Meow Lightbox


This is a responsive minimal Lightbox built for photographers, which displays EXIF information. This lightbox is highly optimized and designed to be fast and beautiful. Learn more about it here: Meow Lightbox.


  • Diseño adaptable. Se ve genial en móviles, tabletas y pantallas más grandes.
  • Imágenes adaptables. La resolución de la imagen se adaptará a la resolución de pantalla y el dispositivo.
  • Muestra imagen / información EXIF. Velocidad de obturación, apertura, camera, lentes.


If you want to see how it performs, have a look at those examples.


Creemos que la elección de la galería debe estar en tu mano. De todas maneras, nosotros recomendamos Meow Gallery.


Getting the Pro version will support us and the development of the plugin, and also add those features:

  • Preloading: the images will load faster (or even instantly) in the Lightbox.
  • Google Maps: if GPS is available in your image, a map will be available.
  • Deep-Linking: allow sharing an URL that will open the Lightbox directly on a specific image.


Por defecto, el selector está configurado con ‘.entry-content, .gallery, .mgl-gallery’.
Si necesitas que la caja de luz esté activa en más selectores, tendrás que actualizar los ajustes. El plugin aplicará la caja de luz a las imágenes contenidas en el selector. Para más información, por favor visita la página oficial.

Idiomas: Inglés y Español (gracias a Nahuai Badiola).


  • Lightbox mostrando los datos EXIF


  1. Sube el plugin meow-lightbox al directorio /wp-content/plugins/
  2. Activa el plugin en el menú de WordPress de ‘Plugins’.

Preguntas frecuentes

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agosto 15, 2019
Highly configurable and light on it's feet. I use this with Meow Gallery Pro and it's the perfect combination for my needs. I also never have to worry about detangling from WordPress's existing gallery should I ever need to remove it. Do yourself a favor and give it a try!
agosto 7, 2019
Was not easy to find a light box for Gutenberg and this one worked right out of the box! Works so well, I upgraded to Pro, just to support the developers. Thank you! P.S. I'm not a photographer either. Simply using this plugin to display images.
junio 18, 2019
I switched to using the Meow Gallery and Meow Lightbox after using NextGen Gallery Pro for several years. I have tested Envira gallery as well, and I prefer the combination of Meow Gallery and Meow Lightbox due to simplicity and performance. The Lightbox can display exif data as well as caption and other photo info. It is lightweight and is definitely a performance improvement over the NextGen Gallery Pro. The Lightbox will work on just about any image on your webpage or posts, and you may need to disable Meow Lightbox from grabbing the images. This is easily done in the Meow Lightbox settings by adding a specific class to the Anti=Selector section. I found it liked to display the thumbnails from my WP Show Posts lists, so I added the ".wp-show-posts-image" to the Anti Selector, and now it works as expected.
mayo 28, 2019
I've used other gallery/lightbox plugins, but the Meow gallery is the one I prefer most. It works seamlessly with the WP/LR plugin and makes the display of photos in a beautiful format easy as can be.
mayo 24, 2019
I like this plugin and would give 5 stars, if the Location Map could be used with openstreetmap.
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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

“Meow Lightbox” es un software de código abierto. Las siguientes personas han colaborado con este plugin.


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Registro de cambios


  • Fix: There was an JS error with ImageLoad.
  • Update: Improve sizing of low-res image.
  • Fix: Compatibility with IE11.


  • Fix: REST requests with the GET method were handled by the plugin (and they shouldn’t).
  • Update: Loader SVG was moved inline.


  • Fix: Avoid notices when lens it not available in EXIF.
  • Fix: Swipe detection.


  • Fix: Simpler and probably better REST detection.
  • Fix: Potential fix for WooCommerce.
  • Add: Support more camera names.


  • Fix: Remove the notices about the ‘Undefined index: geo_coordinates’ and the missing path.
  • Add: Filters for all the image information.
  • Add: Enable right click option.
  • Info: If you like this lightbox, please review it. We absolutely need your help in order to add fresh features. You can do it here. Thanks a lot 🙂


  • Add: Image Size option (Responsive Images or defined Image Size).
  • Add: Low-Res First, Deep-Linking.
  • Update: Better loader and cleaner JS.


