Perzonalization – The AI Powered Personalization Engine for WooCommerce


Perzonalization’s state of the art algorithm is now ready for use by the WooCommerce stores.

Start using Perzonalization now and join our happy enterprise clients.

  • Real time and personalized recommendations for a sales boost up to 15%
  • Just like a good-old friend’s advice
  • One click set-up with a 14 day free trial

With the help of more than 5 billion pages we have personalized so far, we have learned that understanding the visitor is the key in personalizing an online store.

That is why we’re happy to say that we’re not a ‘yet another recommendation engine’. We not only analyse behaviours around products but also the visitor’s individual preferences and similar users’ preferences.

  • We track and micro-segment your visitors in real time.
  • We recommend each visitor the right content, at the right moment.
  • We offer a consistent experience across web and mobile.
  • We match visitors with similar tastes to come up with recommendations similar to a good-old friend’s advice.

What’s in it for you if you use Perzonalization?

  • Boost sales
  • Sell more products
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Help visitors find the right products

How do you set-up and use Perzonalization?

It only takes 3 clicks to install the plugin and then you step into our world of automated recommendations! No need to insert any codes or play with the styling of the plugin. Don’t forget to check out our WooCommerce tutorials for further details.

What are the main solutions of Perzonalization?

Product Recommendations on Web

We give you the chance to display popular products, products viewed by similar shoppers and recent products to your shoppers. You may decide where these recommendations will appear on your pages. You may set recommendations to be shown on the below pages;
* Product page
* Cart page
* Collection/Category page
* Home page
* Search page

You may also choose the type of logic to use on a recommendation block;
* Related products from like-minded shoppers
* Popular products
* Recently viewed products
* Discounted products
* New arrivals
* Frequently bought together products
* Cross-sell
* Upsell
* Product reminder
* Category reminder

Product Recommendations on E-mails

Sending e-mails to your users not only ensures repeat purchases but also creates loyalty. With the Perzonalization app, you can now seamlessly deliver personalized recommendations on emails by integrating to your existing templates with a simple copy & paste. You may send emails via any provider. The set of recommendations are formed not when the e-mail is sent but when the e-mail is actually opened by the user. By this way the results of the real time analysis form the ground for the products recommended.

Automated E-mails

  • Cart Reminders: 68% of your shopping carts are abandoned by your visitors. The time has come for you to win back those customers! We automatically send cart reminder e-mails to your shoppers. These e-mails do not only include the product left in the cart but also display personalized related products for you to show other options.

  • Product Reminders: Some of your visitors browse through product pages – never adding any items on their carts. We help you win those customers! We automatically send a product reminder e-mail including the viewed products along with personalized related products.

  • Category Reminders: Online shopping is a great channel for window shopping. We know that browsing through the category pages, looking at the product images and prices is an entertainment opportunity for a lot of online shoppers. As an online merchant, these window shoppers mean a great deal in terms of lost sales. We can help you with that! We automatically send category reminder e-mails to your shoppers. With our AI powered personalisation algorithms, we predict the products from the browsed category which that person is likely to buy and display those items in the form of product recommendations.

  • No Visit: We send reminder emails to inactive customers along with product recommendations and upsells asking them to come back. You can decide on the length of the inactivity period.

  • No Purchase: Keeping your customers active is our job! This is why we send reminder emails to customers a few days after their last purchase to ensure that they re-visit your online store and make another purchase. You are free to decide when the emails will be sent.

Customising recommendations

If you feel like you need greater control over recommendations, you may create custom recommendations to maximise the relevancy for your shoppers. You can place these custom recommendations on product, basket, filter, home, search and sales pages.

Playing with The Design

We know that the look and feel of your website is very important. That’s why we give you a chance to tweak the design of the recommendations area. You are free to choose the number of products to display, play with the colours pr choose a title like «you may also like» or «related products». You may find all of these options and more under the design settings.

Performance Tracking

You can track the performance of Perzonalization for all channels and recommendations, in real-time. Whether it be Perzonalization’s contribution to your store or conversion of recommended products, our real time dashboard helps you review how much value Perzonalization is adding to your business.


After your free trial, you pay us what you use. Monthly fees start from as little as $9.99 with no upfront costs. Your monthly fee is calculated based on the number of times our recommendation blocks are generated. Please visit our pricing page for details.


We’ll be happy to answer your questions and get your comments. When needed, please send a message to our support team ( We’ll be responding during our business hours which are Monday – Friday : 9am – 7pm (GMT+3).

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  • General Settings
  • Personalised Web Pages
  • Personalised Email Recommendation Editor
  • Example of Recommendations on a Product Page


  1. Make sure you are running WordPress v4.0.0 or higher and WooCommerce v2.4.0 or higher.
  2. Install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  4. Use the WooCommerce->Perzonalization screen to configure the plugin.
  5. Please make sure the permalink settings is as shown in screenshot 7.


Which features of the plugin am I able to change?

Visibility on different page types, title, background, border and text colors, and whether clicked products will open on new of existing tabs.

Will I be able to measure the performance of the personalized recommendations?

Yes, on WooCommerce->Perzonalization screen, you will be able to see key metrics and detailed graphs for extra revenue and product interactions generated by Perzonalization.


5 de septiembre de 2020
WooCommerce'in varsayılan olarak gösterdiği ilgili ürünler oldukça etkisiz, bu eklenti ile çok daha doğru hedeflenmiş ürünleri müşterilerimize gösterebiliyoruz. AI destekli olduğu için zamanla çok daha dönüşümü arttıracak ürünler göstereceğini düşünüyorum.
20 de abril de 2020
This plugin is awesome! There aren't many platforms out there that can do what Perzonalization can do and their support is awesome! They reply very quickly and have fixed all of the problems quickly and without any issues.
3 de mayo de 2019
Hello. I want to tell you one thing. The help team and support team are the best teams I've met in the last ten years. And I want you to believe me. They do not pay me for this feedback. I pay for this great plugin. I have had a problem integrating with this plug-in. And the team helped me. They all deserve thanks and of course this extraordinary plugin deserves five stars.
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  • Updated pricing scheme.


  • Fixed a bug which prevents loading of recommendations on product detail page.


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  • Various performance improvements and bug fixes.


  • New Feature: Custom triggers with user behaviour.


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