in the support here, but nothing has been done. Export should really be a no brainer feature for any content plugin/software.
22 de enero de 2022
Been writing a roundup for several hours and after I hit save and publish all of the links are removed. This has happened to me twice now and I’ll never waste my time using this plugin ever again.
4 de julio de 2020
We started our food blog and searched and went through all the plugins there was available, and when we came across this it was the game-changer our site (tastyrecipelovers) needed. It has everything you need, that other recipe plugins put in their premium section, and its free. The Recipe card has great looking cards to choose from and your users won’t be disappointed.
31 de mayo de 2020
I’ve used three recipe plugins including create. All I can say is that I LOVE LOVE LOVE Create! As soon as I started using it reviews came rolling in and they’ve been snowballing ever since. I’ve also started making money as an Amazon affiliate using creates recommended products. I’ve used it for recipes, round up lists, and how-to’s. It’s easy to use both as a creator and a reader and the SEO is wonderful! Honestly, I cannot say enough good things and highly recommended it to everyone.
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Registro de cambios

Log may include ticket numbers in [brackets] for internal reference.


  • FIX: Patches potential XSS security vulnerability


  • FIX: Fixes schema parsing error on ingredients with partial links
  • FIX: Adjusts Journey by Mediavine check logic for first recipe ad
  • FIX: Taxonomy permalink redirect


  • FEATURE: Adds opt-in setting to Allow Anonymous Ratings for 4 and 5 star reviews, with a review prompt after submission to encourage engagement
  • FIX: Patches critical security vulnerability and hardens database calls
  • FIX: Fixes issue where first recipe card ad did not appear on sites with Journey by Mediavine


  • REMOVAL: Removes Always Enable Review Popup setting as reviews are now required for every rating
  • FIX: Patches security vulnerability involving REST endpoints


  • FIX: Fixes issue where resetting Create settings would fatal on PHP 8


  • FIX: Adds more reliable fix to WYSIWYG editor on Chrome 105+ [715]


  • FIX: Fixes issue where WYSIWYG editor is broken on Chrome 105+ [715]


  • FIX: Corrected issue with rating stars not displaying properly [698]


  • ENHANCEMENT: Remove custom ad wrapper and Ad Density setting [114, 326]
  • ENHANCEMENT: Update integration with Mediavine Control Panel (MCP) [475]
  • ENHANCEMENT: Update minimum PHP version to 7.2 (from 7.1) [311]
  • FIX: Deprecation notices may appear when using PHP 8.0 [39]


  • FIX: Corrects Create image generation so that Create-specific image sizes are generated only when added to a card


  • FIX: Recipe Instructions missing on Print page [614]
  • FIX: List Circle images off-center on desktop and mobile [621]
  • FIX: Remove extra CSS classes
  • ENHANCEMENT: Dismiss admin notifications permanently [548]


