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Nooz simplifies management of your press releases and press coverage content. It adds custom post types along with carefully crafted settings, giving you the flexibility needed to manage your corporate news section.

The plugin exposes the [nooz] shortcode allowing you to insert press release and press coverage lists on any of your pages.


  • Support for press release and press coverage post types
  • Add new press release
  • Add new press coverage
  • Shortcode settings
  • Press release settings
  • Press coverage settings


To install the plugin (recommended):

  1. Login to your WordPress installation
  2. Go to the Plugins page and click the «Add New» button
  3. Perform a search for «Nooz»
  4. Locate the Nooz plugin by Mighty Digital
  5. Click the «Install Now» button
  6. Click the «Activate» button

If you have downloaded the latest plugin ZIP file:

  1. Login to your WordPress installation
  2. Go to the Plugins page and click the «Add New» button
  3. Click the «Upload Plugin» button
  4. Click «Choose File» and select the Nooz plugin ZIP file
  5. Click the «Install Now» button
  6. Click the «Activate Plugin» button

If you have the latest plugin folder (unzipped/uncompressed files):

  1. Use SFTP (or other) to upload the Nooz plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory (on your web host)
  2. Login to your WordPress installation
  3. Go to the Plugins page and click the «Activate» link


Is it compatible with my theme/template?

Press releases and press coverage are created as post types and behave as such. This means that you can use all of the standard WordPress functionality to include posts into your templates. Additionally, the [nooz] shortcode allows you to insert press release and press coverage lists on any of your pages (see Nooz Settings > Help > Shortcode Usage).

Is the plugin available in my language?

It might be, check the «nooz/languages» folder to see if a translation is already available for your locale. You can use the included POT file to create a new translation for your region. Read more about WordPress Localization.

Is WordPress Multisite Supported?

We have not done much testing with the plugin on WordPress Multisite. We are doing our best to develop within the WordPress API.


28 de junio de 2017
I had trouble customising the press coverage page and the help I received was great! This plugin is easy to use and very flexible. I would recommend it.
3 de septiembre de 2016
I am SO glad I found this plugin to make adding press coverages AND releases super quick and easy. Also, from the looks of it, the devs are quite helpful with regards to support and open to ideas. I look forward to seeing what's ahead with this plugin!
3 de septiembre de 2016
Versatyle Design has a need to develop news pages for many of our clients' websites. Each client has unique needs and directives as they try to reach a public audience. Nooz is a wonderful solution that is easy to use, flexible, and has plenty of options for our clients as they maintain their content and market their companies. It works really well.
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Colaboradores y desarrolladores

«Nooz» es un software de código abierto. Las siguientes personas han colaborado con este plugin.


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Registro de cambios


  • added «meta» data value for use by custom post types
  • added check for duplicate plugin activation
  • improved shortcode post type (e.g. category) pretty URLs
  • improved managed post type handling
  • updated create_cpt init action priority from 10 to 50, allowing detection of user-defined post types using init action
  • updated shortcode help
  • fixed rewrite rules flush operation/timing


  • fixed issue with backward compatibility for display=»group»
  • updated readme.txt FAQs
  • updated screenshots


  • added language file for community translations
  • added support for keeping settings data during an uninstall automatically (no option needed)
  • added shortcode id attr support
  • fixed issue where shortcode attr «type» was used when «post_ids» was used
  • changed «Shortcode» settings tab to «General»
  • changed «Settings» to «Nooz Settings» to better orient admin users
  • removed «Plugin» settings tab
  • tested plugin with wordpress 5.3.2
  • updated plugin minimum wordpress version to 4.9


  • fixed issue with shortcode that required type=»» and post_ids=»» attributes be used together, using post_ids=»» should be enough
  • fixed issue with col=»» and rows=»» attributes being applied to every form field in Nooz Settings
  • improved field dependency functionality in Nooz Settings


  • fixed issue with default shortcode usage [nooz] or [nooz-release] (this issue was introduced in 1.4.1)
  • fixed undefined variable warning which may cause installation issues


  • improved css class name consistency, added similar css class names used in «outline» theme to «basic» theme
  • fixed issue where coverage source could have white space around content
  • fixed issue where white space at the beginning of a coverage link url caused it not to be displayed properly after publish/update


  • fixed «show_default_page_prompt_admin_notice()» call to be backward compatible
  • fixed «register_setting()» calls to be backward compatible
  • fixed «Requires at least» to an actual tested minimum wp version
  • fixed «Requires PHP» to an actual tested minimum php version


  • removed \Symfony\Component\ClassLoader dependency
  • added support for keeping settings data during an uninstall
  • added settings plugin group help content
  • improved autoloading and namespaces
  • improved prepending of plugin action links instead of appending; this moves «Settings» link before «Deactivate» link
  • improved screenshots
  • fixed plugin uninstall issue; WordPress would show a warning: «Deletion failed: The site is experiencing technical difficulties»


  • improved press release template for basic and outline theme
  • improved readme.txt installation section
  • improved admin styles and js
  • removed unneeded code dependencies
  • added a «Settings» link on the plugins page
  • added filter «nooz/settings/groups» with params $groups
  • added action «nooz/settings/setup» with params $active_group
  • added action «nooz/settings/setup/group={active_group}»
  • added php version to readme.txt
  • cleanup + code refactoring


  • added $atts variable to «nooz_posts_query_options» filter
  • tested with wordpress 5.2