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Este plugin te permite hacer que una entrada o página de WordPress enlace a una URL que elijas en vez de a su URL de página o entrada de WordPress. También redirigirá a la gente que vaya a la URL vieja (o «normal») a la nueva que hayas elegido.

Common uses:

  • Set up navigational links to non-WordPress sections of your site or to off-site resources.
  • Publish content on other blogs (or other services, like Medium) but have them show up in your WordPress posts stream. All you have to supply is a title and a URL. The post title will link to the content on the other site.
  • For store operators, you can link to products on other retailer’s sites (maybe with an affiliate code) but have them show up like they’re products in your store.
  • Create a «pretty URL» for something complicated. Say you have … just create a WordPress page called «My Store» and use Page Links To to point it to the ugly URL. Give people the new URL: and it will redirect them!


Puedes colaborar (o avisar de fallos) en Github.


  • La caja meta de La página enlaza a en acción
  • The quick Add Page Link dialog.


  1. Sube la carpeta page-links-to a tu directorio /wp-content/plugins/.

  2. Activate the «Page Links To» plugin.

Existing Content Usage:

  1. Edit a page (or post or custom post type).

  2. Below, find the Page Links To widget, select «A custom URL», and add a URL of your choosing.

  3. De manera opcional, marca la casilla para permitir que el enlace se abra en una nueva ventana del navegador.

  4. Save the page (or post or custom post type).

  5. Done! Now that content will point to the URL that you chose. Also, if anyone had the old WordPress URL for that content, they will be redirected to the custom URL if they visit.

Creating New Page Links:

  1. Click Pages > Add New Page Link.

  2. Provide a title and a destination URL.

  3. Optionally provide a custom slug, which will be used in creating a local redirect URL.

  4. Click Publish.

Preguntas frecuentes

¿Cómo hago para que una página no enlace a nada? Me gustaría usarla como un contenedor vacío.

Simplemente utiliza «#» como enlace. Eso no llevará a ninguna parte.

¿Se puede utilizar para apuntar categorías a una URL arbitraria?

Actualmente no. Por favor, contáctame si estás interesado en esa funcionalidad.

Mis enlaces me están llevando a … ¿por qué?

Si quieres enlazar a una URL completa debes incluir la parte http://.

Can I link to relative URLs for URLs on the same domain?

Sí, Enlazar a /mis-fotos.php es una buena idea, y funcionará incluso si mueves tu sitio a un dominio diferente.


24 de agosto de 2019
Activating this plugin restyled my main menu by adding "left: 85.5px". I have no idea why a plugin which is meant to redirect links would affect styling of an unrelated feature but it does. Deactivating it immediately resolves the issue, so the plugin must conflict with my (popular) theme. I see a lot of people complaining about conflicts recently in the support thread and yet there are very few answers. I asked for support and was ignored - This is a big shame as the plugin works great otherwise. Happy to change my review if the issue is resolved.
23 de agosto de 2019
Thanks. This plugin solved a big portfolio problem with wanting to use external links in the Avada portfolio title instead of pointing to the portfolio page. Worked like a charm. You are awesome!
20 de julio de 2019
This saved me from having to create a cpt just for the redirect function. I know that I can use the built in WP metaboxes, but didn't want my client to have to type in metadata - this way all they need to do is put in the url they want to go to. Thanks Mark
12 de julio de 2019
exactly what I was looking for, thank you very much !!!!!!!
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  • Customizer bug fix


  • Block Editor bugfixes


  • Support for the Block Editor (Gutenberg)


  • Fixed a PHP warning caused by some themes


  • Quick page link adding UI
  • External link indicator
  • Short URL copying
  • Short URL display on edit screen


  • Newsletter


  • Restore PHP 5.3 compatibility, broken in 2.11.0


  • Code cleanup


  • New screenshot and assets


  • Fix readme.txt


  • Fix bug in Internet Explorer


  • Version bump


  • Switch to ES6 and Babel from CoffeeScript
  • Remove jQuery as front-end requirement
  • Bump supported version


  • Bump supported version


  • Back out jQuery protection code that causes issues on some sites


  • Added a Russian translation
  • Maintain a reference to WordPress’ jQuery version
  • Modernize build tools


  • Fixed an issue with redirects that have @ in the URL
  • Fixed issues with setting and displaying custom URLs for attachments


  • Made relative URLs absolute in redirects
  • Fixed a potential PHP warning
  • Registered the metadata fields for better XML-RPC integration


  • Add Hungarian translation.


  • Only rely on an internal cache for wp_list_pages() processing, and time-limit the cache.
  • Work around some weird edge cases


  • Restore WordPress 3.4.x functionality.


  • Fix a redirection bug in 2.9


  • Mantiene «abrir en nueva pestaña» en situaciones más personalizadas, como bucles personalizados y widgets.
  • Añadir pruebas unitarias
  • Refactorización masiva de código
  • Added translations for: Spanish, Catalan, French.


  • Added translations for: Swedish, Hebrew.


  • Fix an array bug


  • Corregir un aviso PHP
  • Use javascript para abrir enlaces en una nueva ventana, incluso fuera de los menús de navegación
  • Interfaz de usuario totalmente renovada
  • Varias traducciones


  • Proper linking for custom post types (insead of just a 301).
  • Fixed a bug that prevented links from opening in a new window.
  • Notifies people when they are editing content that uses this plugin.
  • Removed the option to set redirection type. Always 301, now.
  • Removed some PHP4 and WP 2.8 back compat stuff.


  • Allow all show_ui post types to use the meta box.
  • Introduce a filter so a plugin can remove a post type from the list.
  • Target filtering for WordPress nav menus.
  • Silence some PHP notices. Props Ross McKay, Bill Erickson.


  • Fixed typo that was preventing 302 redirects from working. props Ryan Murphy.
  • Fixed a random PHP notice


  • Rewrote using Singleton best practices
  • Fixed a regex bug that could break current menu highlighting. props skarab


  • Fixed a bug with current menu item highlighting


  • Cleanup
  • compatibility tweaks to interoperate with a few other plugins
  • prompt http:// and auto-add it if a URL starts with «www.»


  • WordPress MU compatibility for when switch_to_blog() is used… it now uses $blog_id to keep their caches from stomping on each other


  • Permite un solo caracter en las URLs de manera que podemos usar el caracter «#»


  • Fixed «open in new window» functionality