  • FEATURE: Hands Free Mode [54]
  • FEATURE: Reset Create settings button [154]
  • FEATURE: «Leave a review» CTA (call to action) [157]
  • FEATURE: Setting to inherit font sizes from theme [159]
  • ENHANCEMENT: More descriptive «no access» error for non-admins [84]
  • ENHANCEMENT: Warn when permalink configuration is set to default [158]
  • ENHANCEMENT: Warn the Ad Density Setting will be removed in 1.9.0 [348]
  • ENHANCEMENT: Improve translations support [356]
  • ENHANCEMENT: Remove always-blank category from Lists in Gallery view [491]
  • FIX: Space below title bar in Gutenberg blocks since 1.7.0 [37]
  • FIX: Set explicit width & height on header image in Create cards [45]
  • FIX: Link to help doc on non-shortened Amazon Links [53]
  • FIX: MCP integration issues with «MVP» tab being blank or shown incorrectly [67, 106, 269]
  • FIX: Cards have scraped URLs duplicated «below the fold» [88]
  • FIX: Internal list items missing “Extra Info” in preview [95]
  • FIX: Internal list item search ignoring «title only» and some «types» options [97]
  • FIX: Descriptions of the «Jump To Recipe» button settings [125]
  • FIX: Rapid clicks of submit button could create duplicate reviews [128]
  • FIX: Post title cut off in Create editor dropdowns [175]
  • FIX: «Custom Affiliate Message» ignores «Show» checkbox [177]
  • FIX: «Description is required» pop up notice missing on List Items [178]
  • FIX: Long «Extra Info» not reliably rendering on Cards [233]
  • FIX: List Ads may stack in-content ad units [238]
  • FIX: Missing nutrition update prompt after changing ingredient list or servings [263]
  • FIX: Ad slot above Recommended Content left-aligned on large screens [264]
  • FIX: Entered title not being pulled into New Cards [272]
  • FIX: Page becomes unresponsive editing a linked ingredient in ‘Bulk’ section of Recipe [345]
  • FIX: Allowed Types setting is not being respected in Block editor [347]
  • FIX: Recommended Product image reverting to original Amazon image [370, 419]
  • FIX: Recommended Products added manually aren’t saving [465]
  • FIX: Performance issue when saving very long Lists [431, 448]
  • FIX: New users unable to use Nutritional Calculator [447]
  • FIX: Cards should not be able to be added and published as a widget block [480]
  • FIX: Adding Create items to a post gives an error [482]
  • FIX: Broken special characters in the admin UI [484]
  • FIX: Review CTA (call to action) not allowing 4 or 5 stars without comments [533]
  • FIX: Incorrect prompt to recalculate nutrition on recipe card [536]
  • COSMETIC: «What’s the title of your _?» prompt hidden by text input [66]
  • COSMETIC: Genesis — Style issue with Print button on Recipe Cards (Genesis conflict) [65]
  • COSMETIC: Rank Math SEO causes Create header gap [121]
  • COSMETIC: Trellis — List & Card layout selection not updating without Critical CSS purge [131]
  • COSMETIC: Trellis — Styling rules conflicting for list images [470]
  • COSMETIC: Ad slot above Recommended Content can be off-center [201]
  • COSMETIC: «Jump To Recipe» link style can be too wide [278]
  • COSMETIC: Amazon images sometimes have blank space around the list image [471]


  • FIX: Compatibility issue with the Create Importer tool in Gutenberg
  • FIX: Fixes issue with Amazon Recommended Products disappearing in Create cards


  • FIX: Compatibility issue with the Create Importer tool


  • FIX: Correct conflict with JTR button and certain non-Genesis themes


  • ENHANCEMENT: Allows pubs to translate the admin of Create if desired
  • ENHANCEMENT: Streamlined database calls to prevent max queries errors
  • FIX: Corrected issue with links disappearing in Lists
  • FIX: Corrected issue with Recommended Products getting duplicated on card and live post (Recipe, How-to)
  • FIX: Corrected duplicating list items
  • FIX: MV Video isn’t searchable in 1.7
  • FIX: Sentry creating fatal errors in WP dashboard
  • FIX: Registration receives hard bounce and 404’s for new users
  • FIX: Issue where a user may not be able to duplicate a Card
  • FIX: Fixed issues saving Recommended Products in Recipes and How-tos
  • FIX: «Use Schema» checkbox enabled after edits made to cards


  • FIX: Correct conflict with JTR button and Genesis themes


  • ENHANCEMENT: Improve error messaging for bad scrape urls.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Order by ascending when «Title» is selected.
  • FIX: Resolved issue where Amazon images were disappearing in pre-existing List cards.
  • FIX: Fixes issue with list images not being downloaded during the link scrape.
  • FIX: Add http status checks to prevent image from being processed.
  • FIX: Fixed missing Card Styles thumbnails.
  • FIX: Re-adds missing times when set to display on a list item.
  • FIX: Fix issue where internal recipes aren’t pulling in descriptions from the Create card.
  • FIX: Fix issue where calculating nutrition wipes out custom disclaimer.
  • FIX: Fix issue with empty CPT options.
  • FIX: Fix issue where images can be pasted into the list title inputs.
  • FIX: Fix bug where products are getting duplicated.
  • FIX: Remove description from external lists.
  • FIX: Prevent sending request when there isn’t a search term.
  • FIX: Avoid CLS errors on recipe ads with explicit heights in the placeholders.
  • FIX: Prevent Recommended Products from downloading Amazon images to the Media Library.
  • FIX: Adjust SQL query to include post type when searching for internal items in Lists.
  • FIX: Add conditional check for text elements to prevent duplicate links from displaying in list schema.
  • COSMETIC: Update optimize button tooltip.
  • COSMETIC: Fix sticky header in collection and editor views.
  • COSMETIC: Update collection view so the title of the card is easily viewable.
  • COSMETIC: Remove some vertical space from the add new card views.
  • COSMETIC: Render the list of post outside of a dropdown in list collection view.
  • COSMETIC: Updated dark theme aggressive buttons CSS to a darker hover-state color.


