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GrandWP Responsive Photo Gallery is equipped with all necessary options to make the image publishing process easier and more convenient. User-friendly functionality allows easily adding unlimited images to the website within a few clicks.

Responsive Image Gallery plugin is a powerful tool which will help you to display desired images in the way you want them to appear. The plugin offers 5 stunning and exceptional views to emphasize the website unique design. Images will be 100% responsive both on the desktop and on mobile devices.

GrandWP Gallery Demos
Justified Gallery
Justified with Pagination
Tiles Gallery
Grid Gallery
Grid Video Gallery
Slider – Video Player
Carousel – Full Width
Carousel – Full Height
Carousel – Circles
Carousel – Rounded Square

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“Beautiful layouts with countless number of options and features yet surprising simplicity. Nice plugin Great plugin to fulfil website functional.”
Richard W.: Full Stack WordPress Developer

Two-type of Lightbox

The plugin has two-type integrated Lightbox. Those Lightbox are Wide type and Compact type. The sizes and structure of both Lightboxes are different.

Plugin Lightbox is the thing you will definitely need if you are looking for a flexible Lightbox, easy to use tool to display various images on your website. The images are an essential part of the beautiful and attractive website. The plugin will provide all necessary options to make your website look eye-catchy and professional. It has a complete list of settings which will help you to adjust the plugin according to your needs.

Plugin Advanced Compatibility

The plugin is fully tested to cause no conflict with themes and other plugins running. It can be used with the theme you use and be combined with other plugins as well.

Different sorting types

With the help of the plugin easily sort images by the offered variants.

The powerful plugin allows sorting images/videos according Numeric/Alphabetical order. Custom way of sorting allows changing the order of the images after they were uploaded to the website dashboard. The third way of image/video sorting is to sort by the date the image/video was added to the website admin page. With these 3 easy to use sorting options control the order of the images in the website front end.

Custom CSS

The plugin has a special section to make additional CSS customizations. A parent selector is given in the field. In the case, if general selector is chosen, theme CSS can also be overwritten by the plugin.
Easy to use.

The plugin is extremely easy to use. It has intuitive and simple interface, which allows creating amazing projects within a few clicks. It has modern and flexible design, which will make your website look professional. GrandWP allows high level customization for every created Responsive Image Gallery to make it look exactly how you want it to.

100% Responsive

Responsive Photo Gallery plugin is designed in a way to perfectly display all the images you publish.

With the help of fully responsive and high performing plugin you can display high resolution images without resizing or cutting them. This is a common issue which majority of Lightbox and Image Gallery plugins have. With Responsive Image Gallery plugin you do not need to worry about it. The plugin will amazingly display all type of images.

YouTube/Vimeo video support

Responsive Photo gallery plugin flexible structure allows adding unlimited Youtube and Vimeo videos to the created projects. Both images and videos can be added to the created projects. Add Youtube/Vimeo regular links to the provided fields to display amazing videos.

Two-type shortcodes

After the responsive image gallery is created, the plugin generates two-type shortcodes to use in the website. The first shortcode type generated is a regular shortcode to be used in WordPress post or page.The second shortcode generated is a php shortcode to be added to the template. This shortcode type allows inserting created projects to WordPress website theme. This shortcode type allows displaying projects in the website header and footer.

Responsive Photo gallery plugin displays both shortcode types in the plugin main Image gallery list and in particular photo gallery project as well.

5 amazing views

GrandWP plugin offers 5 amazing views which will emphasize the uniqueness of your website. By choosing one of the offered views, the published images will be displayed in that way, according to the chosen view. Each of them is unique and completely different. The images can be creatively displayed by one of these views. One the view is chosen, it can be changed anytime you decide to.

Easy image upload

The plugin flexible structure allows uploading unlimited quantity of images to the image gallery continent. All the images you wish to add to the image gallery project must be uploaded to the website Media Library first and then added to the project. Note that the plugin also allows adding videos to the image gallery content as well. Use the Youtube/Video links of the videos you want to publish to insert them to the project.

All browser support

GrandWP plugin is supported by all browsers. All the created projects will be perfectly displayed and fully responsive in all browsers.

Integrated image counter (PRO option)

Choose whether to display total number of photo gallery images and index number of currently displayed image. Responsive Image gallery plugin this amazing option allows viewing the current number of images in project. GrandWP Responsive Photo Gallery plugin this cool will give additional information about the image quantity in image gallery project you have posted.

Loop option (PRO option)

Responsive Photo gallery will automatically revert to the first image published in responsive image gallery project when the user reaches to the last one. Use this option to allow your website users visitors viewing the images you have added to responsive photo gallery project over and over again.

