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Popup a Poll, Survey, Quiz or Form by OpinionStage

Popup a Poll, Survey, Quiz or Form. The popup boosts time on site and page views. Manage the popup assignment & configurations.

The popup a poll, survey, quiz or form plugin let's you add poll, survey, quiz or form popup to your site with 1-click. You can then customize the content popup, including the popup content look & feel, the popup time scheduling and the popup user scheduling.

Popup Example

For a popup content example, click here.

Popup main features

  • Enable the content popup in 1-click
  • Popup content can be set to display pre-created interactive content pieces
  • Popup content can be set to display interactive content created by blog/publisher
  • Popup can include polls content
  • Popup can include trivia quizzes content
  • Popup can include personality quizzes content
  • Popup can include lists content
  • Popup can include email forms integrated in interactive content
  • Full popup support for desktop
  • Full popup for support tablet
  • Full popup for support mobile
  • Poll is built in responsive design
  • Popup can be configured to auto-popup after a preconfigured time
  • Popup can be configured to auto-popup to each user no more than a pre-defined timeout
  • Popup can include facebook comments
  • Popup can include Facebook content sharing
  • Popup can include Twitter content sharing
  • Popup can include Google+ content sharing
  • Popup can include recommendations to additional content
  • Popup includes analytics on integrated content usage
  • Popup supports setting the popup width in desktop and the popup width in mobile
  • Popup can include content ads inside
  • Built-in popup for WordPress
  • Supports adding new popups in case multiple popups with different content are required on the site
  • Supports 1-click enabled/disable of content popup
  • Set the popup tab name
  • Popup supports search for content (pre-made and user made content)
  • Embed popup or use the built-in wordpress popup
  • View popup content reports, including popup content views, popup content activate numbers, popup content completion numbers, popup content shared % and more
  • Auto-close the popup content based on a timeout
  • Set the popup content color theme
  • Set the popup content look & feel attributes including the popup content theme, popup content color, popup content title alignment, popup content font, popup content width and more
  • Set the popup content language

Popup types

  • standard poll content popup
  • social poll content popup
  • multi-image content poll popup
  • head-to-head content poll popup
  • poll set content popup
  • trivia quiz content popup
  • personality quiz content popup
  • list content popup
  • custom content popup
  • native ad content popup
  • popup with email form
  • popup with redirecting content

Requires: 2.8 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.3
Última actualización: 4 meses ago
Instalaciones activas: 300+


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