  • FEATURE: Adds Skip to Recipe and Skip to How-To links for screen readers.
  • FEATURE: Adds Output JSON-LD Schema in Head setting. When setting is enabled, JSON-LD schema will be output in tag instead of within the card’s markup. Also, when multiple lists are rendered on a post, the JSON-LD schema will be combined into a single schema object for all matching canonical lists.
  • FIX: Adds rel=»noopener noreferrer» attribute to social call-to-action links
  • FIX: Fixes issue where star ratings in Create cards were causing CLS
  • FIX: Corrects help doc link when expanded Amazon link error appears
  • FIX: Fixes issue with links disappearing in Lists when adding similar Amazon urls
  • FIX: Adds THA-enabled theme support for Jump to Card buttons
  • FIX: Adds no-pin attribute to Amazon images in Lists
  • FIX: Prevents rare race condition when associating categories with cards


  • FIX: Prevents PHP notices from showing up when plugin is upgraded
  • FIX: Fixes issue with Always Enable Review Popup setting
  • FIX: Improves database performance when pulling reviews
  • FIX: Corrects parsing of external and internal link text on lists
  • COSMETIC: Removes extra character from Numbered List style


  • FEATURE: Add support for custom post types in Lists
  • FIX: Fix accessibility issue where button elements (focusable) with aria-hidden="true" was causing issues for screen readers
  • FIX: Fix admin accessibility issue so toggles are now high contrast if the Enable High Contrast setting is enabled
  • FIX: Remove calls to missing CSS and JS map files
  • FIX: Corrected a rare PHP undefined index notice
  • FIX: Only load Create meta block if there’s support for it, fixing issue with imports
  • FIX: Fix card review validation bugs and add asterisks to review title and content labels
  • FIX: Update to latest Trellis hook (tha_entry_before) for Jump-to-Card insertion
  • FIX: Amazon links can now be manually added to lists if original scrape fails
  • FIX: Block Pin button from outputting if Pin URL is pointing to
  • FIX: Remove old unused settings from database
  • FIX: Display seconds for card times if needed
  • FIX: Normalize nutrition of reimported recipes
  • FIX: Show custom nutrition disclaimer and custom affiliate message in admin previews
  • FIX: Prevent Shortpixel webp images from breaking Create card’s featured image
  • FIX: Restored functionality of Single Ad Density setting
  • FIX: Fix issue where the custom affiliate message wasn’t displaying properly on List cards
  • FIX: Fix issue where nutrition wouldn’t save for sites that were on the first generation of Create betas
  • FIX: Re-adds missing times when set to display on a list item
  • FIX: Show the register prompt in single product view if the user isn’t registered
  • FIX: Add rel=»nofollow» to buttons in list items that require it
  • FIX: Exclude Create’s inline JS from WP Rocket’s combined javascript
  • FIX: Fix missing Card Styles thumbnails
  • FIX: Fix issue where other plugins adding output to Gutenberg editor was causing Create cards to crash in Gutenberg
  • FIX: Pre-populates card title on new cards in Gutenberg editor
  • FIX: Fix issue where a user could not specify a custom thumbnail for Amazon links
  • COSMETIC: Adjust optimize button tooltip language
  • COSMETIC: Mediavine ads will never be floated on smaller screens


  • FIX: Fixes an authorization bug with Mediavine Control Panel 2.4.0, which prevented videos from being added to cards.


