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Zoom is the leader of modern video communications with a reliable cloud platform for audio-video conferencing, chat.

MWA Zoom Meetup plugin gives you the functionality to manage all zoom functions and features from the WordPress dashboard. You can create and organize zoom meetings, recordings, reports and Add users easily for sending meeting details from WordPress admin panel. Mwa zoom meetup plugin provides a powerful tool to manage all remote type of work with the help of video conferences, online meetings, chat sessions.

You can easily manage to create, delete meeting and add participants, a user easily. create token and manage token, copy and paste the shortcode to post/page for a fast view of meeting & you can set the meeting for registered and all users with settings (view type). Admin can set the meeting in widget or page/post using widget button help for users view.


  • Compatible with WordPress
  • Provides integration of Zoom on WordPress
  • Compatible with Zoom API
  • Manage your Live Zoom meetings.
  • Has admins area to manage the meetings
  • Display your Zoom meeting & link them on WordPress posts & page using shortcode.
  • Display your Zoom meeting using widget.
  • Add and manage users for sending mail to send meeting url.
  • Drag and drop the meeting in Elementor Plugin
  • Admin has full control for check the status of live meeting, past meeting, total meeting , registered meetings, all users using Dashboard MENU.

Premium Features:

  • All Free plugin feature plus
  • JOIN meeting on your site via Meetarea feature.
  • Add dynamic page/post url for specific meeting – when send mail of meeting details to selected users
  • Add multiple token for meetings – For create meeting at same time.
  • Meeting is protected with end to end encryption setting.
  • Start Meeting Recording as locally or cloud with recording setting.
  • Multiple google account can manage for add meeting to google calender.
  • Add meeting to google calender event.
  • Add and manage users for sending mail to send meeting url.
  • Drag and drop the meeting in Elementor Plugin
  • Purchasable Meetings !
  • Upgrade To Pro

Extension for Purchasable Meeting:
Addon: WooCommerce Integration


Create and manage zoom token


  • Enables direct integration of Zoom into WordPress.
  • Enables most of the settings from zoom via admin panel.
  • Provides Shortcode to conduct the meeting via any WordPress page/post or custom post type pages
  • Separate Admin area to manage all meetings.


You can get your shorcodes from individual meetings after creating certain meeting.

  • [mwazoom_showmeeting=»12345″] – Just enter your meeting ID and you are good to show your meeting in any page.


  • MWA Zoom Meetup Dashboard (View Meetings Report)
  • Token Manager
  • Edit Token Manager
  • Create Meeting
  • Manage Meeting ( Meeting List )
  • Add User and list ( Manage Users settings- with status block and enabled to specific users )
  • Send meeting notification via e-mail of added users
  • MWA Zoom Meetup Widget
  • MWA Zoom Meetup Button ( Direct access to insert the meeting shortcode into page/post)
  • MWA Zoom Meetup Button Modal
  • Shortcode - View of meeting information with setting - Meeting only for Registered Users.
  • Shortcode - View of meeting information with setting - Meeting Any one can join.
  • Manage Zoom Meeting in Elementor Plugin with support of widget.
  • Drag and drop the meeting in Elementor Plugin.


Search for the plugin -> add new dialog and click install, or download and extract the plugin, and copy the the mwa-wp-zoom plugin folder into your wp-content/plugins directory and activate.


Do i need a Zoom Account ?

Yes, you should be registered in Zoom. Also, on the plan you are using there depends the number of hosts and users you can add.


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  • Add join before host setting for add meeting
  • Update upgrade to pro link
  • Update tags
  • Update screenshot of create meeting with join before host setting


  • Update upgrade to pro page, banner
  • Add screenshot with support of elementor plugin
  • Renew plugin title


  • Add upgrade to pro menu and features
  • Renew tags, logo, banner
  • Tested upto WordPress 5.6


  • Add token manager delete button – for delete token in token manager page.
  • Add End To End Encryption mode on – for secure meetings.


  • ADD URI at plugin installer page.
  • Add Agenda setting in create meeting menu.
  • Add Clock Picker for create meeting.
  • Update Translator file.


  • Added Screenshots works like plugin manual guide.
  • Update plugin description.


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