Popups for Divi


No configuration needed. Simply activate the plugin and add the CSS class «popup» and ID tag to a divi section. To open the popup you only need to place a link on the page with the URL pointing to the section ID.


  1. Edit a section and set the ID to «newsletter-optin» and CSS class to «popup»
  2. Add a link (or button, etc) on the page with the URL «#newsletter-optin»
  3. All done, save the page! When a visitor clicks on your new link the popup will be opened.

You can find more details, examples and full documentation here:

Plugin website

Tested in all mayor browsers on Windows and Mac: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE 11, Edge


  • This is a normal Divi page, before adding a popup.
  • Step 1: Modify the section and add the "popup" class, as well as an ID.
  • Step 2: Add the popup-ID as a button link. Clicking this button will show the popup.
  • That's all. Save the page and open it up without the editor. All popups are initially hidden.
  • Click on the "Contact" button displays the popup. You can style the Divi section (change the width, background-color, etc) or customize the CSS of the popup...
  • ...check out the extensive API documentation and popup samples on philippstracker.com


Install the plugin from the WordPress admin page «Plugins > Install»


  1. Upload popups-for-divi directory to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

Preguntas frecuentes

How much performance does Popups for Divi need?

Actually none! We designed it with maximum page performance in mind. Our tests did show literally no change in page loading speed.

The plugin will add a single line of CSS to the page output and load one JS and CSS file that currently are about 7 kb in size and are cached by the browser after first page load.

Is Popups for Divi compatible with Caching plugins?

Yes, absolutely! There is no dynamic logic in the PHP code like other popup plugins have. Popups for Divi is a little bit of PHP but the main logic sits inside the small javascript library it provides. It works on the client side, and therefore is not restricted by caching plugins.

Is this plugin compatible with every Divi version?

This plugin is kept compatible with the latest Divi release.

We did test it with all releases since the initial Divi 3.0 release. Possibly it will also work with older versions, but it is not confirmed yet.

Does this plugin also work with other themes/site builders?

Yes, actually it will! But out of the box it is optimized to work with Divi. If you use any other theme or site builder then you need to change the default options of the plugin via the evr_divi_popup-js_data filter.

For more details visit https://philippstracker.com/divi-popup/


Great plugin!

Very simple and works like a charm. And it´s free! Thank you very much for the good work Phillip.


Thank you for creating this plugin. It helped me solve quickly an issue for a new customer site. Please keep this plugin with DIVI, it's sorely needed!

Work fine

Tanks this plugin works fine. Just maybe need more explication for new-user how to implament the po-up. I dont see that the CSS id must be in blue range. And you don't explain that the JS code have to be write in DIVI configuration section CODE. I found it, but i think it's interessting to write more explication on your website. Tanks a lot for you work.
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Registro de cambios


  • Plugin tested with WordPress 5.1.1 and Divi 3.21.1
  • Improve: Popup sections now support animations! Add those «Number Counters» and zoom-in images in your next popup.
  • Fix: Certain Divi settings could prevent popups from being opened, as the trigger-click-event could be intercepted by a differnt Divi module. Not anymore. The unstoppable Popup!
  • Fix: Minor javascript errors fixed, when «triggerClassPrefix» was set to false via the WP filter.


  • Added trigger: Use class name «show-popup-demo» to show the popup «demo» on click. Can be used to change any element into a popup trigger!
  • Improve: The default value of the popup-debug option is taken from WP_DEBUG. You can see debug infos in your browser console while WP_DEBUG is enabled.
  • Improve: Better compatibility with Divi Child-themes (and Non-Divi themes).
  • Fix: Custom «close» buttons inside a popup will now close the popup before following the link or scrolling the page.
  • Fix: Popups will now work with themes that do not have the default «#page-container» div.


  • Fix: jQuery «invalid expression» error is gone.


  • Fix: Fully compatibile with Divi 3.1.16 and higher.
  • Add: Plugin is now backwards compatibile until php 5.2.4 – before this, the plugin required php 5.4 or higher.


  • Mejorar: Manejo más rápido y suave del redimensionamiento de ventanas emergentes, sin un temporizador de intervalos!
  • Added Javascript event: $(‘.popup’).on(‘DiviPopup:Init’, …)
  • Added Javascript event: $(‘.popup’).on(‘DiviPopup:Show’, …)
  • Added Javascript event: $(‘.popup’).on(‘DiviPopup:Hide’, …)
  • Added Javascript event: $(‘.popup’).on(‘DiviPopup:Blur’, …)
  • Added Javascript event: $(‘.popup’).on(‘DiviPopup:Focus’, …)


  • Destacado: Los Popups ahora soportan animaciones de carga de Divi!
  • Mejorar: Las ventanas emergentes limitarán correctamente el tamaño después de cambiar el contenido, por ejemplo, al expandir el acordeón.
  • Corrección de errores: El plugin Popups For Divi ahora espera hasta que Divi pueda inicializar todos los componentes, antes de crear popups.


  • Característica: Yeah! Todos los Popups ahora tienen un botón de cerrar en la esquina superior derecha por defecto.
  • Característica: Presionando la tecla de escape se cerrará la ventana emergente actualmente abierta.
  • Mejorar: El popup activo ahora tiene una clase CSS adicional is-open que puede ser usada para estilizar popups inactivos.
  • Mejorar: El código CSS y JS está ahora minimizado.

Thanks for your feedback and all the positive comments and reviews you posted! You are awesome 🙂


  • Improve: Apply custom modules styles to elements inside popup
  • Corrección: Corregir la vista previa de la ventana emergente en el constructor visual

  • Menor: Correcciones en el archivo readme.txt y nombres de los activos/archivos de idioma


  • Menor: Añadido enlace a la documentación del plugin dentro de la lista de plugins
  • Menor: Hacer traducible el plugin


  • Added: Support for lazy-load plugin


  • Publicación inicial
  • Added trigger: Click
  • Added trigger: on-exit
  • Added JavaScript API: DiviPopup.openPopup()
  • Added JavaScript API: DiviPopup.closePopup()
  • Added JavaScript API: DiviPopup.showOverlay()
  • Added JavaScript API: DiviPopup.hideOverlay()
  • Added WordPress filter: evr_divi_popup-js_data