  • FEATURE: Add support for custom Jump To Recipe placement inside themes
  • FEATURE: Add Intercom chat widget directly inside the Create app!
  • FIX: Disable nofollow on external List items by default
  • FIX: Require review title and content for low ratings
  • FIX: Render reviews styling on page load for paginated comments
  • FIX: Update usage of routing functions to remove PHP Notice
  • FIX: Prevent GumGum from applying ads to Create product images
  • FIX: Prevent WPRM from deleting converted Create cards
  • FIX: Exclude Lists from Comment Ratings Field Pro ratings
  • FIX: Fix external list scrape error


  • FIX: Fixes issue where domains with «alt» in the name were losing their featured image
  • FIX: In List cards, the Pinterest button now uses the Pinterest fields of each item
  • FIX: Optimizes revisions deletion on publish, improving admin performance
  • FIX: Fixes retrieval of Create card custom fields
  • FIX: Adds method and target to form tag for AMP support
  • FIX: Moves Jump to Card button outside of content on Trellis and Genesis themes
  • FIX: Corrects an issue where ordered and unordered lists were not appearing correctly in description text
  • FIX: Fixes mv_create_print_card_style filter
  • FIX: Removes automatic download of Amazon product link images
  • FIX: Corrects a problem in Circle layout lists where the wrong image ratio is used
  • FIX: Sets alt attributes on list images to blank as they are for decorative purposes only
  • FIX: Adds position, URL, and Images to recipe instruction JSON-LD schema
  • FIX: Adjusts slugs of old Create cards, preventing redirection conflicts with Yoast SEO Premium
  • COSMETIC: Buttons in card previews are now consistent with theme
  • COSMETIC: Sets base colors for review forms


  • FIX: Removes noreferrer attribute from external links as it causes conflicts with Amazon Affiliate links
  • FIX: Fixes performance timeouts caused by overly large revisions tables by temporarily removing card revision limits


Social Footers
The primary feature of the 1.6 Create release is the addition of a social sharing footer. Encourage your followers to share your cards on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest!

  • To enable this setting, register your plugin if you haven’t already. Then, go to «Pro» settings. Click the Enable Social Footer checkbox. Then select the default service, enter your usernames, and update the text you want displayed on the cards.
  • Social footers can be adjusted on a per card basis user the Custom Fields section in the admin for each card.

Other Changes
Additionally, we have some other features and improvements.

  • FEATURE: Create now only generates additional image sizes when an image is added to a card, saving disk space
  • FEATURE: Adds setting to select which Create image sizes should never be generated
  • FEATURE: You can prevent images within cards from being pinned by adding no-pin="true" to the shortcode [mv_img] so it will look something like [mv_img id="100" no-pin="true"]
  • FEATURE: Adds noopener noreferrer to external links
  • FEATURE: Limits the number of revisions a given card can have
  • FIX: Adds language localization support for Prep, Cook, and Additional Time labels
  • FIX: Fixes over-expanding of traditional nutrition display
  • FIX: Prevents nutrition disclaimer from appearing within traditional nutrition display
  • FIX: Improves notices when an Amazon Product Advertising API error occurs, with the goal of providing more specific error messages
  • FIX: Updates image tags to have better data attributes for Pinterest
  • FIX: Prevents fatal errors when deleting recommended products
  • FIX: Improves front-end javascript performance
  • FIX: Prevents unnecessary database calls from backend requests
  • COSMETIC: Removes unnecessary text on card Previews


  • FIX: Improves compatibility with eStore and AmaLinks Pro plugins


  • FIX: Adjusts namespaces of 3rd-party scripts to prevent ALL conflicts between our Amazon implementation and other plugins
  • FIX: Fixes issue where some Amazon affiliate keys were permanently set as provisioning
  • FIX: Better error prevention for older versions of WordPress and PHP
  • FIX: Prevents app from crashing when a list item was initially added as a revision of a post


  • ENHANCEMENT: Adds minor UI improvements to Gutenberg
  • ENHANCEMENT: Adds «Add Manually» link to any Amazon error when adding an Amazon link to a list
  • ENHANCEMENT: Improves warning messages from incorrect Amazon credentials
  • ENHANCEMENT: Card author fields can now have more than 30 characters
  • ENHANCEMENT: Better normalization for Amazon keys when pasting into a field
  • ENHANCEMENT: Adds review button near the comments/reviews tab
  • ENHANCEMENT: Cards rendered in the first viewport will have full styles instead of waiting on scroll
  • ENHANCEMENT: Auto-calculated zero nutrition values for Net Carbs and Sugar Alcohols will not display. Global and per card settings added to enable.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Numbered list items without an image are styled and no longer overlap into descriptions
  • FIX: Adds proper error message and deactivates plugin instead of fatal on PHP 5.3
  • FIX: Fixes an issue where removing the canonical post of a card didn’t adjust the canonical post
  • FIX: Print card pages are now compatible with DMS theme
  • FIX: Escapes quotes in and truncates Pinterest descriptions to prevent Pin button errors
  • FIX: Improves reliability of UI with older cards
  • FIX: Reviews tab will now load if jump to comments button is clicked
  • FIX: Colors on Hero lists are corrected to match rest of description area


