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Nokia Maps & Places


Nokia Maps for Your Blog

Official Nokia Maps & Places plugin is powered by Nokia Maps API. Add it to your blog to share information about your favorite places and to display maps.


  • Easy to install: no need for additional configuration, adds a button to media insert/upload section
  • Easy to use: search using keywords or right click on the map, choose a place from a list, edit place title and insert the place widget into the editor
  • Three ready-to-use templates to customize your places widget
  • Use different map tiles including public transport and traffic information tiles
  • Support for dashboard QuickPress
  • All required data is stored in a shortcode, no additional tables needed
  • Readers of your blog will be able to:
  • Pan or zoom a map
  • Rate a place
  • Use contact information (phone number, e-mail, Web page)
  • See a place in Nokia Maps
  • Get directions on Nokia Maps
  • Share a place on Facebook or Twitter with one click
  • Share a place on any Web site using an URL
  • If a place allows booking (hotels, etc.) – initiate booking with one click



  • Nokia Maps & Places button in Upload/Insert section of Add New Post
  • Place search with suggestion list
  • Search results
  • Customize your map
  • Nokia Maps & Places widget in a post
  • Shortcode example
  • Select any place with right-click and use it in your widget
  • Use any place and customize place name
  • Include Nokia Maps Traffic into your place widgets
  • Show public transport information in a widget


Just follow one of procedures described here. We recommend using WordPress built-in installer. Remember to activate a plugin once it is installed.

Note: when upgrading a plugin make sure you deactivate and then remove existing plugin version using Plugins Panel in the Administration Panels of your WordPress site or manually, as described here.


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Registro de cambios


End of support Nokia Maps & Places plugin


  • Bugfixes


  • Bugfixes


  • Performance improvements for place display
  • Place search popup fix
  • Other bugfixes


  • Bugfixes


  • Compatibility fix. Plugin is now compatible with newest wordpress versions.


  • Bugfixes and improvements


  • Fixing NOTICE errors when wordpress is running in debug mode
  • Fixing bubble endless spinner when geo service fails
  • Other minor bugfixes and improvements


  • Switched to Nokia Maps API 2.2.1
  • Switched to new geocoder 6.2
  • Added Traffic and Public Transport in a wizard and in a place widget
  • Added «Get directions» link in actions (opens Nokia Maps in a new window, current implementation has pop-up blocking issues)
  • Bug fixes


  • Geo IP Location, then browser language preference is used for initial map position
  • Map Right Click location selection (possible coordinate selection when address is not available)
  • Introducing preview bubble during result selection
  • Possible place selection and zoom into place from the preview bubble
  • More search results displayed on map
  • Improved searching experience
  • Rendered map icons are clickable
  • Instant zooming to cities, countries and administration areas when searched
  • Increasing Thickbox window and map size
  • Introducing place title change
  • Tile type on «Customize your map» set according to tile type on «Search for the place or address»
  • Improved support for legacy addresses
  • Fixed layout issues


  • Nokia Maps API (2.2.0) used to generate Map and Places information
  • Introducing common identifier for both Places and Addresses (href parameter in shortcode)
  • Zoom level and tile type are persistent (during place layout selection, changing zoom level or tile type will reflect in final Place/Address display)
  • Fixed Layout issues for place/address selection wizard
  • Templates for place/address selection wizard are part of the plugin bundle
  • Numbers added to result list items will reflect the numbered pins shown on the map
  • Fixed layout issues for results with small amount of data
  • Improved pin positioning within place’s templates
  • ‘Results not found’ are communicated to the user


  • CSS bug fix


  • Support for sidebar widgets.
  • New compact template to use.
  • Bug fixes.


  • Fixed iframe url on frontend side – always use get_option(‘siteurl’)
  • New labels for Add place popup: display options (Customize your map)


  • Remove unused tinymce/colorbox
  • Remove unnecessary wp_enqueue_script from nokia-mapsplaces.php to fix failing placesapi GET requests
  • Replace nokia-places-plugin with nokia-mapsplaces
  • New contributor: radek.adamczyk


  • Initial release