Mesmerize Companion


El plugin Mesmerize Companion añade la funcionalidad de edición de páginas de arrastrar y soltar al tema Mesmerize.

Las características del plugin Mesmerize Companion incluyen:

  • Hermosa página de inicio lista para usar
  • Personalización de página de arrastrar y soltar
  • Más de 30 secciones de contenido predefinidas
  • Edición de contenido en vivo
  • y muchas otras características


Plugin Mesmerize Companion para WordPress, Copyright © 2017 Horea Radu
El plugin Mesmerize Companion para WordPress tiene licencia GPL3 (

A menos que se especifique lo contrario, todos los archivos del tema y los scripts tienen licencia GNU General Public License.

Las excepciones a esta licencia son las siguientes:

  • Hammer.JS – v2.0.8 –
    Con licencia de MIT (
    Copyright (c) Jorik Tangelder;

  • countUp.js @inorganik –
    Con licencia de MIT (

  • Backstretch –
    Copyright © 2013 Scott Robbin
    Con licencia de MIT (

  • modernizr v3.3.1 –
    Con licencia de MIT (
    Copyright © Faruk Ates, Paul Irish, Alex Sexton, Ryan Seddon, Patrick Kettner, Stu Cox, Richard Herrera

  • Spectrum Colorpicker v1.8.0 –
    Con licencia de MIT (
    Copyright © Brian Grinstead

  • SpeakingURL –
    Con licencia bajo la licencia BSD3 (
    Copyright © 2013-2017 Sascha Droste

  • Kirki de Aristeides Stathopoulos –
    Con licencia de MIT (

  • Imágenes

Las siguientes imágenes utilizadas en el plugin se distribuyen bajo la licencia Creative Commons Zero,

* theme-data/mesmerize/sections/images/about-img-5.jpg

* theme-data/mesmerize/sections/images/apple-1838564-big.jpg

* theme-data/mesmerize/sections/images/apple-1838564.jpg

* theme-data/mesmerize/sections/images/background-2498615.jpg

* theme-data/mesmerize/sections/images/computer-2569652.jpg

* theme-data/mesmerize/sections/images/laptop-2559795.jpg

* theme-data/mesmerize/sections/images/mockup-863469.jpg

* theme-data/mesmerize/sections/images/people-2605526.jpg

* theme-data/mesmerize/sections/images/team-1.jpg

* theme-data/mesmerize/sections/images/team-2.jpg

* theme-data/mesmerize/sections/images/team-3.jpg

* theme-data/mesmerize/sections/images/team-4.jpg

* theme-data/mesmerize/sections/images/team-5.jpg

* theme-data/mesmerize/sections/images/team-6.jpg

* theme-data/mesmerize/sections/images/team-7.jpg

* theme-data/mesmerize/sections/images/team-8.jpg

* theme-data/mesmerize/sections/images/urban-438393.jpg

* theme-data/mesmerize/sections/images/woman-1209584.jpg

Las siguientes imágenes se exportan desde Font Awesome

Font Awesome 4.7.0 por @davegandy – – @fontawesome
Licencia – (Fuente: SIL OFL 1.1, CSS: Licencia MIT)

* customizer/assets/icons/brush-hover.png
* customizer/assets/icons/brush.png
* customizer/assets/icons/check.png
* customizer/assets/icons/chevron-right.png
* customizer/assets/icons/close.png
* customizer/assets/icons/cog-white.png
* customizer/assets/icons/cog.png
* customizer/assets/icons/plus-black.png
* customizer/assets/icons/plus.png
* customizer/assets/icons/slash.png
* customizer/assets/icons/swap.png
* customizer/assets/icons/toggle-menu-active.png
* customizer/assets/icons/toggle-menu.png
* customizer/assets/icons/toolbar-cog.png
* customizer/assets/icons/trash-o.png
* customizer/assets/icons/trash.png
* customizer/assets/icons/up-down.png

Las siguientes imágenes son la creación de Horea Radu y se distribuyen bajo Creative Commons Zero License,

* theme-data/mesmerize/sections/images/logo1.png
* theme-data/mesmerize/sections/images/logo2.png
* theme-data/mesmerize/sections/images/logo3.png
* theme-data/mesmerize/sections/images/logo4.png

* sections/images/quote.png
* customizer/assets/icons/reorder-handler.png


16 de enero de 2023
A real team of PRO Coders!!! It’s been several years since I took the Mesmerize Pro as a Template and Happiness to have assistance when a problem occurs on my site !!!! They were able to meet my expectations after updating the PHP version used on my Wordpress, they did it in record time! Kudos to this great team! Congratulations Mr Bogdan Crisan and Thank you! Seb VDK Informatique
5 de abril de 2021
We’ve used Mesmerize Pro for a few years and on a few sites. It’s very easy to use with great pre-built layouts. It’s not too simple and it’s not too sophisticated, so it sits right where we need it in terms of we’re-not-developers use. But what’s really great is the level of support. It’s fast (rarely even have to wait for next day, even sometimes at unsociable hours), and the guys there have on a couple of occasions produced short videos specially for me to understand something, and on one occasion gone onto our site to sort things.
22 de marzo de 2021
Not sure what happened, but with every other plugin I have disabled, I still can’t update my theme. Going to have to find a new theme now.
22 de agosto de 2020
I have purchased a theme. but now 1 year has passed. The privatization section has been closed. He tells me to extend the support day. However, it is said that we can use this theme at the end of the day before purchasing it on the site. what will we do now .
30 de junio de 2020
Plugin is quite flexible and seems really robust and reliable. I’ve used Extend products for a few years now, and, tho their products have been quite forward-thinking, support was a bit hit-or-miss at times which could be frustrating. Clearly these guys have addressed that!!! Support is now fast, and, so far, 100% in terms of solutions. Seriously impressed!!
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