MyBooking Reservation Engine


Mybooking Reservation Engine WordPress plugin. Build a reservation engine connected to your mybooking account.

Mybooking plugin can be used to create reservation engine for:

  • Car rental
  • Kayak/Surf/Paddle surf rental
  • Boats rental
  • Accommodation
  • Activities or tours
  • Appointments
  • Sport courts


  • Activity/Tour checkout page
  • Activity/Tour calendar widget
  • Renting choose product page
  • Renting choose product page (multiple products)
  • Renting checkout page


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/plugin-name directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Use the Settings->Mybooking screen to configure the plugin

A mybooking account is required. The plugin connects to mybooking API to get product availability and prices
and to perform the checkout process. Please visit


Is mybooking free?

Yes, it is free. But you need a mybooking account.

Can I use the plugin to sell an activity/tours ?

Yes, there is activity shortcode that you can insert in your activity page to show availability and
sell activity/tour tickets.

Does it connect to payment gateways?

Yes, mybooking plugin can connect to Paypal, Redsys, Payment Addons, Cecebank and Transbank WebPay


7 de octubre de 2021
This is one of the most complete and robust booking engine for your WordPress. It has everything you may need to manage your car rental, bike rental, boat rentals and pretty much anything else out there. You can download the plugin for free but then you need an account from the company. You can request access for 14 days for free. Really worth it.
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Registro de cambios


  • Added Renting: Customer type (individual/company)
  • Added Renting: Manage renting setup without prices + Customer classifier
  • Fixed Renting: Summary/My Reservation – User customer full name
  • Fixed Renting: Product Calendar – occupation when multiple rental locations


  • Fixed Activities: Cyclic calendar prior dates style


  • Added Renting: Product search => Price range
  • Fixed Renting: Complete => Summary link with query string append id
  • Fixed Renting: Complete => Extra country fields selector
  • Fixed Activities: Multiple payment methods


  • Renting: Multiple Branch offices
  • Renting: Renting product catalog => Search component
  • Fixed: Renting selector custom address delivery/collection point
  • Profile/Customer: Password forgotten and change password


  • Renting : Added login/signup customer on complete step
  • Reservation Engine: Added russian translation
  • Renting/Activities : Products navigation with multi-language
  • Fixed: Promotion code with API Key


  • Fixed payment method validation when multiple payment methods are available


  • Renting : Avoid edit reservation data when reservation in progress/finished
  • Renting : Translations improvement Payment
  • Renting : Not available context: Contact by phone vs Not available


  • Renting : Key characteristics and characteristics alt text
  • Renting : Product navigation through slug instead of code
  • Reservation Engine Library: Allow engine extension
  • New CPT to manage catalog of products and activities


  • Fixed Reservation Engine Library : Edit selector dates


  • Fixed Terms and conditions translated page
  • Renting
    • Selector Form custom control to manage offers


  • Renting
    • Myreservation Form: Fixed maxlength issues


  • Contact Form
    • ReCaptcha integration
    • Added subject, source, rental location and sales channel attributes
  • Renting
    • Fixed selector expand datepicker clickable area


  • Renting Range Calendar
    • Date selector with Google Translation
    • Date range selection


  • Catala translation
  • Renting
    • Form selector date to disabled when changed return place
  • Renting Calendar
    • Next and Previous arrows in a button
  • Date selector with Google Translation


  • Renting
    • Avoid creating a reservation if exceeds the Max/Min duration. Show an alert


  • Renting
    • Business context translations


  • Renting
    • Fixed deliveries/collections dates/times search
    • Added sales channel code to wizard selector form


  • Renting
    • Fixed modify reservation modal form on some themes
    • Added info icon on product selection card


  • Custom form possibility in renting checkout


  • Templates review
  • Better integration with themes


  • Complements:
    • Testimonials
    • Popup
    • Cookies message


  • Renting module
    • FIXED Selector Form -> Family selector


  • Review for WordPress 5.5.1
  • Renting module:
    • Choose product -> Select only one product
  • French, German, Italian engine translations


  • Renting module:
    • Countries selector in multiple languages
    • Use of select2 or browser select on countries
    • Product calendar -> Configure sales channel
  • Activities module:
    • Fix: Payment with only one payment method
  • Translations review in order to match mybooking theme


  • Activities module:
    • Fix: Buy tickets «Book Now»


  • Renting module:
    • Promotion code on complete step
    • Show offer/promotion code discount on renting process pages
  • Activities module:
    • Full activity buy (not only tickets) -> Escape Room, Custom tours


  • Renting module:
    • My reservation: Fill driver, additional driver and flight data
  • Activities/Appointments module:
    • Allow to pay pending amount


  • Renting:

    • Affiliates integration.
    • My reservation: Fill-in contract data
  • Activities/Appointments modules:

    • Search by destination and category (two classifiers)
    • My reservation: Fill-in contract data


  • Appointments/Activities
    • Cancel reservation
    • Terms and conditions link
    • Mybooking/Activity integration : access activity by slug
    • Appointments/Activities search shortcode
  • Renting
    • Terms and conditions link
  • UX
    • Improve bootstrap modal integration: backdrop


  • Appointments capacity on Activities & Appointments module
  • Renting module:
    • Terms and conditions link on complete step
    • Selector wizard: Collection Point & steps title translations


  • Spanish translations (contact form and wizard destinations)
  • Better themes integration
    • Compatibility with bootstrap $.modal (fixed conflict with jquery-modal)
    • Font awesome fonts added
    • Bootstrap 4.4.1


  • Rent complete. Just pay now option not connecting to payment gateway
  • Product calendar choose Just One Date


  • First release.