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Parcel2Go Shipping


What does it do?

Without every leaving your WooCommerce/Word Press store, you can get an instant quote to send your sold products out to your customers.

Each generated quote will give you a wide array of options to compare and choose from. These options include Courier Companies, Time of Delivery, Drop Off or Courier Pick Up and much more.

It’s quick, simple, and free!

How does it work?

When an order is ‘processing’, an extra option will become available in the ‘WooCommerce Orders’ table for ‘Sending with Parcel2Go’. Choosing this option will quickly and automatically take you through to the Parcel2Go quote page to start your order process.

Once a service is chosen and paid for – using Parcel2Go prepay – the order will then be marked as ‘Complete’, which means you’ll be able to download your label for shipping and have access to the most recent tracking event from your order page!

For more info on the plugin, along with step by step installation instructions, please visit


  • To use this plugin you will need to have a registered account on and funds in the PrePay account.

  • Once you've registered navigate to the API Credentials page.

  • Create your API credentials and take note of the ClientId and ClientSecret.

  • Your credentials have been created and are now saved.

  • If you've already added the plugin navigate to your WordPress dashboard and you should now see Parcel2Go on the side panel.

  • Click on settings and enter your ClientId and ClientSecret. On this page you can also set your Collection / Return Address.

  • Further down the settings page you can set a default box size and weight. You can also include parcel protection to your order.

  • Your PrePay balance.

  • To start sending your parcels. Go to your orders on WooCommerce. Choose the order you want to send, orders that have been paid for will be marked as 'Processing'.

  • Navigate to the right hand side and click on the dropdown menu under 'Order actions'.

  • From the dropdown menu click on 'Send with Parcel2Go'.

  • The order will move over to Parcel2Go where you can review and then click on 'Get Quote'.

  • You will now receive all the quotes from the live Parcel2Go site.

  • You can choose form multiple services including collection and drop-off services.

  • If you've chose drop-off service click on 'Book' next to the shop you're planning on using. You can use any drop-shop for your chosen courier, this is not mandatory.

  • For a collection service click on 'Book' next to the day you want your parcel to be collected. The courier will collect your parcel from your collection/return address you specified in the settings.

  • Review your order and choose pay.

  • When you go back to your order within WooCommerce you will see your order status has changed to 'Completed'.


  1. Install the plugin via the normal channels.
  2. Fill in the settings page with your default shipping values.
  3. Get your API key(s) from our website, by visiting
  4. Enter your API key within the settings page.
  5. Visit your WooCommerce orders page and you can now start shipping with

If you need more details on how to install our plugin, then please visit
Contact us on


Where do I get my API keys?

Please follow the instructions found here

My plugin isn’t working correctly?

Please submit a detailed ticket describing the error, to, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

How do I pay for my quotes?

Currently, you can pay for your orders using Parcel2Go’s PrePay.
To do this, you will need to create an account on our website, Once you’ve got an account setup, you will then need to deposit money into your PrePay balance.
This does come with some benefits, the biggest being an extra 2% for every ‘100 of PrePay credit.

I have an issue with my Parcel2Go order, where can I get help?

If you have an issue, unrelated to the plugin, then please visit us at

We also have online chat operators, who are available 24/7, at


16 de julio de 2021
I installed the plugin but it's not working, it keeps asking me for the delivery street over and over again. A shame as I would love to use Parcel 2 Go
31 de julio de 2019
Poorly designed UI. Returns error when "Enable insurance" is checked. Weight is set to 0kg on quote page even though the Account Defaults are set properly. If you manage to get a quote it gives you a random Total Cost. For example; Weight/Size; 5 kg 30x40x30cm Insurance; no Postcodes; UK address to UK address Service chosen; DPD Drop Off £6.84 Total Cost displayed; £37.64 TLDR; Don't bother or get excited. Just like "SmartSend" it is entirely useless. Stick to uploading CSV.
27 de marzo de 2019
I haven't had any issues with the plugin so far. Works fine
25 de marzo de 2019
I've been after something like this for a while, my orders were taking up way too much of my time each day. I didn't really have high expectations for it but I was pleasantly surprised when testing it on my site. It allows me to get all my orders from the previous day and quickly get a shipping label for them all. Thank you Parcel2Go, you're a lifesaver. If I did have one piece of criticism though, it can be confusing when getting a quote as the order of the quotes isn't obvious. Is there a way to order the quotes by price or delivery time?
2 de junio de 2019
Our shop sells objects that vary in size and weight, and ships them internationally. Depending on size, weight and customer location, we have a number of preferred suppliers. It would be SO useful to be able to connect directly to the Parcel2go site to avoid having to copy over all the address details manually. I've revised my previous one-star review to four stars. The plugin now works and lists all available suppliers. However, for our purposes, it's still not ideal : you can't filter to 'collection' or 'drop-off' (we always use drop-off) or by price, so the list is a bit hard to navigate. I also found the plugin was picky about the customer's phone number format. If the customer entered their phone number in a manner the plugin doesn't like, the whole page reloads when you try to book, and in the process loses the dimension information that you just entered. (We can't load dimensions from the shop, because our products vary and customers often buy several items together, we have to measure each one.)
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  • Bug fix for parcel protection quotes
  • API performance improvements.



  • Option to choose Parcel2Go shipping label sizes.
  • Testing with latest WordPress and WooCommerce.
  • API performance improvements.



  • API performance improvements.
  • Updates to images.
  • Tested with latest WordPress and WooCommerce.



  • Added all quotes to the final quote page, instead of only the top results.
  • Various bug fixes.



  • First release of the Parcel2Go WordPress plugin.