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14 de marzo de 2021
I have been searching for a simple and working maximum and minimum plugin for long time. So far this is the best one. The only two things if it had then would be the best ever: 1 If I could change the message text colour or the background of the text. 2 if it had the option to redirect to the basket when the rule of check out was not satisfied.
2 de febrero de 2021
I wanted to define a minimum order quantity per role and per product category while also being able to set it per product. The plugin worked for all these scenarios and I especially like that there's a tab where you can quickly modify the default messages. Still, there's room for improvement in terms of the documentation and tips for configuring the plugin. At first, it wasn't obvious to me that the settings for the product category were set by editing the category itself.
28 de enero de 2021
This is the 4th plugin I have tested today which does not work. First off, if you dont even write simple English sentences into the plugin, then one cannot trust you with proper program code (Jquery i.e. indicated 10 PHP errors alone in the admin area) This plugin does not work at all, whatever settings I have tried. I am just asking this: Why is nobody testing their garbage before uploading it? Why is Wordpress of all pages allowing this spam? Also, will there EVER be a decent min/max plugin? This plugin at least sucks the most, maybe I can find one which is worse.
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