Plausible Connector


Connect your WordPress instance to Plausible Analytics, a simple and privacy-friendly analytics platform.


After installing this plugin, make sure to visit the Settings -> Plausible page
to customize your settings.

At minimum, you will net to set the Plausible Domain ID value. If you have
configured any other customization with your Plausible script (e.g., using your
own domain or running a self-hosted instance), you may need to configure the
other values. If not, you should be able to leave the Plausible Instance URL
and Plausible Tracker values at their default.

Pageview Events

Pageview events are sent automatically. They will not be sent if a user is logged in and you have
Exclude Logged-In Users enabled.

Custom Events

Support for custom events is enabled by default with this plugin. You will need to configure
custom event goals before these events will show
up on your Plausible dashboard. You will also currently need to configure any events manually.


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  • Code and packaging cleanups
  • Updates to Settings page functionality and descriptions


Initial release. In need of polishing but base functionality (connecting a
Plausible script to WordPress) works correctly.