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Notify.Events WordPress plugin – it’s the ultimate way to get notifications by SMS, Voice calls, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Telegram, Push-notifications and more than 20 popular messengers.

You can handle various events by sending messages to yourself and your employees, which will allow you to always stay informed.

Supported extensions and events

Notify.Events WordPress plugin supports main WordPress events and also events from some popular plugins such as WooCommerce and Contact Form 7. The full list of supported plugins and their events are listed below:


  • Post
    • Post Added
    • Post Published
    • Post sent for Review
    • Post Approved
  • Comment
    • Comment Added
  • User
    • User Registered
    • User Login
  • Other
    • E-Mail Send


  • Order:
    • New Order
    • Order Status Change
  • Product
    • Low Stock
    • Out Of Stock
    • On Backorder

Contact Form 7

  • Form Submit


  • Form Submit

Ninja Forms

  • Form Submit

If you have not found support for the plugin or event you need, then just leave a request in the «Support» section and we will try to help you.



Customize event message templates using predefined variables. You have a variables set for each plugin, depending on its settings.
For example: for Contact Form 7, your form fields will be available for you as a variables in message template editor.

Formatting the message

You can use simple text formatting to highlight key points for faster and better processing of messages.

Message prioritizing

Determine which messages will be delivered to certain recipient by priority. Focus only on the events you want.

Work time filter

Set up your channel to receive notifications during business hours.

Costs and Limits

The Notify.Events service has a free tariff, which is enough to fully use the service with a small number of messages sent per month. For more information about tariff plans and limits, please visit Pricing section.



  1. Install plugin «Notify.Events – Ultimate Notifications»
  2. Activate plugin through the Plugins screen (Plugins > Installed Plugins)
  3. Follow the «Configuration» instructions on the main plugin page


What notification methods do you support?

At the moment, we already have more than 30 notification methods, including SMS, Voice calls, Facebook Messenger, Telegram and many others. You can find a complete list of supported notification methods on the features page.

What is the cost of sending messages?

The Notify.Events service has a free tariff, which is enough to fully use the service with a small number of messages sent per month. For more information about tariff plans and limits, please visit Pricing section.

What happens after I run out of free messages?

Free messages are refreshing every 30 days, so you can continue sending when it refilled. And also you can always top up your balance and pay for messages even without connecting to any tariff. See the pricing page for details.

Do all recipients have to sign up to Notify.Events to start receiving messages?

No, you can share a link which all your recipients could use to subscribe to the notification channel. They will also be able to choose the most convenient method to receive messages.

Will I be able to send a message to several people at the same time?

Yes, when WordPress send a message to your channel, it will be sent to all channel’s subscribers automatically.

Is there any limit on the number of recipients?

No, you can give the opportunity to subscribe to your channel for an unlimited number of people.

Can I separate different kind of messages between my recipients?

Yes, for this you can group your recipients in different channels, as well as filter messages by priority or receiving time for each specific subscriber in a channel.

Is there any limit on the number of sent messages?

You are limited only in the number of incoming messages within your tariff.

Can I make broadcast mailings using the plugin?

No, sorry. The Notify.Events is not designed for this kind of service. No advertising broadcasts 😉


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