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Perfect Dashboard – the one tool you will ever need to manage all websites efficiently. This plugin will connect your website to our service, where you will be able to thoroughly manage it. Some of the below features may be limited to a paid subscription service.

  • Protect your brand reputation
  • Save 50% of time spent on updates
  • Manage more websites & increase your income
  • Make the internet a safer place

An inside look:

Genuine Test Engine

Let’s face it. Updates are often the cause of display errors. Testing websites manually after each update can be very time consuming. With our Genuine Test Engine you can be way more efficient. Perfect Dashboard will perform website tests for you and point out possible display errors.

Genuine Test Engine analyses all changes in the website layout, it also checks whether all Social & SEO Tags are still in place. And it works with every website on the Internet.

Automated Backup Verification in Cloud

You don’t really have a backup unless you know that you can use restore a website from it. Restoring every copy of a website and manually checking its integrity is boring and takes ages. We want you to be able to concentrate on more important tasks.

That’s why we give a one-click backup that starts a chain of actions which include copying website, remote restoration, integrity testing and storing backup at a chosen storage location. That’s it!

Custom Changes Detector

Editing CMS’s core files is a really bad practice, also editing the extension code is not recommended. But there are cases in which it’s difficult to customize a website to a client’s needs without it. That’s why Perfect Dashboard comes with a Custom Changes Detector.

It scans the entire code of your site for any modifications. Thanks to that you don’t have to remember to copy these parts of the code to the updated website code. What is more, we provide resources on how to implement these modifications along with good practices, to save you time on the next update.

Not Limited to WordPress & Joomla

Perfect Dashboard is not limited to any particular CMS. It has been crafted to work best with Joomla & WordPress, but you can use Genuine Test Engine with every website on the Internet.

Thanks to that you are not limited to any particular technology. Whatever your choice will be, Perfect Dashboard will be there to make your work more efficient.

Automated TO DO list

Managing multiple websites in a time efficient manner requires excellent organization. Perfect Dashboard helps you boost your efficiency. Everyday we check your websites and create a personalized TO DO list for you with all the tasks you need to perform to keep your managed websites secure.

Remote Development Environments

(coming soon)

Don’t want to update live websites? Not a problem. With Perfect Dashboard you can create a development environment in our cloud and perform an update with just one click. Then you can review test results, optionally correct some display errors and publish a new version, again with just one click.

Git Integration

(coming soon)

Perfect Dashboard can fit into any workflow. With git integration you can easily include it into any staging process you have. This way, you can enjoy the benefits of Perfect Dashboard without having to change the way your work is organized.


  • Genuine Test Engine
  • Automated Backup Verification in Cloud
  • Not Limited to WordPress & Joomla
  • Automated TO DO list
  • SEO & Social Tags Test Engine
  • Security Audit


  1. Install ZIP file or upload plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/perfectdashboard directory.
  2. Activate the Perfect Dashboard plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
  3. Go to Perfect Dashboard menu and click on Click here to add your website to Perfect Dashboard button.
  4. Verify that the site URLs on Perfect Dashboard are correct and Add website button.

Preguntas frecuentes

Installation Instructions
  1. Install ZIP file or upload plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/perfectdashboard directory.
  2. Activate the Perfect Dashboard plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
  3. Go to Perfect Dashboard menu and click on Click here to add your website to Perfect Dashboard button.
  4. Verify that the site URLs on Perfect Dashboard are correct and Add website button.

To ask a support question about Perfect Dashboard or post a bug report, fill a support form on our website. We will get back to you within 24h, usually it takes less time. We are working from Monday to Friday 10 – 15 GMT+2, except holidays – actual informations are available on our website.

1. How to generate and run automatic tests for my website?

You will need to provide a link to your site’s sitemap in xml format. Afterwards you should see Generate tests button in website details view. After the tests are finished generating you can run them from there or from actions tab.

2. I am using a firewall or some kind of security extension

If you have installed any security/firewall software on your website, then exclude our IP’s,, from blocking. You may need also to exclude those IP’s in administration panel of your hosting or some CDN service.


Working with it for a long time

We have been using these tools way before they started been officially called Perfect Dashboard. Our agency was looking for a way to increase margin on website maintenance. 5 stars for the testing engine, backup integrity check and custom change detector in the core.

Warning! This is just an advertising plugin!!!

Warning! This plugin is basically just an advertising plugin for an external service. Reading the description does not make you understand clearly that this will send data to another website, also most of the functionality advertised is only available in the paid version of that service.

To the authors: it is totally OK to build plugins that are addons for third party services, but it is NOT OK to trick users into installing a plugin without clearly writing about that it is a paid third party service. What you are doing here is a very bad marketing strategy, you should change that: be open about your service and do not use these annoyingly sneaky methods.

BTW also your plugin does throw multiple PHP warnings, please teach your developers to use WP_DEBUG while developing a plugin and before releasing it to the public. It is a shame!

Saved me hours!

Perfect Dashboard saved me hours on website management. It’s still in the early stage, but thanks to that they give away some nice perks.

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  • Auto-Updater settings


  • The response encryption when the website is not secured with TLS


  • General improvements


  • Improved whitelabelling


  • Fix response after CMS upgrade


  • Improved masking paths


  • Fixed excluding files from integrity tests


  • new API


  • fixed updating translations


  • Fixed detecting debug mode


  • misc fixes and improvements


  • fixed this plugin not always reporting database type and version correctly
  • fixed upgrading WordPress from 3.5.2 to 3.6

= 1.4.14 / 28-11-2016

  • improve commercial updates

1.4.11 / 27-09-2016

  • fix error

1.4.10 / 21-09-2016

  • handle translations updates
  • improve commercial updates

1.4.9 / 14-09-2016

  • limit security audit’s scope to improve performance

1.4.8 / 12-09-2016

  • fixed detecting debug mode while performing a security audit

1.4.7 / 31-08-2016

  • handle commercial updates

1.4.6 / 30-08-2016

  • improved the security audit

1.4.5 / 11-07-2016

  • Added “White Labelling”

1.4.4 / 17-05-2016

  • improved handling plugin updates

1.4.3 / 21-04-2016

  • improved the security audit feature

1.4.0 / 22-03-2016

  • minor bug fixes

1.3.3 / 19-02-2016

  • implement a method for setting the part size when creating backups

1.3.2 / 16-02-2016

  • layout changes

1.2.1 / 28-01-2016

  • update backup tool

1.2.0 / 15-01-2016

  • minor bug fixes

1.1.1 / 16-12-2015

  • fix backup tool installation after plugin reinstallation

1.1.0 / 09-12-2015

  • email notification when new tasks emerge
  • improved backup configuration (to work with rare server configurations)
  • improved backup verification
  • improved CMS upgrade procedure (it covers more corner cases)
  • improved rollback procedure (to work with improved backup)
  • adding websites without typing login & password
  • PHP update support
  • and dozen minor bug improvements

1.0.0 / 17-11-2015

  • First release