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Post Bookmarks


Manage links attached to a post through a metabox, and setup how they are displayed in your posts… With a link favicon.

  • Nice GUI
  • Options page
  • Default link title and image based on its url (ajaxed)
  • Sort links by names or a custom order
  • Powered by the WP core bookmark functions
  • actions and filters hooks for developpers


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For feature request and bug reports, please use the forums.

If you are a plugin developer, we would like to hear from you. Any contribution would be very welcome.



  • Post Bookmarks metabox in the backend editor
  • Links displayed under a post
  • Settings page


  1. Upload the plugin to your blog and Activate it.


How can I get only the links attached to a post ?

Use the function Post_Bookmarks::get_post_links($post_id,$args).
If you want to display those links use the function Post_Bookmarks::get_link_list($post_id,$args).

The two parameters are optionals.
$args should be an array of parameters – the same you would set when using the native get_bookmarks() function. Example :

$args = array('category'=>12);
How can I get only the links NOT attached to a post ?

Use the the native function get_bookmarks() with the ‘post_bkmarks_exclude’ parameter. Example :

get_bookmarks( array('post_bkmarks_exclude'=>true) );
How can I style a link based on its domain, using CSS ?

Use the data-cp-link-domain attribute, for example :[data-cp-link-domain=''] .post-bkmarks-favicon {
    background-image: url('');
How can I change the way links are displayed ?

Use the filter post_bkmarks_single_link_html (located in the function Post_Bookmarks::get_link_html()), for example :


function custom_output_single_link($output,$link){
    return $output;




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  • cleaned and updated doc.


  • Fixed ajax actions
  • links IDs order is now saved (only) with ajax each time links are reordered, and is a standalone PHP action


  • Fixed ajax actions
  • Updated Font Awesome
  • debug_log() function
  • better way of saving links / handling bulk actions


  • some code improvements + renamed some functions & filters


  • improved filter_bookmarks_for_post: removed the ‘include’ arg which was incompatible with ‘category’, ‘category_name’, and ‘exclude’ bookmarks parameters.
  • improved Post_Bookmarks::get_tab_links.


  • improved row actions
  • colorize the checkbox if the URL of the link is attached to the post


  • remove ‘hide_from_bookmarks’ option (see FAQ)
  • fix protocol bug
  • fix url field not hiding when quick editing a link
  • bulk actions


  • Renamed plugin from ‘Custom Post Links’ to ‘Post Bookmarks’
  • Upgrade routine for ‘Custom Post Links’ plugin
  • Improved class Post_Bookmarks_List_Table


  • ‘Quick Edit’ mode
  • Link categories column
  • Better way of saving existing / new links
  • improved javascript (& includes URI.js)
  • ‘hide_from_bookmarks’ option
  • Filters on the ‘get_bookmarks’ hook to include / exclude our links


  • cleaner code for blank row link + links tabe actions


  • try to guess the link name from remote page title or domain (ajaxed)
  • URL as first column
  • better way to load JS


  • Better output styling
  • Favicons : Option to automatically load URL pictures from Google API
  • New filter ‘post_bkmarks_get_for_post_pre’
  • New function ::get_blank_link()


  • minor


  • ignore targets (eg. ’_blank’) if a link is a local link
  • backend : use ‘_blank’ target for URLs in the links table
  • implemented links targets


  • Importer and admin notice for links from the original Custom Post Links plugin (metas ‘_post_bkmarks’).
  • new function Post_Bookmarks::save_link()
  • Improved function ‘post_bkmarks_get_existing_link_id’
  • new function ‘post_bkmarks_get_metas’



  • custom sorting
  • options page
  • set the link domain as class in the link output
  • display entries in metabox using class Post_Bookmarks_List_Table (extends WP_List_Table)
  • store / read entries from the Link Manager plugin (Worpress core) instead of metas
  • wrapped in a class, better code structure
  • use fontAwesome css, deleted drag_handle.png
  • various other improvements