  • FIX: Fixes fatal conflict with more plugins using older version of Guzzle
  • FIX: Restores star ratings to default color of gold instead of black
  • FIX: Fixes a slow query related to the Amazon API feature


  • FIX: Fixes fatal conflict with plugins using older version of Guzzle


  • FIX: Fixes issue with manually adding list items
  • FIX: Fixes fatal conflict with other Amazon WordPress plugins


  • ENHANCEMENT: Adds support for Amazon Affiliates in recommended products
  • FIX: Fixes issue where old beta Create cards were preventing post from saving in the Classic Editor
  • FIX: Half star ratings render correctly on cards
  • FIX: List items again respect internal and external link settings


  • FIX: List items with numbered style are clickable again


  • FIX: Fixes an issue where older videos caused cards to not render


  • ENHANCEMENT: Prevents some 3rd-party plugins from affecting Create card previews
  • ENHANCEMENT: Front-end renders now support IE11 with custom colors
  • ENHANCEMENT: Admin UI display improvements
  • ENHANCEMENT: Better display of Mediavine ads on JTC click
  • ENHANCEMENT: Tweaks list markup for better SEO
  • ENHANCEMENT: Improves error messages for unscraped external list items
  • FIX: Reviews section no longer pushes down comments with white space on front-end render
  • FIX: Correct resolution image displays on Big Hero card renders
  • FIX: Fixes issue where pre-1.0 users couldn’t edit recommended products


Jump To Card
We heard you! The primary addition of the 1.5 Create release is the addition of Jump To Card links within posts. In order to make this feature great, we worked to optimize placement of Mediavine ads within cards when users click the jump button. We understand the value of great reader experiences, so we made sure to mitigate potential issues with ad viewability for publishers who enable this feature. (If you’re not a Mediavine publisher, you have nothing to worry about here!)

  • To enable this setting, register your plugin if you haven’t already. Then, go to «Pro» settings. Click the Jump To Card checkbox. That’s it!
  • Links will automatically be added to the top of posts – no need to add them manually!
  • Links can be disabled on a post-by-post basis with the «Disable Jump To Recipe» control in the Create sidebar. Note that this feature requires Gutenberg – refer to our Gutenberg help guide if you need to install Gutenberg].
  • Buttons can be one of three styles – a link, or a solid or hollow button. Buttons can either use gray or – if you’ve enabled custom colors for your cards – your primary color. Both of these settings can be adjusted from the «Pro» tab.

Other Changes
Additionally, we have some other features and improvements.

  • New color picker: We’ve replaced the primary and secondary color selection tools with a text field that allows hex input, as well as some nice defaults.
  • Video schema improvements: Videos added to Create cards will now include video data as part of the Recipe or How-To schema instead of adding standalone Video schema, preventing duplicate schema issues. Schema is nice, but just to a limit!
  • Rating display: We fixed a bug that caused some sites to display inaccurate ratings within cards.
  • Ad display improvements: We fixed a bug that would cause Mediavine ads to always render after cards at the very end of posts, regardless of whether or not they should.
  • Performance enhancements: We’ve sped up the way cards render on a page, helping to increase page load performance.


  • ENHANCEMENT: Adds screen reader only text to Pinterest button
  • ENHANCEMENT: Better ad previews on live card preview
  • ENHANCEMENT: Adds option to disable ads between list items
  • ENHANCEMENT: Mediavine ads are centered within cards when rendered on smaller devices
  • ENHANCEMENT: Images added to Instructions and Notes now render in live card preview
  • FIX: Authors with no display name are filtered out from author dropdown, and all authors appear in How-To dropdown
  • FIX: Fixes issue where recommended products were not always reordering properly
  • FIX: Highlighting an inline link and editing no longer causes the modal to disappear immediately after render
  • FIX: Firefox cursor no longer jumps to beginning of text line
  • FIX: Ampersands look correct in live card preview
  • FIX: Mediavine ads appear on grid list cards
  • FIX: Current user’s capabilities are properly checked when custom permissions set in Create Settings
  • FIX: Product thumbnail images can now be changed without requiring a page refresh
  • FIX: Fixes issue where publish button would stay disabled after publishing
  • COSMETIC: Classy Circle cards now have centered descriptions


