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NS Slidebar – Sliding Panel Sidebar


This is a theme add-on feature that creates a dynamic, expanding Search button in the top right corner of the page. The Search button expands into a Search field and sliding widget side panel that contains a widget area for widgets. The side panel also displays search results above any widgets that are there.


  • Automatically add a sliding panel and content area for widgets to your site
  • Integrate unobtrusive site search onto every page of your site through the slide out sidebar
  • Add any content to your dynamic sliding sidebar via its built-in widget area
  • Customize all the settings for the sidebar like button text, image, width, and search results properties
  • Includes several hooks for developers to extend it further

Settings Allow you to Control

  • Trigger Width (width of the area that triggers the panel to slide out)
  • Trigger Text (what the button should say – usually something like «Search»)
  • Trigger Image (an image to use beside the Trigger text)
  • More Text (text to use to for loading additional results)
  • Results per Page (how many results to show at a time before the More Text)
  • Excerpt Length (how many characters of the content to include per search result)
  • Percentage Width (size of the current window that the slidebar should take in percent)
  • Minimum Pixel Width (minimum width of the slidebar regardless of current window width)


  • NS Slidebar Options Page
  • NS Slidebar Closed
  • Full Sidebar Open and Style your own with using your own CSS
  • Sidebar with widgets before searching
  • Sidebar with search results and widgets


Setup and Configuration

  1. Install like any other plugin by uploading and/or installing the zip through the WordPress dashboard and activating it


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