Huge amount of various options (PRO option)

GrandWP Responsive Photo gallery plugin has a huge amount of different options which will allow you to have the image gallery you want to have. Control easily adjustable options to have the image gallery you need. The options can be easily changed within a few clicks whenever you decide to.

GrandWP PRO:

This is the lite version of the plugin that has everything you need to create highly-functional and responsive galleries with unlimited images and videos. Need to more flexibility or high level customization? Click here to get the plugin advanced version now!


Justified Demo

Justified with Pagination Demo

Tiles Demo

Grid Demo

Grid – Video Gallery Demo

Slider Demo

Slider – Video Player Demo

Carousel – Full Width Demo

Carousel – Full Height Demo

Carousel – Circles Demo

Carousel – Rounded Square Demo

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  • Add a title to newly created photo gallery
  • Choose photo gallery content displaying type
  • Set image order
  • Sort photo galle images by offered variants

Custom CSS

GrandWP Responsive photo gallery plugin flexible structure has a special section to make additional CSS customizations

Get photo gallery Shortcode

From this get two-type shortcodes to publish created photo gallery

  • Copy regular shortcode to insert photo gallery into post and/or page
  • Use plugin icon to insert the project into post and/or page
  • Copy PHP shortcode to insert the created photo gallery to template files

If there are issues with installation process, please click here to contact us


Este plugin proporciona 1 bloque.

GrandWP Gallery



In order to install Lite/Free version, follow the instruction below:

  • 1) Go to Dashboard of your WordPress website > select Plugins and click ‘Add New’
  • 2) Search for “GrandWP Photo Gallery”
  • 3) After detecting the desired plugin, click “Install Now”
  • 4) After the installation is completed click “Activate Plugin”
  • 5) The plugin appears in the “Dashboard” sidebar menu. Now the plugin is ready to be used
  • 6) Please, note that in the case of possible updates you will get a notification in your WordPress website Dashboard (Plugins section)

Plugin install/update via FTP**

If the standard upload methods of the plugin installation are not working for you, try to install via FTP.

  • 1) Find a FTP client
  • 2) Download the ZIP file from
  • 3) Extract ZIP file directory to your PC
  • 4) Upload the newly extracted directory to /wp-content/plugins/
  • 5) The plugin is ready to be activated from the website dashboard. After the activation is completed, plugin appears in the “Dashboard” sidebar menu.

Preguntas frecuentes

Is plugin layout responsive?
  • Yes, Gallery plugin is fully responsive. It is built in a way to display all other content properly on any device type and size.
How to add Gallery to website post or page?
  • Each time you create a new gallery, 2 shortcodes are generated. The shortcodes are displayed both in the gallery list and in Get shortcode section of the plugin. Simply copy the shortcode you need and past it inside post or page, click save.
Is it possible to add a link to the image without opening image with a Lightbox?
  • Yes, Gallery plugin has Image as Link option. By enabling it inside particular view settings section, users will be redirected to the page link you add to the image during uploading process.
Is the Gallery responsive?

Yes, the Gallery is absolutely responsive. No matter what device you or your website visitors use. Galleries on your website will always displayed perfectly.

Can I upload multiple images at once?

Absolutely. Simply go to Galleries section->select the Gallery (or create new by clicking on New Gallery button)->click New Image button-> hold CTRL pressed to select the images you want to add from the Media Library.

I’ve still got questions. Where can I find the answers?

Please open a support ticket in the forum. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

Why should I Go PRO?

Premium version of the plugin has over 300 options/ features so that you could fully customize both Gallery layouts and 2 types of Lightbox Popup. Among them you can find: Image as Link Option, Onhover Reversed Effects, Lightbox Description, Load More & Pagination Styles, Image Counter, Image Loop option and much more.

If there are issues with Gallery installation process, please click here to contact us.



Really essay to use and very good functionalities also in the free release. Thank you.

Simple for access

It is good gallery for view photo easily i am using this and it is great application and in application you get more features than other appliction. Awesome look of application..

Good plugin

Really like this plugin for its responsiveness and easy interface. Also, they have provided fast support and where so kind to explain all possible ways to have the results I wanted.
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Registro de cambios

= 1.1.0=
* jQuery loading bug fixed

= 1.0.9=
* We have added the plugin to post and page block section. It is supported in the block.


  • Bug fixed.


  • Style fixes on front and back end.


  • Multiple galleries in single page bug fixed.


  • Text fixes in admin.
  • View / Settings page style changes.


  • Admin Panel Fixed.


  • We have added random image order option to the plugin.


    1. Added option to show title
    1. Added option to choose title position
    1. Plugin optimisation for compatible with PHP 5.3
    1. Optimised admin panel for mobile