  • ENHANCEMENT: Updates video JSON-LD to match latest GSC requirements
  • ENHANCEMENT: Adds anchor tags to list item titles
  • ENHANCEMENT: Adds floating arrows to move through recipes in admin
  • ENHANCEMENT: Increases admin performance by removing unnecessary admin enqueues
  • ENHANCEMENT: Adjusts Mediavine ad logic
  • ENHANCEMENT: Removes brackets from detail view ingredients when the link is deleted


  • ENHANCEMENT: Adds support for WP Accessibility Helper plugin on print page
  • ENHANCEMENT: Prevents canonical post from being selected as a list item
  • ENHANCEMENT: Adds global default list button texts to dropdown
  • FIX: Normalizes apostrophes in WYSIWYG shortcodes
  • FIX: Improves display of primary image in card preview
  • FIX: Prevents errors on sites with older versions of Mediavine Control Panel
  • FIX: Images are now equally sized when viewing list with Grid style on mobile
  • FIX: Fixes «Choose from existing» link when editing card from a post
  • FIX: JSON-LD improvements to instructions anchor links
  • FIX: Disables nutrition calculation with ranged servings and adds tooltip notice
  • FIX: Fixes lists so the headings respect selected setting
  • FIX: Makes sure Mediavine ads are never placed in header
  • FIX: Supports «ugly» permalinks
  • FIX: Pinterest button location settings properly respected
  • FIX: Moves affiliate disclaimer above recommended products
  • FIX: JSON-LD schema now properly displays when canonical is second card on post


  • FIX: Ad Hint Conflict
  • FIX: Prevents Mediavine ads from loading in Recommended Products
  • FIX: Nutrition calculate button no longer disabled when Create registered


  • ENHANCEMENT: Loads admin font from CDN, reducing plugin file size
  • FIX: Fixes issue with card creation on older versions of PHP (below 7.0.13) with opcache disabled
  • FIX: Pinterest button on cards again works when Mediavine Control Panel is activated
  • FIX: Prevents too many Mediavine ads from loading in rare circumstances
  • FIX: Front-end reviews by visitors no longer appear clickable


  • ENHANCEMENT: Ads for Mediavine publishers are now generated more reliably within instructions
  • ENHANCEMENT: The ability to rate a recipe with a half star has been removed
  • ENHANCEMENT: Video thumbnails are now displayed in a card’s preview
  • ENHANCEMENT: Messaging for errors when adding list items is now more descriptive
  • ENHANCEMENT: 3/4 and 2/5 are now options in the Special Characters selection modal
  • FIX: Ads for Mediavine publishers are no longer placed at the end of Lists
  • FIX: Brings in custom thumbnails on Mediavine videos
  • FIX: List items pointing to a subdomain now appear in JSON-LD
  • FIX: Fix issue where categories haven’t been selected
  • FIX: Prevent duplicate list items
  • FIX: Fix issue where an additional line break was insterted while adding materials
  • FIX: JSON-LD anchor link for How-To cards now links to correct step
  • FIX: Adding a card to a post can no longer create duplicates if publish button is double clicked
  • FIX: Adding a list item to a list will now always place the item in the correct spot
  • FIX: Correctly round the aggregate rating in the JSON-LD output
  • FIX: Clicking the print button on a card more reliably brings up the print dialog


  • ENHANCEMENT: Manual Nutrition fields for Net Carbs and Sugar Alcohols
  • FIX: List’s support for pages
  • FIX: Check for Server support of PHP Extenstions xml and mbstring
  • FIX: Issue where logged in users couldn’t use external links services
  • FIX: Insert products at the beginning of the list
  • FIX: Ensure updates to Products would propogate across the site
  • FIX: Possible issue with reviews if comments were empty
  • FIX: Possible issue with upgrading mv_recipe shortcodes to mv_create shortcodes
  • FIX: Issue where number of servings wasn’t updated in API request
  • FIX: Surface Nutrition API Error to UI


