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Post Terminal


Post Terminal generates a terminal-like box that you can use to demonstrate terminal output or show the entry of terminal/console commands in a manner that is more demonstrative of actually using a Linux/Unix terminal or Windows cmd shell.

The code is a fork of WP-Terminal which in turn is a modification of WP-Syntax, a source code highlighter plugin for WordPress.

Basic Usage

The most basic usage is to wrap your terminal blocks with <pre id="terminal"></pre> tags. If no further options are defined within the tag a generic prompt is generated using ‘user@computer’ with no working directory shown. This is similar to exporting PS1=»\u@\h:$ » in sh(1), setting prompt=»%n@%m:$ » in csh(1), etc.
Other options available within the tag are user=»user», computer=»computer», and cwd=»/path/to/directory». These allow you to override the generic user@computer settings as well as provide a ‘current working directory’.


Wrap terminal blocks with <pre id="terminal" user="username"
computer="computername" cwd="/path/to/directory">
and </pre>, being user and
computer optional («user» and «computer» will be shown if you don’t provide
them, cwd is purely optional).

Example 1: No customized command

<pre id="terminal">
  ls -a

Example 2: User and computer customizations

<pre id="terminal" user="beastie" computer="freebsd">
  ls -a

Example 3: Customizing just the user

<pre id="terminal" user="bdobbs">
  ls -a

Example 5: Customizing user, computer and displaying a working directory

<pre id="terminal" user="root" computer="linuxserver" cwd="/usr/src/linux">
  make mrproper
  . ..
  . .. 


  • Basic display with no configuration.
  • Basic display with user and computer configuration.
  • Basic display with user and computer and cwdconfiguration.
  • A more thorough example showing demonstrative purposes


  1. Unzip the plugin .zip file and upload the directory to your /wp-content/plugins/.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  3. Create a post/page that contains a code snippet following the proper usage syntax.


Does this plugin really replace the WP-Terminal plugin

Yes, Post Terminal is 100% compatible and even adds new features, with more to come.
You can even use your customized style.css from the previous plugin.

What is the best way to ask questions or submit patches?

The best way to reach me is always via email:


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