Este plugin ha sido cerrado el 4 de octubre de 2021 y no está disponible para descargar. Motivo: Problema de seguridad.


8 de septiembre de 2021
Til the end of August, the plugin was working very good. Then, without any warning, the developper change the plugin, so that if you didn't have an activated (paid) license, you would not get any notification anymore when someone submit a form. 1 month after this change I didn't know about, I saw on the plugin page, that 2 people contacted me. I could only see that they contacted me 30 days ago. Could not read what they wrote me and i didn't got any notification. I had to buy the plugin to read their submission. They wanted to buy something very expensive for me. But now it was 30 days too late, I tried to contact them, but they were not interested anymore. So you should really not trust this developper, and actually they are absolutely not GPL. This free version is 100% useless. Create form, but you cant use them, what a joke!
3 de agosto de 2021
You are just wasting your time if you download and install the Free Version of this plug-in. Granted yes, you can create forms, however, you 'cannot' have these submissions sent to your email, nor can you use the submissions feature built into the plug-in itself. Given this, it renders the plug-in completely useless unless you upgrade to the Pro Version of it.
17 de marzo de 2021
This is the best plugin we have used for forms on WordPress. It is amazing how much you can do with this and the support is next level. This one is a real game changer for us.
25 de enero de 2021
Im using NEX-form for one year, and is the best and easy plugin for create forms and quiz for WordPress, very complete and the support is great. I found a bunch of videos on Youtube, explaining the plugin. I recomend NEX-form to everybody, because is a good product for everyone. Cheers.
13 de diciembre de 2020
Excellent plugin easy to use with many options to choose and excellent support
9 de diciembre de 2020
I've bought it off envato and it's been a great experience so far, the customization is huge and you're not required to know any code, highly recommend it I guarantee you won't regret buying it !!!!
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