  • ENHANCEMENT: List items can now easily be added between others, and all items can be collapsed with a button
  • ENHANCEMENT: Better filter support in admin
  • ENHANCEMENT: Pasting content into WYSIWYG now retains formatting
  • ENHANCEMENT: Admin notice displayed if outdated Mediavine Recipe Importer plugin is found
  • ENHANCEMENT: Featured images pulled from a website for a list will provide a notice if they weren’t downloaded
  • ENHANCEMENT: Warning is provided when a new category is about to be added
  • ENHANCEMENT: Setting added to remove popup review prompt on ratings above 4 stars
  • ENHANCEMENT: Filter mv_create_ratings_prompt_threshold can be returned with a number for a different popup review prompt threshold
  • ENHANCEMENT: Filter mv_create_ratings_submit_threshold can be returned with a number for a different required review for rating level (Default is 4)
  • ENHANCEMENT: You can now add an internal page as a list item
  • ENHANCEMENT: JSON-LD can be disabled on individual How-To cards.
  • FIX: Minor bugs with WYSIWYG editor
  • FIX: Fix bugs when pasting ingredient URLs with extra spaces
  • FIX: Amazon links now properly save in the URL field for external list items
  • FIX: Hero Lists now render longer titles properly on mobile devices
  • FIX: Fix issues with certain UI elements improperly overlapping others
  • FIX: Cleaner deletion of reviews through admin
  • FIX: Remove style descrepancy of descriptions in cards
  • FIX: Ingredients now display in the correct order in the card preview
  • FIX: Fix issue where blank settings were being created on a few sites
  • FIX: Fix issue with reordering list items through the use of buttons
  • FIX: Google Search Console will no longer error when there are multiple How-To cards on a post


  • ENHANCEMENT: WYSIWYG editors now support hard line breaks in lists with the use of Shift+Enter
  • ENHANCEMENT: Card ratings modal now has a close button
  • FIX: Detail editor no longer has disappearing text of previous ingredients when editing another
  • FIX: Styled text in WYSIWYG can now be edited after initial publish
  • FIX: List items and ingredients no longer disappear when reordering
  • FIX: When the importers plugin is active, the re-importer works again with the new 1.4 UI


  • ENHANCEMENT: Filter mv_generate_intermediate_sizes_return_early can be returned false to disable image regeneration of older images
  • ENHANCEMENT: Set default ingredients view to bulk instead of detail
  • FIX: Fix issue where card style setting was incorrect from older versions of Create
  • FIX: Reviews now display the correct date/time, with absolute time in a tooltip
  • FIX: Safari users can now edit list descriptions in Classic and Gutenberg editors
  • FIX: Adding an image no longer will break list format in instructions
  • FIX: Custom nutrition disclaimer is now used, falling back to global setting
  • FIX: Image picker no longer refreshes page when importing a recipe
  • FIX: Shortcodes with IDs of deleted cards will no longer attempt to render
  • FIX: Fix obscure bug with JSON-LD output on custom PHP installs
  • FIX: Fix bug with styled instruction content disappearing


  • FIX: Images display in instructions again
  • FIX: Fixed an issue where instruction content was disappearing
  • FIX: Editing a card no longer removes content in the Classic Editor if another shortcode exists
  • FIX: Support again for versions 4.7-4.9 of WordPress


  • FIX: Fix issue where admin UI wasn’t displaying for some people
  • FIX: Safari users can now edit list descriptions
  • FIX: Nested modals such as adding videos and links no longer break in Gutenberg
  • FIX: Ingredients are saved in the correct order


  • Versions 1.4.0-1.4.4 were for beta testing

  • We hired a designer! The admin has been re-skinned. (We love you, Kat!)

  • Changes to List UI: Lists now support text in between items.
  • Changes to video: new videos will include duration data in schema.
  • Changes to products: Products use our services API, which improves reliability of image scraping.
  • Changes to autosave: Autosave actions will occur more predictably.
  • Improves size and performance of client-side JavaScript.

New features:
* Cards can now use your brand colors! Go to Settings > Display and click «enable» under «Colors.»
* Changes to instructions: The Instructions UI limits content to those which are best for SEO. Existing content can be optimized using the «Optimize» button.
– User reviews can be made public and will display in …