  • Fix: Issue with OB and REST updates in the Post Editor.
  • Update: Dashboard and common librairies refreshed.
  • Update: Default settings are now set to use OB Mode and HtmlDomParser. If that brings issues for you, please have a look at this: For broken HTML / other issues, and try the second piece of code.


  • Fix: There was a little mess-up with the Output Buffering.
  • Update: Back-end process go through all images instead of being limited by the selector (selector is activated in the front only).
  • Info: Sorry, there was a lot of work done on the plugin this week to make it work everywhere, as always, your feedbacks are really valuable. Thank you so much 🙂


  • Add: New hidden/internal options.
  • Updated: Now use OB, coupled with a fast parsing engine.
  • Update: Still trying to find the best compromise compatibility/performance (with default behavior that works on 99.8% of the installs). Now the internals of the plugin can work differently depending on internal options, so if you have an issue, please contact us and we will look into it.


  • Update: Fix HTML issues and rendering.
  • Update: Additional compatibility for W3C.


  • Fix: Little issue caused by anti-selector.
  • Fix: Captions and EXIF weren’t showing in images used outside galleries. The Lightbox is now parsing the DOM to actually get all the required information and should work for everything.
  • Info: If you like this lightbox, please review it. We absolutely need your help in order to add fresh features. You can do it here. Thanks a lot 🙂


  • Note: Many things were fixed in the very last commit, but are linked to the very recent changes. Please have a look at the changes below, and it is also recommended to visit your settings for the Lightbox and click on the Reset Cache button (at the top).
  • Update: Refactoring of many parts of the lightbox, settings were simplified.
  • Update: Do not use slow asynchronous requests anymore = no more delay, the lightbox works right away, with EXIF caching.
  • Update: Icons and styles were reviewed.
  • Fix: The little images are not blown out anymore.
  • Info: If you like this lightbox, please review it. We absolutely need your help in order to add fresh features. You can do it here. Thanks a lot 🙂


  • Fix: Cache was not always reset accordingly.


  • Fix: GPS was not being cached.
  • Fix: Ajax calls optimization.
  • Update: Caching optimization.


  • Update: Added Anti Selector (CSS selector) to avoid Lightbox to be applied.
  • Fix: Better display of arrows on light photos.
  • Fix: There was an issue when the same photo was used twice on the same page.
  • Fix: Incompatibility had the bad effect to freeze the website.
  • Update: Compatibility with WP 5 and Gutenberg.


  • Fix: Remove Updraft link.
  • Update: For speed and confidentiality purposes, top using external CDNs. Inline SVGs are used instead.
  • Info: si te gusta este lightbox, deja una reseña, por favor. Necesitamos tu ayuda para poder seguir añadiendo funcionalidades. Lo puedes hacer aquí: Muchas gracias 🙂


  • Add: By default, also add the Lightbox to the Meow Gallery.
  • Update: Display a message in the admin if the Permalinks are not enabled (they are required by the Lightbox API).


  • Actualización: Limpieza de código.
  • Fix: SSL verify for updates.


  • Add: Swipe.
  • Fix: Issue with preloading.
  • Fix: Issue with vertical photo.


  • Fix: If there are errors in the EXIF, show images anyway.
  • Arreglo: Incompatibilidad con versiones más antiguas de PHP.


  • Añadido: Mapa para el diseño de fotografía, si hay coordenadas GPS.
  • Añadido: Coordenadas GPS para las imágenes.
  • Actualización: Mejor rendimiento.
  • Update: Disable PrettyPhoto if it is forced by a theme.


  • Add: Option to choose which caption to display in the lightbox (caption or description).


  • Update: Better handing of the API calls.
  • Pro: Pre-carga.


  • Add: Lens information.
  • Update: Bigger arrows.
  • Update: Camera info, from now this data will be made «nicer» to look at little by little.


  • Add: Theme (Dark or Light)
  • Add: Layout (Minimal)
  • Update: Improved options.


  • Fix: Was catching too many JS key events.
  • Add: Swiping images
  • Add: ‘Close’ button


  • First release.