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Onlim Livechat and Chatbot Integration


Easily insert the Onlim LiveChat and Chatbot widget into your website

This plugin allows you to easily integrate the Onlim LiveChat and Chatbot widget to your website.

Features of the Onlim WordPress plugin

  • Quick to integrate Onlim widget for your frontend.
  • Onlim management area integration in the backend.
  • Choose the integration method (header, footer, shortcode).
  • Easily activate/deactivate the widget.
  • Rich in different hooks.
  • Translated (English and German) and translation ready.

Onlim Business LiveChat Software-as-a-Service product

To make full use of the Onlim LiveChat and Chatbot integration, you will have to register for the Onlim Business LiveChat SaaS product.

Our LiveChat product is offered as Software as a Service, which means you get an always maintained software with no update nor performance issues. You don’t have to worry about non-webmaster employees accessing your website’s backend or affecting your website analytics data.

You can test our LiveChat for free during a trial period of 14 days (no credit card needed, no automatic renewal).

Once you see the value of our software and decide to use it after the initial free trial period, you will be asked to purchase the paid license for only 49€/month.

You can pay via credit card and if needed, cancel your subscription any time, with a cancelation period of the month you canceled your subscription in.

Do you generate a lot of conversations and need an automated solution to help you manage your large conversation volumes? Take a look at our chatbot solutions and send us a message:

Benefits of using the Onlim LiveChat SaaS product

  • Connects to your website as well as your company’s Facebook Messenger account.

  • Easy to set up and use. We guide you through the most important settings in just 6 simple steps, so that you can start talking to your website visitors in a matter of minutes.

  • Our software is available in English and German, but you can communicate with your visitors in any language you need.

  • Personalize the design of your chat widget to your corporate colors, choose your widget and moderators’ icons.

  • Set up a welcome message that invites your visitors to talk to you.
    Specify your opening hours or define and track your availability status based on the number of concurrent active conversations, and display automated unavailability answers.

  • Use our LiveChat in a team of up to 25 members. Easily distribute conversations and measure your team’s performance based on predefined KPIs like number of conversations & messages, response time, chat duration and more. You can also gather user reviews directly from the chat widget, and evaluate them in the statistics dashboard.

  • Our tool is fully GDPR compliant, our servers are located in Germany. Furthermore, you can request a privacy policy opt-in from your live chat users before any data gets transmitted, as well as automatically erase conversations after a certain time window.


This plugin is created by Phlegx Systems OG and Onlim team.


  1. Install Onlim plugin by uploading the onlim directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly. (See instructions on how to install a WordPress plugin.)
  2. Activate Onlim through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
  3. Configure Onlim by going to the Onlim > Settings menu.


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